Skyrim - Destroy the Dark Brotherhood

This is a video walkthrough for the Skyrim quest 'Destroy the Dark Brotherhood'. In order to go this route instead of joining the DB, you must complete the starting quest 'Innocence Lost' to wake up in the Abandoned Shack with Astrid. During 'With Friends Like These', you can choose to kill Astrid instead of the captives, starting the quest to eliminate all members of the Dark Brotherhood for Commander Maro.

The reward for this quest is a few thousand gold, multiple sets of the Dark Brotherhood armor, and a few unique, enchantable clothing items from Nazir. Compared to all of the rewards you will receive working through the Dark Brotherhood quest line, this is hardly worth it. While you may want to see this quest and how it pans out, do it on a separate save or second playthrough. The amount of content, items, gold, and experience you deny yourself by doing this is unmatched, as the Dark Brotherhood quest line is one of the longest in the game.

If you would rather join the Brotherhood, see my guide here:

Complete Playlist of all Dark Brotherhood quests:

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  • Hi

    RP-wise I'm going to kill them on one of my non-assassin/thief characters.

  • Sky Crabtree

    Joining them is much better

  • mattopiiska miks

    Well that was anticlimatic...the dark brotherhood may have been bunch of edgelords but destroying a faction as a quest should be more complicated than clearing out a small mine from bandits! Point a to point b and then reward... Could've made the player do some detective work instead. Ah well.

  • Quaking Duck

    If you killed one of the captives and is part of the brotherhood sanctuary can you still do the quest?

  • Hydras Barnbarn

    Theory: Was the contract actually on Astrid and not on one of the captives in the shack since she said "Well Done" right before she died?

  • Komotau4691

    How Thieves Guild react on this? :D Nice tutorial btw.

  • Lucas Cagle

    fuck that hella weak reward besides the reward you get for completion of the dark brotherhood quest line mavin black briar threatening you later with calling the assasins guild on you if you fuck up is a reward in it self. Bethesda realy needs to make a new skyrim game idk what could rival the dragon born story line but im sure they could think of something

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