Skyrim Mods 200 - My Favorite Mods Ever

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Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower by John Jarvis and Christine Slagman
Familiar Faces by Verteiron
Succubus Race by Nikitaa
Cannabis Skyrim by MadNuttah and Virakotxa
Kissing - Immersive Lover's Comfort by flexcreator

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  • Carmen Iris Vazquez

    None of this mods are on ps4 :(

  • Edwin Mejia

    Those cutscenes hehehe 😂😂😂

  • Mr.Lemondog 128

    Lol the Shire theme during the weed mod

  • Fierce Deity Link

    Fuck Yeah Succubus Race!

  • Ineichen

    what armor mod is that he is wearing at the beginning

  • Epic Gamer

    You forgot they save all your titehs as well as your character

  • Adam Kane

    does the sofia follower actually wear clothes or nah? gonnna mod my skyrim but i want to try and keep it realistic

  • Rig Phoenix

    ALL ur vids are fcking awesome. do love all those jokes u make specially while trash-talkin'

  • BluePillowLDN

    Where can i get the blue dress that your character is wearing? If anyone can type link to it I would be grateful x

  • Carl Malm

    What character enhancement mod are you using??

  • Theclown75

    finally a mod where i can get high in game after smoking a bowl or 12 in real life,

  • Chinamori Sachichino Comps

    mxr, what do you think of this video when you see the first one and half minute today????

  • lenny


  • Dalton England

    ur fav mods are sex and tits

  • jack roth

    Arm band naked chest gilded wrist bands and just the bottoms

  • Churchtown

    SOFIA?! What about Inigo?!

  • CS:S Geek

    OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the weed mod tho “dragon ballsack” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Haven Tint

    I fucking died when you introduced the race mods and flashed sonic in there... oh god MxR... you're a freaking genius.

  • Sedachi

    Inigo is better than Sofia no offense

  • Quit Cod Kids 14

    Can't spell sucubus without the suc

  • Kaleb Daven

    This copyrighted?!?! He has been doing for a long time!!!

  • GaryDesigns

    another good follower mod is Inigo

  • Nothing Here

    10:52omfg that was amazing holy shitOmfg

  • Extreme Lab

    0:15 Is that sex noises in the background?!

  • Vincent Ester

    10:06 Watcha watcha watcha watcha... RKO!!

  • Sinner Wolf

    I understand how Sofia could be one, but... I wouldn't be able to choose between her or Inigo The Brave.

  • devil66699945

    should please do a Play Station 3 version of this mod..... It'll be much more better then normal.. and for few other mods for PS3 as well

  • jack roth

    Man I want dudes armour from savongarde

  • Im Unavailable

    I'm sorry but anybody that takes a game like skyrim and ads a thong and tight corset Into the game is a fucking idiot. And it looks dumb. I'm gone unsubbed

  • ØlineX

    You are such a cutie xd

  • Crab

    Is there any mods in this list that dont include oversexualized characters

  • Zack wright

    God I spend more time modding skyrim than playing it. lol

  • The Toxic Apple

    What's with the lord of the rings song in the cannabis skyrim mod review?

  • Excellent Elucidator

    weed is immersive. it been around for a LONG time.

  • Hopeanna Stillman

    So with the familiar faces mod could you married yourself

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