Skyrim Mods 200 - My Favorite Mods Ever

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Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower by John Jarvis and Christine Slagman
Familiar Faces by Verteiron
Succubus Race by Nikitaa
Cannabis Skyrim by MadNuttah and Virakotxa
Kissing - Immersive Lover's Comfort by flexcreator

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  • Halo Thrones9862

    U saying dat people complained dat SOFIA talked to much WTF dats the best part dats what makes her seem more real

  • Red Is the name

    My follower is sofie but still better

  • Mynote Yousif


  • Rin TheReaper

    Bishop and Karnwyr are better than Sofia

  • nezumied

    I can't believe you chose sofia when there's inigo smh

  • George B

    That Fallout4 journey didnt turn out as great as expected so far eh?

  • Jonathan Rutley

    That emersion category had me cracking up. Lol

  • WolfeyPlayzGamez73

    7:49 Is that the real name for the weed “Dragons ball sack”?!! 🤣

  • TricksterCat

    watching this 3 years later

  • BaconandEggs

    Nah General Sam is the best follower

  • Dinkle McStompWaffle

    Within an hour of playing, Sofia got so goddamn annoying and stale that I had to uninstall the mod.

  • Titty Slapper

    OMG I'm sitting here high af and when you said "So you don't just sit there and be high and waste your goddamn time like in real life" I started laughing my fucking ass off dude

  • Jeremy Immanuel

    anyone knows the background music name that starts at 6:43?

  • DeafGirlArtwork - Chikara

    What kind of animation are you using?

  • enJoeneering

    So I finally decided to mod SSE and looked at this list for inspiration. So now that you have a girlfriend, can you confirm the realistic and immersive nature of that immersion mod? You know, for science.

  • Ed Eranged

    ''Get High in High Rock''

  • LittleBlackStarify

    I really wanna know what hair mod you use cause it's just gorgeous

  • metronomable

    when ppl say they're still learning after so many hours this just tells me that they must've been fucking bad at whatever they're doing.

  • Alex Fenk

    Saying "when Skyrim launched" is like saying "hey, remember that one time when Amy and Rory died in Doctor who?"

  • Shane DiBernardo

    let's see how many stoners I can find in the comment section

  • Cbekster 9000

    Sofia... f*ckin called it

  • Lemere Johnson

    Is this jus for PC or Xbox one

  • Christopher Long

    you said kush wrong!!!! its Kooosh. if you think im wrong then go to the asap rocky song kush coma

  • Tut Tut Gaming

    What mod do you use for your skin and hair??

  • zeldaboy1011

    Sofia my most favorite follower mod ever!

  • Thea King

    10:51 oh that's not creepy at all

  • Totally Legit

    999 dislikes. soooo tempting

  • IgnisAngel

    Is the succubus race female only or does it have incubus for male?

  • Sebastian deeth

    What is the pino mod

  • CoolcGaming

    like 0 of these were for xbox ;-;

  • Maxx Chaos

    I was caught of guard with the dragons ball-sack part.

  • Halo Thrones9862

    And he said most magnificent place beside YOUR HIGHNESS LOL I GOT DAT MOD DATS LIT AF

  • DJ Red

    I totally appreciate your hard work! You Deserve 10 million subs!

  • Cam Beech

    3:17 Yes the mod is called Recorder

  • Skullz Game Channel


  • witchfira35

    At the end sexy voice succubus, MxR: "You can turn that off." Me: "Now why in the hell would i do a thing like that?"

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