Skyrim Facts and Tips You Didn't Know!

Welcome everyone! Today we will be seeing 12 useful tips, tricks and facts of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" that you may not know! In case you're interested in another game, and want to find out about its facts and tips, feel free to write a comment to let me know! ;)

1.Faster Mining 0:14
2.Shadowmarks 0:39
3.Invicible chest 0:56
4.Overencumbered fast travel 1:15
5.Easily killing Forsworn Briarhearts 1:34
6.Fact about Silver Hands 1:50
7.Emptying soul gems 2:12
8.Windhelm arena 2:30
9.NPC purgatory 3:00
10.Hidden boss of Blackreach 3:25
11.Escaping Solitude jail 3:59
12.Infinite arrows trick 4:26
(13.Cabbage-head guard of Windhelm 5:00)

Expect more videos of many different video games soon! Any comment or rating is highly appreciated!

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  • Station

    It sounds like at the beginning he said, " Skyrim fucks and teeps"

  • The_FACT_ory

    Great video! :) As usual!

  • Elesha Eggert

    wtf is with your accent

  • Astralmbient

    @Nathan Fernandez Well, if you ask me, you're certainly doing the correct thing; nothing compares to finding out some stuff about the game by yourself! :D However, when you want to learn everything about the game, after trying it yourself, internet is there to help

  • Xbox gameing

    I new all of these false title

  • Nathan Fernandez

    Wish i knew these things when i started but i rather play games blindly that search where everything is on the interwebs

  • Vasili P

    Everyone knows about these already, do you know how long ago videos like this were posted?

  • Erza Scarlet

    Useful video. You made me wanna play this game...Clever facts and amazing "montage"

  • Slipslapman

    The Briarheart one is amazing

  • an old meme

    Omg thank u for the horse fast travel tip

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