Skyrim - Destroy the Dark Brotherhood

This is a video walkthrough for the Skyrim quest 'Destroy the Dark Brotherhood'. In order to go this route instead of joining the DB, you must complete the starting quest 'Innocence Lost' to wake up in the Abandoned Shack with Astrid. During 'With Friends Like These', you can choose to kill Astrid instead of the captives, starting the quest to eliminate all members of the Dark Brotherhood for Commander Maro.

The reward for this quest is a few thousand gold, multiple sets of the Dark Brotherhood armor, and a few unique, enchantable clothing items from Nazir. Compared to all of the rewards you will receive working through the Dark Brotherhood quest line, this is hardly worth it. While you may want to see this quest and how it pans out, do it on a separate save or second playthrough. The amount of content, items, gold, and experience you deny yourself by doing this is unmatched, as the Dark Brotherhood quest line is one of the longest in the game.

If you would rather join the Brotherhood, see my guide here:

Complete Playlist of all Dark Brotherhood quests:

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  • Dovah Kiin

    astrid whispers "Well done" because she was the contract. If u do the DB quest til the end she will say to u that the contract was on her head

  • Adam Davenport

    Before I watch, I just want to say in all these years of playing Skyrim, I have NEVER destroyed the Dark Brotherhood. Not once. Not even out of curiosity. They're my favorite faction, dammit! 😆

  • pastagamer77

    I did this one time it was not worth it all I got out of it was a crummy 300 gold but hey at least I got the blade of woe early

  • Justin Carpenter

    Just a small question, but the little girl in the Dark Brotherhood, is she in there and is it possible to kill her unlike most children in Skyrim.

  • DIzz z

    500 damage with 1 weapon... How many pots of restoration you have done?

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