Shirou vs Gilgamesh UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS смотреть онлайн в хорошем hd 720 качестве

Batalla entre Shirou y Gigamesh de la pelicula de Fate/Stay Night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS... (sin cortes de escena)
Más de 300 mil reproducciones!!!... ;O; Thank's
  • ファランドール


  • 気まぐれ投稿者クロキ


  • Šime

    Why the hell does some weakling has to kill someone who is billion times stronger than him via plot.


    why doesn't gilgamesh use enuma?

  • Fate Van Astrea


  • Ismail Abd Khalil


  • Balthasar Cerodos

    Now this is some dragon ball GT tier bullshit.

  • Eaglestorm27

    what is the ost in 1:26 ?

  • hoeging going

    this is so stupid, worse movie ever, make totally no sense, how the hell shirou won lol, this is so " main character always win" bullsh*t

  • Trent White

    hey atleast he got his ass kicked by a red head teen that's an accomplishment in my book XD

  • Ivannis DIAZ

    esta pelea nunca paso en el anime o de que me perdi?

  • Nishizawa I-01579


  • powerbeam08

    I know EVERYONE is going to kill me for saying this, but I would prefer this and the original tv series over "Zero" anyday. IMHO

  • Not Visible

    So he just swung in one direction until he won .___.

  • W G H

    I just watched the last ep of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) 2nd Seasonand in this fight Gilgamesh could have won against Shitou because he could have just used enkidu to chain Shirou down, also could have applied his golden armor, and then just use Ea to erase Shirou + the reality marble. He did it against Iskandar without any concern. Wtf is this shit, I cant even understand why Shirou won, Gilgamesh should have won this fight or at least if he was going to lose let it be vs Shirou+Saber+Tohsaka+FUCKING EVERYONE..... This is full if crap....

  • Albert McCall

    No es la original :v

  • Whammy Cheng

    1:32, Gilgamesh has a Strength of rank B while Emiya, even as a servant, would at best only have a mere Strength of Rank D; there is no way Shirou could be able to push Gilgamesh like that; then again, because of Gilgamesh's arrogance where he refuses to use his goldy armor or Ea, it's not wonder he can be killed off so easily.

  • AnimeSekai

    Ufotable's version is a million times better

  • Berrona

    Why couldn't we have a fight with Saber and Gil instead of this lame ass plot convenience for the tomato head.

  • Eaglestorm27

    what is the baéckground track in 1 :26

  • CID


  • あきすての


  • 田中さん ver.2.0 三丁目の


  • Sia Ian

    why is it you guys don't feel disappointed on how Gilgamesh kill illya

  • Maxi93

    In the video - over 9000 salty gilfags who can't comprehend how shirou, with ubw pulled out can outperform gil in every single way aside for when he would hypothetically pull out ea or get on his vimana and not fight shirou in a swordspam battle. Gil is outmatched against shirou in both close combat (because shirou immediately masters a sword he projected and gil is a below average swordsman) and in mid range (because gil's swordspam is inferior to shirou's who can basically hurl all weapons he knows at gil at ONCE without it costing him mana and without any delay). Moreover the people who are like "hurrdurr C rank agility, D rank strength" about EMIYA don't have their facts right. Shirou, after tracing a weapon, downloads the original owner's STATS too, so that is moot. Add on the fact that Shirou has no divinity rank et voila, gil's usual strategy does NOT work. That's why he's his natural enemy.

  • Sheeran_love Ed-


  • Red Comet

    I must admit, Deen did okat for this part.

  • 狐だと思ったか実は狸だ


  • あおチャンネル


  • Imma Xehanort

    I love when Gilgmesh goes ONORE!

  • satou


  • Imma Xehanort

    If you guys are pissed here, wait until Heaven's Feel lol

  • Imma Xehanort

    Geez, I know you Gilgamesh fans really love Gilgamesh, but damn. All your endless salt.

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