Skyrim Battle - The Greatest Battle

This is by far my favorite of all the battle videos i have ever made, and i had to take it down a long time ago. So this is me re-uploading it for those of you who either didn't got to see it or would like to enjoy it again. I know most of you would anyways.

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  • Amir Asadi

    I laughed so hard watching this

  • WyBe Prod

    The first guy to die would be... my PC

  • backfromthedead 2006

    The thing is I knew alduin would win from the start as he's impossible to kill without dragon rend

  • Victor Hugo M. Medeiros

    All Dragons Priest VS Alduin VS The Ebony Warrior VS The Legendary LYDIA.

  • Shane Senior

    Plot twist ............ Lydia is dragonborn 😱

  • Gin Faced

    I imagine this is what awaits me at the gates of hell

  • Panagiotis Theodorou

    The guards were like "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defense?"

  • Piggy Zilla

    Of course you had to add Lydia...

  • Ivara Youkai


  • Fr0sty WeaZelz

    Wait Lydia won!!!???I thought it was Alduin

  • The Lonely Burger

    That wasn't a fair fight because Lydia and ohdahving can't die

  • noz

    I must do that !!!!!!


    Lydia has to win because she is a follower and can't die

  • Gavin

    my boy cicero got cheated ;(((

  • Curious Wind

    1 thing was missing and it was 9001 sweetrolls others wouldn't stand a chance

  • Tortuga

    How did Lydia survive I gave her better armor than mine to keep her alive

  • Always curious

    How your game didnt crash is beyond me

  • Bryce Jarvis

    Lol at 3:21 that hagraven is like I don't want no part a this

  • Paul Sack

    Such destruction. What has this world become?


    30 random wild animals and...LYNDA!!!!!

  • David F Monrouzeau Diaz

    Lord Templar Samuel: I play Skyrim all the time and I really like the third music it's really epic that battle music in the game what's it called?

  • Wolf life

    lydia is a bit overpowered because she cant die

  • leylay loma

    you can make a religion out of this

  • Daedric Dragon

    THE BEST BATTLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alice Liddel

    wtf is Lydia doing there?

  • Paul Herrera

    Dam son where'd you find thisComputer

  • ramona Kraus

    6:26 Paathurnax is like: Who cares about this imma just gonna fire at this tree..

  • Rufio

    Can you do a fight between the daedric princes u can see in the game?

  • SkyEye Music

    My money's on either the Giants, or the dragons

  • luis alberto

    Why the fuck would you put Lydia in there, you fucking ruined It since Lydia is immortal, she shouldave died 50 times but thanks to the glitch she Just got up again and thanks to your stupidity we didnt get a real winner

  • Daan

    Everyone knows lydia won.. she might be stupid (running in your way) but she is the strongest!! Hellyeah lydia vs alduin

  • Blaze Miheal

    that determination Lydia has!

  • Gavin Vore

    Why is the sound so distorted and why is parthanax so slow at 6:50

  • I Have No flippin Life

    So many enemies xDAlso y t odahviing and paarthurnax fighting?they good

  • Black Eye2

    7:07 "No Scope"

  • Commander Xananymous

    Wouldn’t be more epic if imperial vs stoarmcloak and that will be the real civil war

  • Captain Hexagon

    oh god lydia ... u kill all of this a get ur ass kicked by a troll

  • backfromthedead 2006

    10 mirraks would be good

  • Chaos Blade Gaming

    Those centurions are stronger than I gave them credit for.

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