Skyrim, how to retrieve Lydia if she is lost.

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  • Alicia Brennan

    I left her in winterhold collage when I came back for her she was gone

  • greenjoe420

    thanks I was wondering if she still has my stuff, I don't care if she leaves I'm a lone wolf anyways, I just don't want my stuff getting lost.

  • XXcoldvengeanceXX

    I have a question if she's not in the catacombs and not at my house and not in Dragonsreach what is your theory there do you think she might be dead that's what happened to me

  • Bee Cakes

    if youre a vampire she wont want to follow you. idk if its just me but when i do play a vampire she always takes off.

  • Tom Dewsbury

    Wondered where she went .. Cheers.

  • KingWillBePro

    Lydia isn't at my house and the kids keep mentioning ma as if she was still alive I checked the catacombs no body I check the two houses I do own she wasn't there and I also checked Dragonsreach she's not there so what do I do?

  • wesley

    I lost her on the way where I had to kill the ice wraiths for the stormcloaks

  • Scary Terry

    Lol lydia is my wife after we got married she walked out of the church and she was gone for like 12 hours XD

  • RRRagedDragon

    I did all that stuff but she was no where :?

  • VIRUSS 27

    My follower is not dead because when I ask for another they say I have one

  • Whisper_ silent78

    Thanks for the video, i was about to have an ancients attack :)

  • Kealan Cullen

    nope ur a bullshiter

  • Belial61

    Thanks bro. I glitches her carry limit by commanding her to pick things up instead of giving them directly so she had like 1000 lbs of dragon bones scales daedra hearts and enchanted rare weapons s and she disappeared on my asss. I was like fuuuuuuuuuuuuu forever alone! I put a dwarves helmet on her usually so I didn't even recognize her at the table lol thanks again

  • Chaz Bustos

    hey Jacob if you are still alive could you do a Skyrim creation and story showing what your character is doing and what he will do??

  • XLR Ghosts

    Thanks mate,Helped me alot.Keep making videos eh? :v

  • thomas Johnson 13

    Do a lets play video about u and ur family

  • cascatten

    i think my lydia died all i know is i shoudted her of the highest mountain i could find

  • TheMarker2015 L.S

    Just wait a few days and she should be either at your home or dragonsreach lmao, if she's dead she's in the hall of the dead it'll say Lydia xD I've got a mod where I have three followers with me

  • Christopher Twix

    What about if you join the Stormcloaks and raid White run are the stipulations the same

  • Brandy Patterson

    Thank you dud I finally found her


    i told her to wait somewhere went to go kill a wolf and when I went back to get her she wasn't their. didn't see her in the catcombs and she's not at the tables. :(

  • DarthFalcon64

    I know I lost her so I just kept playing normally (she was fighting a boss and I just left). then she appeared later

  • Erika Hiekkanen

    Hi. I lost her. She's not dead nor in my house because I don't own one, nor inside there where you found her... I'm doing this thing so I really have to find her or just get her away, you know, so she wouldn't be my follower anymore.

  • wesley

    She isn't in the catacombs and I don't have a house and she isn't in dragonsreach

  • The Bruddah of Arc

    I checked all three, I didn't see her, so where is she?

  • trashy

    Okay, I didn't have Lydia as my follower, but I got a new housecarl, and I didn't ask either of them to be my follower . WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE

  • Joanne Abbott

    my wife just dissapeared i even got a new follower but shes not back home and she is not dead

  • Stacey Orose

    I think you should do a video on skyrim how to retrieve serana

  • Corgiz

    I went to all the places got to the castle she wasn't there walking or sitting by the tables as soon as I was about to leave she ran after me xD

  • 4XeoN The oNe7

    this is why I leave her home so I never loose her lol

  • Techdroid1515

    Just got time scroll, he dissapered when I opened a door on there, when I got out I checked my house, dragonsreach, and the catacombs and was nowhere to be found

  • cookiealien jr.

    It didn't work so I went to the place she died and all I found was her axe and shield

  • Jason Diaz

    She's not in the hall of the dead she's not in my house and she's not in dragons reach. I saw her get killed by a frost troll but I can't find her anywhere. Any thoughts?

  • theodor Stanev

    I own a house and she is my wife I made a house and then went back to tell her that we are going to move when entered the house she wasn't there then i searched the catacombs and she is not there. TELL ME WHAT TO DOOOOO (I even searched at Draongsreach, at the Banned Mare and at the Hall of the Companions) btw I lost her when Stormcloacks were attacking Whiterun is this the reason

  • Mark Van Gorkum


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