Skyrim Mod: Pirates of Skyrim

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Pirates of Skyrim

Northern Cardinal Full Spotlight:
Intro/Outro Music:
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  • KnightAPex617

    why don't you cunt faces do this for consoles?!!!!

  • Oliver Holm

    Why can't I hire a fucking crew?! I can hire Adrian as a smith, but no one else so far! Why?

  • Lightestofsouls 94

    They need to port to Xbox one

  • Cray

    I don't like piracy of video games. Just buy the game, it isn't that hard... get what I did there?

  • Gothic Memories

    I wish these mods were on Xbox one

  • Logan Cluer

    This is top of my list of mods I want ported to and Xbox One.I mean I have like 5 character ideas that revolves around the sea.Also F###ING PIRATES :)

  • M Mirlas

    Would Vikings/Raiders of Skyrim make more sense?

  • Anime-chan

    cant find the trophy room

  • I sense a mystery

    I want this for Special Edition...:O

  • BlueSEF

    Finally, something for my Redguard to do. :D

  • Darksiosa 1200

    Hello And Welcome To Brodual

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