Little Nightmares: The Story You Never Knew

Little Nightmares - The story behind six. This third person horror game is so intriguing, but what is actually going on? In some scenes, Six looks like she is tiny in this world of giants. In others, it looks like she is the perfect size. Are the gnomes the reason for this? And do they play a part in the story? And who is that woman we see in the opening cut scene? Join Grant as we delve into Six's scary adventure in the Story You Never Knew

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Intro Music: Masked Heroes by Vexento
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  • CadandDad

    I think The Janitor is related to the person who hung himself at the beginning. Another thing is the reason why Six didn't eat the sausage and instead ate the nome is because he/she didn't want to SUCK IT

  • Boimoments Bois

    When he said fugly cooks I lost it 😂

  • Crazy Kid

    Dude you sound like joe from family guy lol

  • Sheena Summers

    Is the hang man from the room is her dad?

  • GlassOfJuicePlz Jade

    This game makes me want to become a vegan.

  • bobby pantel

    this is a great video i watch you every week your videos are so cool

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