Skyrim Mods: Growing Up In Skyrim (WIP) - Part 1

Today we take a look at a couple different mods, including RS Children Overhaul (the playable children version) and Growing Up In Skyrim which allows you to live a full life, starting as a child and eventually becoming an elder.

Growing Up in Skyrim (WIP) by MimiTheAlchemist:

RS Children Overhaul by Ranaline:

Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor:

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  • Tuaboy 02

    That female nord child is one sexy bitch

  • Mary wallace

    I'm pale and I'm a kid

  • Elijah Risden

    What mods fo you have?

  • MoogleFX

    you kind of sound like Shia lmao

  • Anastasia Vorobieva

    Sir... The children clothes are in the misc section

  • rhino charger

    kajits sell kids clothes

  • Dax

    hey anyone got a "Gralnach" race menu preset? its in all the screenshots but i cant find a file about it

  • Kaja Fiddler

    For the nord the brother is the father dad is grandpa

  • Madeline Stevenson

    The Nord Teenager looks like a hardcore drug addict

  • Murasaki Ookami

    I think the old man is your grandfather and the guy in the guard outfit is your father

  • Stephfen Gager Wright

    Kajit sell kids cloths lol

  • Brianna Weir-Mason

    Do you know if someone will make this mod for bethsda???

  • Jonathan Tsuyoshi

    Question, are the MODs worth it?

  • Drew Ftw

    Guessing this is not for Xbox and PS4 I’m guessing

  • Noon Kelso

    Changes to female child Nope, let's not do that.Why? What's the matter? Is putting a male child through some dungeon while shirtless BETTER than a girl? They should both be EQUALLY bad.

  • Fandom_ Fond

    The cat thingys outside of towns sell child's clothes in misc and so do the clothing shop in solitude

  • Dark Prince

    go to morthal to get a pet dog at the stables

  • Leigh Lasley

    You need to buy close

  • ITz BladeHD

    It's the ultimate start mod

  • Boom Biscuits

    "I could adopt you, I'm your age! :D"

  • Juggalo fLip

    Will this ever cone to consoul

  • Theo Timmons

    neloth is the dark elf in telmytheryn in the dragonboarn DLC

  • Tim Andersin

    It's weird that u keep mentioning being naked...

  • HTP Gaming

    What is the mod that makes whiterun look populated

  • Sana#11860

    How old is he again?

  • luke eatough

    "die with a sword in your hand""... I'm your kid how can you say that!" 😂😂😂

  • Hazel Carter

    Is this mod available for PS4? o;

  • Locked Dragon97

    i got a question do this count as child pornography bc i dont want to get arrested lol

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