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  • Bogdan Larchenko

    I just hate that PC players have to suffer through this BS, because ps4 guys can't have free mods. This is just ridiculous.

  • Calm that DOWN

    Frostfall+Realistic Needs and diseases better than survival mode

  • VFMN5

    Dont' advertise that CC shit PLS

  • Shannon Smeaton

    frostfall and i need are on console so we don't need survival mode either

  • Rene D

    Actually, the survival mode is currently free, and will remain free for a week after it's released (kinda like when windows 10 was free for a year. In that it's not temporary free, it's forever free...)

  • Atom

    Gopher is not happy.

  • Izzy

    Only way to disable is to uninstall; the way anything that comes from the Creation Club should remain.

  • Joseph DeMille

    Fun fact, Xbox One has Frostfall. Don't know why that keeps on being ignored.

  • Yoshi2032

    @gopher going into NMM tools and do the clean up loose files.. It deleted my creation club content.

  • Jeff T

    I'm actually really glad I pirated Skyrim in 2011 and bought the legendary edition on G2A a week before SE launched. Fuck Bethesda.

  • wile123456

    Survival mode is trash. If you are peckish or slightly thirsty you gain extreme debuffs to Magicka regeneration etc. Again, that's the FIRST step. It makes no sense, people can go without food for an hour and still be fine. I don't see why anyone would prefer that unbalanced trash to ineed or similar stuff.

  • Tim Ruttan

    tried this on console and it isn't very good, console has far better mods ported from PC that do what survival does just far better and also with more options for them.

  • EisenklauenWerwolf

    Bethesdas survival mode is about as logical as a brickstone to the face. You can freeze to death - as vampire. Last I remember undead didn't gave a flying rats ass for cold climates. I mean the draugr move fine after centuries inside their barrows. I stick to mods from the nexus where people actually know what they are doing and give me the option to define survival mode to my own likings. And sooner or later someone will do that fancy UI thing with the stamina/health/magicka bars too. CC is garbage.

  • jason haliski

    I think in future Bethesda games they will only allow paid mods and free mods won't exist. They will do this by altering the creation kit for each game. They can only release the creation kit to select modders that will only have their mods on the creation club. So, by constantly saying there are free options available to users then you are giving Bethesda a reason to get rid of free mods. Much like Gta V just did because it prevents Bethesda from making money.

  • susinok

    I just killed Miraak for the first time! So excited. Yep a little late to the table, but with the help of the Adventures of Richard and Khajo, I'm further in this game than I have ever been. I'm even using a few mods. Such a difference. Anyway, thank you Gopher! Now to watch Falskaar.

  • Random Fun

    Ok its free so you used it, but please dont do things like that fake ass youtuber ESO who kept ranting about how bad it is only to showcase their mads later and say its OK if the price is small, dont support creation club gopher.

  • John Lemon

    Attention folks who don't want to update to this shitty new version:Auto backup EXE is available for Skyrim SE! Gopher highlighted its Fallout 4 counterpart in Mod Vault #50 for those of you who don't know what that is (for whatever reason)

  • StahPK

    So when they add ESL's to the MOD section of the menu to disable them. can we officially call them paid mods again?

  • HD Shovelhead

    Sadly i think CC strayed to far from the path,the only thing that comes to mind when its brought up is how to avoid it installing.Not sure if they see or care we don't want this thing.One thing is certain in my group,the effect CC has on the gaming PC will effect our purchasing future Bethesda titles new,they should be easy to find in the bargain bin.

  • Jeff T

    Oh, cool, SKSE64 is finally coming to life. Just in time for Bethesda to ruin the game.

  • CSharkBytes

    I know this not the purpose of this video, but since Since SkyUI, SKSE64, and your mods will now be set up to work with the new patch with the curse of the CC. What happens to those of us who will not go and update to this? We lose. Bethesda wins. Modding will lose. Choice is lost. I have not updated my game. Steam is offline, my update time is for 5am-6am and I have it set to only update when launched and use Wrye and SKSE64 to start game. My PC is backed up and I have also made files backups of my game folder, Appdata SkyrimSE folder and plugins.txt. I can if need be go back if it somehow manages to update. Why should we all cave in? Plus what will happen in any new game? There is much on my mind. Why do this with a 6 year old game? Testing waters for future games??? If so modding will never be the same I am afraid.

  • Madcow Downey

    my Skyrim is on Steam and I cant find any way of stopping updates, can anyone help please???

  • pilgrum

    "Its not paid mods you first execute a microtransaction with real currency in which you purchase virtual currency which you then buy mods with that said non value currency" - Bethesda 2017 Do you think we are idiots FU! zero respect left for Bethesda. 👎

  • Aiden Crawford

    You seriously bought this? I'm diapointed in you.

  • Franklin Romines

    I'm not sick of hearing you complain about the creation club. I think you should complain louder. I think we all should complain louder.

  • masterninja74

    I've heard that survival mod was reduced to 500 did it go up?Non that it's officially out does everything work fine?

  • Jamison McGraw

    I'm so disappointed in Bethesda for doing the micro transaction esc paid mods. It makes me worry about future titles like TES VI . 🙁

  • Meiton

    you know, I'm still waiting for a skyrim SE playthrough gopher, no pressure, everyone is waiting for it, again, no pressure

  • Kevin Walter

    I am starting to get annoyed by the insistence that more = better. Sometimes less really is more. If you don't want to use the survival mode because you like something else, that's cool and all. Some people don't exactly care for the excess "features" that some mod authors put into their mods though. There are a bunch of mods that I don't use because they simply go too far. I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but I know others are the same for different mods and different reasons. Not to say that the survival mods that are out there are bad or worse than what's in the CC. It's ultimately a matter of preference, and I think acting as if something being similar but different makes it objectively superior is just kind of... smug. You know, especially since it's pretty much confirmed that the CC survival mode was made by Chesko, as well, so it really does just come off as "well more = better".

  • Slowpoke

    I'm not sick of hearing you bash on the creation club. I could honestly listen to a 2 hour long video of you tearing it apart and I'd be incredibly entertained.

  • utubeminime

    i'm pc player and i use survival mode. i know frostfall+ineed is better than survival mod. but i still love survival mode a less it don't takes up esp space

  • Aston Beef

    No offense but Beete lol hahahah it’s beta

  • InvisibleFace Gaming

    I can't be the only one who didn't know skse64 was out right?

  • Hadmen Yadongplease

    Creation Club:Thesda sells broken ass game that crashes all the time.Mod community makes the game great and stable.Thesda sells "stable" mods for their broken game instead of having made a stable game on release.Sells broken game for which they later sell patches for many years later.Also its been released and resold what five times?I don't think I love bethEsdA anymore...

  • Tuxon

    This update has broken my SE! (I did not update it myself)

  • Zolfried

    Creation Club.. breaking your free mods so you need to buy our reskinned mods we literrally lifted off nexus and put our own nametag on.

  • Hurbii

    when i heard 15 dollars for the mode... i couldn't believe it wow

  • Drake Martin

    Hey Gopher! What mods are you using in this video?

  • jaboy150

    And this is where People start accepting this shit

  • Jett A Angeles

    Also, Survival Mode is free for now. It's not gonna hurt to get it. Unless the free is only trial only. Then screw it.

  • OrbOfChaosXbox

    I ate a weeks worth of food and was hungry 2 hrs later

  • Pillock

    Am I missing something? Is there a game changing reason to play SSE over a modded standard edition?

  • Singularity Bound

    kind of stupid they updated the base game which effects modding for survival even if you don't have it.... what if a person for example (as many do not) do not want it LOL.It should have only added files / made changes if you DL survival.. And of coarse as you bring up they didn't even add a way to remove it...

  • skyesfury

    So not only did they screw up the ESC/Menu hotkey functionality, they've screwed up the game settings menu in general....I'm running out of ways to defend Bethesda.

  • Brian Glass

    WTF, a 6 year old game that's actually getting buggier. Thumbs up Bethesda, Creation Club is a genius idea.

  • roadle32111

    "We used to make games, now we make money." Remember that? I won't be expecting TES VI within the next 20 years or so...

  • Banana 9000

    I got bored of the survival mode within less then an hour. Its just a bunch of passive stat buffs and debuffs, There isnt even a thirst system.

  • Marc Alcatraz

    just waiting for some smart modder to make a mod that lets your ignore creation club and all of its changes

  • um gajo perdido

    Gopher I sometimes post here disagreeing with you (and that's fine, I love hearing what you have to say) but today I just wanted to say: I love you. Lot's of homo. Thanks for everything, give a hug to Ming (I miss him). Cheers!

  • Elaquardia

    Gopher I also noticed Skyui has no warth rating on any of the gear clothing or anything you wear is this a bug or do I need to get a patch Thank you for your uploads They are awesome. Keep up the good work We appreciate it

  • nervlich instabiler koalabär

    the survival mode basically makes it impossible to save with certain mods, everytime i save, it crashes. especially SkyUI and enhanced blood is a problem

  • teppest11

    Survival mode its back down to 500 bes buck it was 800 for the beta and free for this week . It's really back down to that price of negative buzz and rightfully so.

  • Fupa Depression

    my game's crashing if i go to settings menu ever since the update...

  • Shadow Wolf

    If bethesda wanted someone to work for them, it would be the guy/team who created the unofficial patches that fix most of the bugs and glitches within Skyrim and the game engine itself. However, why would they want that team who fixed Betheda's own issues that they should have fixed in the first place? Oh that's right no mods can be retrofitted into the CC if the mod was already created for free (with donations) by fans of the mods before the CC was released.Well, whatever the case, I'm not spending my money on CC stuff when I can get mods from the nexus that are exponentially better than CC ever will be. I'll just ignore the CC.

  • Jovian999

    Frostfall is already perfect (thanks Chesko) and has been ripped off nearly wholesale by the creation club survival mode. There are already plenty of good needs/diseases mods available, so I think Gopher's right in that it would be insane for PC players to go anywhere near it. I still hope Last Seed happens one day.

  • Canaris3

    Why would anyone play without infinite carry weight mod/cheat ?? Thats just wrong man.

  • ShadowDan4

    If Bethesda wants to impement features into Skyrim that can already be implemented by mods that already exist, why can't they just make them free. No one's gonna buy something that adds features you can already get elsewhere and + it just gives them an even worse reputation for being lazy than they had before.

  • wu1ming9shi

    I had no idea you made the Ihud mod O_o...the more you know i guess...

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