Little Nightmares: The Story You Never Knew

Little Nightmares - The story behind six. This third person horror game is so intriguing, but what is actually going on? In some scenes, Six looks like she is tiny in this world of giants. In others, it looks like she is the perfect size. Are the gnomes the reason for this? And do they play a part in the story? And who is that woman we see in the opening cut scene? Join Grant as we delve into Six's scary adventure in the Story You Never Knew

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Intro Music: Masked Heroes by Vexento
"Metaphysik", "Gloom Horizon", "Impact Prelude", "Rynos Theme" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  • jomel cabalbag

    I'm 8 and I could survive the maw because I'm trained to survive and I was tough by my dad

  • Hanahrocks7861 plays msp

    six herself is kinda a little nightmare for she 1. ate the gnome instead of the sausage 2. bit the Lady's neck 3. killed the fat guedt

  • Hanahrocks7861 plays msp

    I think that the lady at the end is jealous of six and the chefs are actually blind and dont know what they are cooking plus human meat can make you look like the guests and the lady wants to be the only and prettiest person but when she finds out about six she is jealous and sets out to capture her? xD idek

  • jean williams

    Imagine if 6's mothers (the geisha) name was 7 and 6 had a sibling she was fond with called 9 and she hates her mother because 7 are 9Ayyyyy

  • Janessa Audri

    Did you notice the one photo in the main living space going upstairs is of 5 women the one in the center having a white type on mask cover on her face. Could it be possible they worked together or were even family? And thos little figures that 6 breaks open and lets out that blackish smoke its the trapped souls of the other women/sister's??

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