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If you've played Skyrim as much as I have, you may have had some navigation issues while trying to plot a route using the in-game map. In the beginning of my walkthrough, for example, remember how long it took me to find the path to High Hrothgar?

Well, this mod fixes that and makes a much more detailed map, with every road in the game drawn out onto the map! The mod also provides a few tweaks to your Skyrim.ini file to add a few more enhancements to your map viewing experience.

If you're interested in downloading this mod, check it out at:
  • steez.

    The gold-white tower? My sanity level dropped when you said that.

  • Dilly Pickle

    Its White Gold Tower.

  • Moneigh

    @Sergey Yatsenko That is completely not true lol. Nexus is free, always has been.

  • Mr B

    But you know aswell as i do about what they are missing out.

  • John Daryl

    I could see the roads... if it didn't look like you recorded this video with a potato.

  • Hjormel

    Does it work with dragon born etc?

  • Mr B

    So your telling me that mods that are used for enhancing graphics,texture and fixing bugs will take the fun out of the game?

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