Skyrim - Top 10 Follower Mods!

As requested by KevinGEO35, here are my top 10 Skyrim follower mods! Leave your Top 10 suggestions below :)

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  • IdiotAna ._.

    Someone can turn Nazeem as a follower? I need him to complete my quest with Boetiah

  • Emelin Striker

    I would put Alduin as #1 follower 'cause I love this mod xD

  • Nickolaus Afon

    By the way Smike, where are you from and what's your ancestry, just curious.

  • Slender Man

    No Poet, Sofia, or Indigo? McScuse me?

  • Kyra

    No Inigo?No Sofia?No Bishop?F*ck this video.

  • Dragon Blade

    Omg, lord of bones was the first thing i thought of too xD


    nothing quite like watching a top 10s list of things you cant have

  • Pumpkin head

    What about Arissa?.....anyone?

  • dantles1992

    you know if you post links to the video you increase your video quality

  • Purple Guy IT'S ME

    The orc woman haves a sword named: Gul'dan.GUL'DANGUL'DAN!!!

  • Alex Lusio

    Where's INIGO? He's the best EVER

  • Dovah kiin

    First, no inigo,arissa,or Sofia. Second, roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail, and so did you

  • lemur sven

    How to be a horny teenagerClick based on the title card alone

  • KidiX Nine - The Elder Scrolls & Fallout Lore

    where tf is inigo? the best follower ever?

  • Matthew Smith

    The first follower has a really bad neckseam, idk if its your fault (probably is) but that means it cannot be the 10th best. <-- at the very least sofia.

  • James Aplin

    I just wonder about follower mods you can have more than one follower, if i use multiple followers in Skyrim special edition when the game comes out in 28th of october when i use conjuration when i summon a Deadra, will i be able to summon multiple Daedra, useing multiple follower mod.

  • A light bulb that questions everything

    Top 1 is Dovahbear? Chendra Limiarja.exe has crashed.

  • So, Sew?

    Visarra The Shunned sort of reminds me of Garona from the movie Warcraft.

  • SageNode

    no links to the mods? :( sadness

  • OOZiTen

    You sound just like Kumail Nanjiani

  • Montajcı

    Where is Inigo and Sofia 2/10

  • Raul Zzzz

    Iff pretty bad aff , i love it

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Can you take the helmit off the bear? (it looks ridiculous)

  • Avalicia

    İnigo... WHERE'S INIGO!?

  • GreatSmithanon

    Why are there no links to these mods?

  • FatLi TheLi

    first of all why didnt you put links, and second where is inigo, sofia, AND GENERAL SAM

  • BadgeurM0B

    unique look? is that another phrase for BFU?

  • ZST Cars 17

    Smike you pissed everyone off with not adding Indigo to this list. In my opinion valfar and Hoth are dope af. I like the dova bear too but Imdigo should of been on this list dude

  • pukedragon

    Don't believe Indigo, Dovabit, or Edmund the Cyborg Fish didn't make the list! Also Dwarven Walking Luggage!

  • AKIMUS 00

    Here is a good companion for all of you:The warrior princess AKA : " Pebbles" :p

  • potato

    what about nocturnal follower

  • JackTheRipper

    0:16 nice black face

  • shafin rahman

    My follower mods arent working even i installed them with nexus...any help?


    maldita sea sin tan solo supiera ingle >:V coñoooooooooooooooo nojoda >:V :v pero son bueno follower lo malo es que no tienen una historia :"V

  • Matthew Brough

    Can't believe Sofia is not on this list!

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