Skyrim Mods: Growing Up In Skyrim (WIP) - Part 1

Today we take a look at a couple different mods, including RS Children Overhaul (the playable children version) and Growing Up In Skyrim which allows you to live a full life, starting as a child and eventually becoming an elder.

Growing Up in Skyrim (WIP) by MimiTheAlchemist:

RS Children Overhaul by Ranaline:

Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor:

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  • Brice Hubbard

    Bjorlam/dad is whiterun’s carrige driver

  • Commando Chief Studios

    Your moms drunk tell her to go to bed

  • Liam Anderson

    What is the name of this or and can it be used on ps4

  • ThisGuy

    14:11 In the next episode he keeps looking for foken clothes there it is right there

  • Maximus 9000

    This is the police, you're under arrest

  • Kirschner Sedillo

    To buy clothes for a kid just go to Solitude go inside the big door and go to the first store at the right go talk to the ladies inside go to misc that they're selling and it and I'll show you little kids clothes

  • Iowa Class

    “This is where my parents come and BONE.”

  • Victor Von Deathstroke

    How am I just now finding This? Fucking hilarious


    Braith does have parents

  • Yuko- Chan

    Or in Solitude, there is a shop for clothes

  • Commando Chief Studios

    You seen your fair share of adventures exscaping your mothers Womb lol

  • Ragnarok

    What's the Whiterun mod called?

  • Chaoshander Giantdad

    How do you get clothes on your child charcter? this is... kind of fucked up!

  • Mettaton Ex

    what about orc children

  • oliver kaya

    If only as a kid you could ride goats

  • Oto ota

    How do I change the language on switch?

  • Karvon Hall

    He must be a rich child

  • Whiterun Guard

    21:35 "give me one second" ends the video

  • SGAM

    when he says horrible its so funny

  • Black Savage

    His mom kinda looks like Alissa violet

  • __Dat_guy_ Dancing

    I heard traffic in the background lol

  • Billie Jonathan

    The main problem is the conversation line have'nt changed

  • ShadowmarkReturns

    Kids clothing is under misc.

  • papyrus

    Down load hearthfire dlc for cloths

  • Hisoka X Gaming

    How dare u tell a child to die with a sword in ur hands xD

  • jared young

    Does he not realize that child's clothes are in misc. Not apparel?

  • Maria Penaariet

    "Guess I'm going grocery shopping .. for clothes .. that didn't make any sense" is literally something I would say best line 10/10

  • Yuko- Chan

    Kjhiits have childrends clothes

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