Little Nightmares: The Story You Never Knew

Little Nightmares - The story behind six. This third person horror game is so intriguing, but what is actually going on? In some scenes, Six looks like she is tiny in this world of giants. In others, it looks like she is the perfect size. Are the gnomes the reason for this? And do they play a part in the story? And who is that woman we see in the opening cut scene? Join Grant as we delve into Six's scary adventure in the Story You Never Knew

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Intro Music: Masked Heroes by Vexento
"Metaphysik", "Gloom Horizon", "Impact Prelude", "Rynos Theme" Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Fudge TehLord

    My brain hurts now. LOL

  • Elef __

    My theory : Coraline is Six!! Coraline :Coraline has food in other space and she love it Little nightmares : Fat people eat kidsCoranile : other motherLittle nightmare : lady (maybe she is Six's mother)Coraline :👻 kidsLittle nightmares :kids who fat people eatCoraline : yellow jacketLittle nightmares :yellow jacketCoraline : Boy who helped CoralineLittle nightmares : Boy in other gameMY ENGLISH ISN'T GOOD, I'M SORRY

  • Nathanial Kirklin

    I think this does have something to do with WW2… the "mother" is wearing a kimono and then the genocide themes, and the fact that the houses kind of remind me of German houses found in the holocaust/WW2 movies

  • PhantomsAngel216

    You haven't played The Runaway Kid storyline yet, have you?

  • Luis Cabrera

    This is good to now 😀☺

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