The Best Skyrim DRAGON Mods | 2017 Edition

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Welcome! Showcase and personal comments for the most interesting and useful dragon mods for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition (and some even for XBOX One) according to your truly. The best dragon mods in all categories.

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==== MOD LIST ====
Deadly Dragons:
Dragon Combat Overhaul (temporary hidden):
Diverse Dragons Collection 2.0 & 3.0:
Ultimate Dragons:
Dragons Dawn:
Dragonborn Ascendant:
Dragon Stalking Fix:
Immersive Dragon Sounds:
Splendor - Dragon Variants:
Deathwing Inspired Alduin (Reloaded):
Imprefvicticious Alduin:
More Dramatic Alduin Retexture:
Supreme Alduin:
Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack:
Bloody Dragon Bones:
Enhanced HD Dragon Bones:
Northfire's Skidmarks:
Armored Odahviing:
Behemoth The Feathered Dragon:
Snow Hunter Odahviing:
Thanatos as Durnehviir:

==== MUSIC ====
Alex Roe - Beckon a Foul Beast:
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Blades of Might:
Vindsvept - As we March:
Vindsvept - Collision:
Vindsvept - Nightfall (metal version):
Vindsvept - Chasing the Traitor:
Vindsvept - Deliverance:
Vindsvept - Clarity:

I do not own Skyrim or Skyrim mods. All credits go to Bethesda. Thank you for all the TES series. Also tonns of thanks to all modders and Nexusmods community who made next-gen Skyrim possible. Cheers!
  • vLAD Sartini

    Dude, this is fucking awesome, you have made my day with these mods, now i really want to buy a PC to play it with them. Btw, At first i tought you were doing Ulfric's voice on purpose.

  • JD Schroeder

    Needed this. Thanks buddy

  • Doom Black

    I think there should be some dragons that are true giants..perhaps twice or even three times as big as the the early models 🤔

  • Noel Gywn

    Great showcase videos bro.

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    I blame you for putting 10 new mods on my load order everyday

  • dan pitts

    Whats the weapon mod,big great swords?

  • rat

    English (UK)English (US)English (Sinitar)

  • Rex Orbis

    Yeah, I've yet to see even a vanilla brown dragon be killed by bandits.Also: Dat death at 3:27.

  • sanoja11

    someone tells me that mod has for his character to handle the sword that way? I mean the animations when moving and attacking... sorry google traductor :)

  • White Wolf

    Can I ask which bow did you use at 02.00 min? It such a pity by the way that Deadly Dragons doesnt work for SE but hopefully it will be transported soon. Also thanks for the great video :)

  • Michael Celentano

    Is it possible to add any of these to PS3 skyrim legendary edition

  • Album Interpretations

    Fuck this, I'm a kahjiit assassin, I barely stand up to them as it is.

  • nottheonlysinner

    What is that steel/ebony armor you're wearing?EDIT: nvm I found it.

  • a Demon from Hell

    Are any of these mods on console too?

  • Carrotmaster Gaming

    could someone send me an email of the combat overhaul mod. I really want bigger dragons

  • Juan Mil

    What is the mod that your using for your armor and sword 😗

  • Josh Botello

    Don't even know what the fuck u said through out the whole video......... but good video

  • SideQuestHero

    what mod did you use for the two handed animation?

  • MrAmazingAim

    Oh my god, tidy and neat description, perfect video and the showcase's timing is right on the spot with a good music choice, answering comments, Mothafakin timestamps and LINK TO USED MODS !!!!I love you.

  • Mr SWeD

    Pls link ur weapon animated mod:O

  • XXscrublordXXX

    What is the mod that has you rest larger weapons on your shoulder?

  • Impatiens the Sorry Shmuck

    Didn't you say the DCO would be returning this September? Where is it?

  • Anastasia AJ

    You have a very funny voice are you Deutsch?

  • Sinitar Gaming

    Timing:Deadly Dragons - 01:09Dragon Combat Overhaul - 03:48Diverse Dragons Collection - 06:21Ultimate Dragons - 08:11Dragons Dawn - 09:52Dragonborn Ascendant - 11:52Faster GET UP STAND UP - 13:57Dragon Stalking Fix - 14:14Immersive Dragon Sounds - 14:24Splendor - Dragon Variants - 15:19Retexture mods - 16:16Dat greatsword: armors: combat animations: movement animations:

  • The Midnight Wolf

    Finally a dragon mod that does not lag!

  • AceofBlades X

    Would someone kindly tell me what mod this man is using to have the cool animations, like the two handed sword on his shoulder?

  • Pokémon Trainer Gante

    does anyone know when DCO will be back on Nexus?

  • Sebastian Deyzel

    I wish the flight animation could be changed to match the same style of dragons in GOT. Im just thinking the wing flaps could be made to look better but also the Dragons in Skyrim seem to be able to change direction as if there is no such thing as inertia or momentum. The turns should be smoother and the skin in the wings should shape according to each flap.

  • Mike does Music

    Great video and mod selection! Definitely subscribing to see your other videos. I have a question, if you'd be so kind to answer it, how would the immersive dragon sounds interact with deadly dragons, and the audio overhaul 2 where there are audio options for deadly dragons?

  • citizenofearth

    i can't help picturing the king lemur from madagascar when you speak.. love your videos, sir!

  • ZephrusPrime

    What is the name of the bow you used in the beginning of the vid? -You had some red type of bound arrows too.

  • huss4realz

    what is that sick ass sword that you have and what mod do i need to download to have my character hold the massive 2 hand like you do, over your shoulder?

  • anes moudrik

    hi sinitar gaming do you do you know a mod that can change the kill move animation of dragon i mean when i kill the dragon make a new kill move to kill it and great video good job

  • XxFresh SkyrimXx

    Are those mods on PS4?

  • MadGod Artur

    "makes dragons much more realistic" ... i agree

  • Dácio Nunes

    While you guys are waiting a never coming back return of any apollodown's mod/s, there's an alternative for rescaling dragon size.'t tested)An alternative from Dragonborn Asc -> more, thanks for the video.

  • TheDaxter11

    im gonna assume not all of these are compatible with each other (and im not talking about some of the re-textures you showed like the different dragon bone re-textures)

  • Alex Knight

    6:08 Wait are you actually saying that the author is going to bring back Dragon Combat Overhaul next month?

  • Akshay Prakash

    Loved the list....But I have a question, is there a mod for unique dragon loot/drops? Like some raw material for cool armour coloured like the dragon killed?

  • ZzRaideMzZ

    Between DDC and Deadly Dragons, which one should compliment better with Ultimate Dragons? (Unlike many, I use UD as the base). I love challenging battles but not just buffed stats. Thanks, and great video btw Don.

  • Dafuse

    What kind of pc do you have? It doesn't crash even if you have lots of mods

  • karim GamerBoy

    is there is anyway to download Dragon Combat Overhaul plese

  • Niels Huisink

    Is Ultimate Dragons compatitble with World Eater Beater?

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