Skyrim Battle - The Greatest Battle

This is by far my favorite of all the battle videos i have ever made, and i had to take it down a long time ago. So this is me re-uploading it for those of you who either didn't got to see it or would like to enjoy it again. I know most of you would anyways.

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  • June Hollybell

    " and lydia" * invincibleness intensifies*

  • Archlord Elemelist

    I like they few tried attack or hit the camera man. xD

  • JonathanD

    You forgot 10 falmer nightstalkers

  • Starrystrixx

    6:57 "bitch i hope the fuck you do"

  • iJaydatheJayda

    wtf there was no winner

  • emoney gaming

    in conclusion lydia is a god

  • Brother Ryan

    lol I bet you made Lydia essential

  • erin russell

    I knew lidya would win

  • Tyler Bond

    Arngeir vs pathurnaax

  • Jayy Brezzy

    i dont like how they set that up , i woulda made it wayyyyyyy cooler

  • Slade Wilson

    this is the greatest thing on the internet

  • Random Avacado

    It's true.....Lydia is a god

  • Boba Fett 55

    Lydia wins is my prediction because she is immoral

  • tron 1112

    i love how Cicero stops and looks at the camera while the vocals pause at 2:14 also what song is this?

  • Connor Sydney

    oh unfair! who do you do this to poor cicero?

  • GwennieGamer 203

    This is too epic for words...

  • Jason Bishop

    Tamriel vs dawnguard pls!!!!

  • littlebrojay

    the video started and i was like "TORYGG YES!" then i saw him fighting....

  • Deerick Hernandez

    Hey random people in the comments the easiest way to go a ebony sword is if you fight a draugr death lord or overlord because each of them has a chance of giving you one

  • You just activated my Alu-card

    What are the name of the songs playing?

  • Elias Bischoff

    Have you done Durnevir vs Alduin yet? and if Durnevir loses, which I suspect, have him battle some other named Dragons.

  • Refillerino Juniorino

    "...and Lydia."Welp, there goes the neighborhood.

  • The Army Bear

    "I got like 5 skeletons bitch"

  • ODYSSEYlmao

    this is the ultimate showdown (of ultimate destiny) Good guys, bad guys and explosions (as far as the eyes can see)

  • Redzo playz

    10:9 ahahah that made me laugh its like in a radio saying with deep voice "alduin" and 30 random wild animals ahhahahah

  • Manuel Gonzalez

    Alduin was honestly the easiest dragon in the game

  • Why bother choosing a name?

    I think the true winner is the computer, it survived a colossal battle without crashing.

  • BunnyMaster 72

    Should t it be all that VERSUS Lydia

  • Prisoner Of The Void

    The Ebony Warrior vs. 1+ Legendary Dragons


    talos has left the game


    water makes my game lag

  • Cindy Bronkhorst

    6:18 Giants are like "LEAVE MY LYDIA ALONE!!!!"

  • 202 Riders

    Epic battle man can't wait to see more

  • John playz

    elder Dragon vs. 500 whiterun guards and 100 dragon priests

  • Killing Streack

    aprend a filmer par contre...


    lidya is real dovakin

  • Seagully

    I wish there was the songs' list....Order not even needed, I'd just like to know all of them XD

  • Big J

    The second Dragon war.

  • Geralt Z Rivi

    So, Lydia win? She cant be killed. :P

  • iJaydatheJayda


  • Mars Junior

    Can't Lydia not die?

  • koshki kiti kat

    невозможно смотреть дергается экран!

  • Billy Littlebit

    6:57 the dragon is like "wth bro?" lol

  • The Guardian

    How did you do this??? I wanna do it.....

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