BECOME A DAEDRIC PRINCESS - Skyrim Mods - Week 219

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ESO Skyshards by Arthmoor
Spellsword by BusinessGoose
Daedric Princess Nox - Skin Texture for Custom Race by ZwabberdieBo
Apachii Divine Elegance Store by Apachii and Urshi
  • Adam Snyder

    Little did MxR know that the next SMW video would be deleted from copyright strike.

  • luc lloyd

    is there a pirate mod like on assasins creed where you could have a fully functional ship where it could destroy stuff and also to grant acess to upgrading the ship etc. . . . ........

  • Toma Kuroshi

    "small lack balls" i laugh so hard

  • Blu Spy Gaming

    Argonions can’t be vampires they are immune to disease.

  • cody asbury

    "no creepo but all the homo" fuck I dont blame you

  • Viser Alpha

    why son sound like pewdiepie

  • Silver_Octopus

    G O D D H O W A R D

  • MysteryGirl 123


  • Black Mormon

    Sometimes... when you talk... you sound! so very much like Ants in My Eyes Johnson.

  • eXampL

    6:59 Look at dat nipple lol

  • Alexander Woytassek

    Reminds me of when i was like... ten....

  • Schlächter von Blaviken

    I am hearing bleach ost's ;) c:

  • Dylan Farley

    Trump isn't racist😆

  • Tim Hughes

    probably my favourite intro yet

  • Roseheart Toxic

    Wood elves arn’t highly resistant to disease Argonians are

  • Anna Jinx

    I really wonder if these are available to download on the PS4..

  • Karan Channon

    I was actually putting on Vaseline when he said grab your Vaseline!!!😱


    "uh no creepo....just hOmo"

  • Wraith Designz

    Intead of a Tomas the tank engine dragon, we should get a Alex Jones dragon ha ha ha. omg...imagine every time he showed up...."omg its the storm cloaks! uprising against the facist corporate technocracy that is the imperial legion, and all they want to do to you...your kids, and your KILL YOOUUU....not help you, not save skyrim but KILLLLL YOOOUUUU" LOL

  • Cool beat slider

    I need some like that dude that's pretty awesome

  • Emory Wilks

    I think you don't have Redguards/black people or Asians/Akaviri in Skyrim for the same reason you don't see them that often in northern Russia or Canada, as a black guy I once met said to me, "How the ** can you stand living here, I would rather be back in Rwanda and starving than living here in this cold." (Granted it was -40 degrees Celcius at the time so he may have been biased against our weather.)

  • Little Finger

    What's the song at 12:29? If I may ask?

  • Gabriel Polo

    Why be a mage when you can be a fucking warrior that shoots fireballs from the sword hahaha

  • Hi

    Pfft I want to be the only edgy vampire khajiit in skyrim.

  • Sonya Snow

    I mean, technically, the dadric princess is still a dadric prince.

  • Eleanor Douglas

    I'm pretty sure the dress she's wearing is Orianna's dress from Witcher 3 blood and Wine

  • Rullisi

    Ah come on. Diverse skyrim felt like the mod JUST RIGHT but I need all this dlc for it.

  • Somekind of Dude

    I made my characters goal to kill all the blacks and I am a dark elf whiter than paper 😂😂😂

  • Gamer 101

    This was one of your funniest reviews. Thx.

  • Hyoudou Issei

    Is the girl in the beginning a mod or did you make her

  • EatBikeRaveRepeat

    The subtitles are next level.

  • cuckling

    "put on some gargoyal hoins" lol

  • Kenji

    hi MxR what is the armor mod that you use for female NPC in this video?

  • Nestor Castro

    Technically, according to lore, Daedra ar neither male nor female. They take the form it suits them better for the purpose.

  • game master

    The fuck MrX you can never get old with sexy MOD on fallout 4 and skyrim Wut the hell man just be solid all ready lol :D

  • david mason

    We're do you get mods at

  • Dat_Anime_Boi _

    I saw the thumbnail and yelled in my head "HIGHSCHOOL DXD!"

  • David Silva

    I knew I heard some bleach background music in my headphones... damn it man the feels

  • Jill Nithiprasoet

    I hate skyrim kg bist sucks still live the Videos Illuminati confirmed

  • serena180

    cheater howd he get the sexyest lesbian character in all of tamriel its not mods ps4 dont even have these sweet mods he shows and guys dont deserve a sext female character like his im a lesbian and id put that sexy girl of his with a woman pervert guys f u no more bien sexcist against lesbian women give us these mods on ps4 to

  • Nathaniel Stacy

    all 3 named for Norse Goddessess & Gods.

  • Flo

    The fresh bleach musik 😏

  • PlusOneGamer

    Just so everyone knows, All Daedra Lords are referred to as Princes. They are actually all genderless and just assume a form that most suites their personality. Prince is just a title.

  • Leo Arnberg

    What is that khajiit mod tha makes them stripey???

  • Joanne Hale

    The most common mages I see are bretons

  • Jono Mcclure

    Is there a mod where you can take dragons

  • Caleb Calhoun

    Now I want Skyrim with the bleach soundtrack implemented into it

  • Meme M8

    Fuck niggers and bash gays boys!

  • Zac Ross

    Deadric Princes are genderless. All of them are just referred to as Deadric Princes as is is simpler

  • Exemplar Gaming

    ESO is canon, hate to break it to you.

  • Hungry for Apples?

    Make Skyrim Great Again! Join the Stormcloaks! Skyrim is only for the Nords!

  • Cameron Wallace

    Please can someone tell me what race his female character is, asking for a friend.

  • Mega Nova Galaxy

    That N in the beginning that N is for Nigger which I am because I am a brown Nigger

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