Serana Laughs at the Dragonborn

Me being bored ;)
  • Laura James

    I love Serana. She's beautiful, has an angelic voice, a cute laugh, she's a very well developed characterGods, I love her 💖💖

  • Still Alive

    she is so cute <3I love how everyone in the comment section is in love with Serana

  • Azar Uchiha

    Ive never liked followers in skyrim they get in my way too much when im sneaking around but having been forced to have serana follow me around everywhere kind of got cool after a while too bad her sneak level isnt that high

  • Flawless Serana

    This is why I lay in bed crying all night

  • Serial Killer PT

    She's so cute when she laughs, smiles and her voice looks like she's an angel.Gods I wish I could invent some kind of machine that would bring me to the Elder Scrolls Universe and stay there being the Dragonborn and always fullphiling my Destiny and marrying her, or at least, that she could be married in skyrim.

  • Solo Rogue

    Thank the Gods for mods. About as close as I can get to marrying that beautiful woman. I just uploaded a dedication video to mod authors. She is much younger, happier, loved by and loves my character Xena..but, most of all thanks to FLP she has a lot of freedom. She can even dance. Her dialogue edit is fantastic too. Serana and Xena are married and have all that entails in their world. Her smile and laugh always brightens my day for sure.

  • Lion Reichelt

    knew it was Laura Bailey from critical role

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