Skyrim Guide: Multiple Followers

How to get 2-4 followers in Skyrim.
  • Niels Kemperman

    Can it be done with aelo the huntress or anyone else except darkbriterhoid

  • Benzyfi

    congrats on 38k views

  • Lee Debanck

    Is it still working after the 1.9 patch

  • Ùñtãmèd Èvìl Bãstãrd

    theres a quest where you have a dog named barbas fallow you so really you can have main fallowed,db,crazy dude,dead thralls,and 2 pets....but barbas doesn't really count as a pet since he's a daedric princes pet.

  • xbryan123xx

    it got patched in the ps3 because i tried doing it and it didnt work

  • Davis707

    This works but I hate redoing it when I mess up

  • Elliotron

    recorded with unregistered hyper can

  • Sawyer Springer

    I thought you had to kill Cicero during quest line?

  • King OblivionXVI

    great video,it still works

  • Brennan Xdx

    For a second there you sounded like Jesse from breaking bad

  • telekineticoblivion 00000

    Instructions unclear. Dick stuck in Lydia.

  • Sundar Subramaniam

    I just did this on Frea and Serana on the latest version of Skyrim with the latest versions of SKSE and the Unofficial Skyrim patch. If your first follower is someone who has a long line of dialog when you recruit them it is easier to do because it gives you more time to start a dialog and recruit your second follower while the original follower is still saying their line. Frea and Cicero are ideal choices to be your first follower for this reason.

  • Ron Wilson Bus Driver

    Thank you, I was trying to get Cicero and a initiate. But no one told me that they won't work together, so I used Lydia as the middle man. Now I have my Dark Brotherhood buddies following me everywhere!

  • D & K Productions

    Does this work with every follower

  • RoadKill927

    Congrats on your first vid

  • Kiro

    Does anyone know any other ways to do this besides using the Dark Brotherhood? Just curious.

  • Jonas K

    isnt there a mod that can change the amount of followers that can follow me to 99 or sth like that?


    This glich is now fixed i gues

  • Garner Simmons

    Right now I have Lydia Delphine Esbern the 2 brother hood initiates and a dog all as my followers

  • Excalibur Mods

    can thus work for Xbox 360, fus ro dah

  • JustSomeGamer

    from what I saw on the wiki it said this glitch also works with Serana, does that mean I could have my current follower, cicero, the initiates and her at the same time? or would it only be one of the initiates.

  • GreyvyTrance

    that khajit is cute X3

  • legoassassin7

    It still works just did it like two secs a go

  • Scott Manbow

    i killed the entire dark brotherhood :/ fouke

  • Silas

    *dogs + escort quests

  • MellinGames

    4 Follower + Vigilance (dog) + Barbas (inmortal dog) + Spectral Assassin + 2 Atronach (with the perk) + Shadowmere = Just watch them...

  • MetalYuncle

    Does this have to be with a dark brotherhood person after the quest?

  • Animatrixl

    Could you do this with Serana?

  • Dodd Productions™

    Thanks man , awesome vid !

  • Sentry

    Yay I can have a bunch of shields while I just sit back and cast courage and shit on my followers

  • krusty lipps

    can you do this with Lydia and Faendal?

  • Josue Vera

    Can someone name every follower that this works with?

  • yangboi567

    LOL, I have always wanted Cicero as a partner because he seems like that type of guy in the group who says something stupid at the wrong time!

  • Moonlight

    I have Serana, Cicero, Mjoll, the argonian, and Illya. Plus I have a Riekling. And then my 6 spider followers (craftable) and Ulfric(dead thrall)

  • Jason Hatt

    You forget the spectral assassin or does it not work?

  • Gains Himself

    Doesn't worik with certain followers.

  • Nicholas Cage

    I went into the dungeon In volkihar ( the one from the dawnguard quest) with Cicero and Serana just joined me and now I have two followers

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