Skyrim Battle - The Greatest Battle

This is by far my favorite of all the battle videos i have ever made, and i had to take it down a long time ago. So this is me re-uploading it for those of you who either didn't got to see it or would like to enjoy it again. I know most of you would anyways.

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  • Seamus Gorr

    I'm team odahviing.

  • Nick Anderson

    presenting the battle of the 50 armies

  • Vincent Castro

    Instead of the guards, 10 falmer warlords would have been nice

  • Ted Gentry

    Ebony warrior vs Miraak (must have the needed DLC's or skyrim special edition)

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    Can you do a fight between the daedric princes u can see in the game?

  • Gavin Vore

    Why is the sound so distorted and why is parthanax so slow at 6:50

  • The Lonely Burger

    That wasn't a fair fight because Lydia and ohdahving can't die

  • David F Monrouzeau Diaz

    Lord Templar Samuel: I play Skyrim all the time and I really like the third music it's really epic that battle music in the game what's it called?

  • Jens Oliver Murer

    Doesn't seem fair to spawn an essential NPC into this.

  • The Flash

    Man that is not fair, without dragonrend alduin dont take damage

  • Commander Xananymous

    Wouldn’t be more epic if imperial vs stoarmcloak and that will be the real civil war


    30 random wild animals and...LYNDA!!!!!

  • Leroy D'souza

    How your game didnt crash is beyond me

  • Mc Lorenzo

    How to you make them fight each other?...btw great video..

  • Pinoy Nightcore

    That has got to be so laggy...

  • Daedric Dragon

    THE BEST BATTLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TrollForce

    So much chaos going on that the Dwemer and the Ayleids came back to existence to see what the fuck is going on in Skyrim.

  • Amir Asadi

    I laughed so hard watching this

  • SkyEye Music

    My money's on either the Giants, or the dragons

  • Seamus Gorr

    You know what i'm rotting for all the dragons!

  • single dad with no kids

    6:58 Alduin gets T R I G G E R E D

  • luis alberto

    Why the fuck would you put Lydia in there, you fucking ruined It since Lydia is immortal, she shouldave died 50 times but thanks to the glitch she Just got up again and thanks to your stupidity we didnt get a real winner

  • Ivara Youkai


  • Fr0sty WeaZelz

    Wait Lydia won!!!???I thought it was Alduin

  • cat178

    6:26 Paathurnax is like: Who cares about this imma just gonna fire at this tree..

  • Kylie Dickerson can no one here direct me to the cloud district or...?

  • Victor Hugo M. Medeiros

    All Dragons Priest VS Alduin VS The Ebony Warrior VS The Legendary LYDIA.

  • Daan

    Everyone knows lydia won.. she might be stupid (running in your way) but she is the strongest!! Hellyeah lydia vs alduin

  • Blue Shade of Lightning

    Of course it was Oodivang Paathornaux and Alduin who did not see that coming

  • Blaufuchs

    Where are the icetrolls ?::(

  • Naked Pickle

    To much lag >_<

  • Piggy Zilla

    Of course you had to add Lydia...

  • HeliosKitty

    That moment at just before six minutes in where the three giants turn to chase after Lydia gave me major Attack on Titans vibes

  • Chaos Blade Gaming

    Those centurions are stronger than I gave them credit for.


    Lydia has to win because she is a follower and can't die

  • BrownieMuc

    Lydia couldnt even handle 1 bear on Adept. I want yours

  • WyBe Prod

    The first guy to die would be... my PC

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