Skyrim - Change Follower Companion Armor Clothes Gear

This video shows how to change your follower companion's armor, gear, clothes, equipment, robe or robes. It can prove challenging getting the follower to wear what you want them to wear, so keep the following in mind:

Followers use enchantments, but do not consider them when deciding what to wear.

Armor Rating is the stat followers care about the most. They have their own Light and Heavy armor skills, so just because a piece of light armor has higher Armor Rating than a piece of heavy armor, they may not switch if their skill in light is too low.

In order to get your companion to permanently use clothes, you'll need to be married to them, or you have to have the pickpocket perk 'Perfect Touch'. Other tricks of stealing their gear and getting clothes on them may work temporarily or occasionally. You must modify their starting gear set using tricks such as shown in the video in order to make the change permanent.

If you do not want to bother with pickpocketing or marriage, then it may be best to give up on the idea of clothes or robes. Learn enchanting and blacksmithing, make a piece of armor through smithing that is higher armor rating than what they are wearing. Be sure they will equip it over their default set. Once you know they will, enchant it with the effects you want.

If you have no idea where to start with tradeskills, see my 1.5 guide:

How to Get Started with Smithing / Enchanting / Alchemy

If you want to know what the restoration potion glitch is / restoglitch is to make the insane stat armor, see this video:

How to do the Restoration Glitch

This is confusing and a pain, but it is worth it. Please leave a thumbs up if it helped. Thank you for watching!
  • Din

    So there is no way of actually changing the armor of your SPOUSE. "you can force them to put the gear back on by trading" which you can only do when your spouse is FOLLOWING you.. 6:14

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    This is how you make a skyrim tutorial video... no long winded redundant rambling, straight to the point. Well done, thumbs up.

  • XxFlamingfox21xX

    why could i here heavy breathing

  • Vasile Dragos

    CaptainReckis8 months agoin reply to Matt Thompson I've played Skyrim for over 1000 hours and completed every quest and I've never heard a sound as creepy and fucked up as this "breathing".    It's alright, then that just means u never summoned the The Spectral Assassin ,Lucien Lachance, spell that u get as bonus if u complete a certain Dark Brotherhood quest exactly as asked with the extratouch :P

  • bhdemp

    I haven't tried this yet but this is by far the best option I've seen to change spouse and/or follower's apparel. I know this post is over 3 years old but nice job! Hope it works!

  • geoff1121

    sounds like a guide to domesticate the huntress

  • Marcjevin Miguel

    Why is there a ghost? WTF

  • Geralt Z Rivi

    Did someone know what type of armor Kharjo want wear?

  • Jared Potts

    Every time I do this I leave them with one piece of their armor and I come back and they just don't even have on the armor I gave them D:

  • ItsZodiac

    There is an easier option just tell them to leave and immediately knock them out then pick pocket them when it lets you now you can steal anything off her without failing this is a glitch btw also make sure you give her an armor she can wear before you attempt this

  • NunezBobby1

    I can't change my follower's armor. I keep getting the same "This item is too heavy to carry" message, even if I take everything I gave her. What should I do?

  • jake james

    guys this is because you must let her keep the boots as they are part of the armour set making the rest not re spawn there is also a method with hearthfire where you marry your chosen person and move them to lakeview manor and they will set up a shop so you can buy their armour but you must leave their boots otherwise the armour will reset :)  

  • Rob Boss

    My Lydia is only equipping head pieces once I give her armor. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Nick Delluci

    how do i change brother verulus's armor as a follower

  • Alaric

    "Good to see you, dear....get away from me." Pretty much sums every one of my past relationships.

  • Kevin Lowe

    Awsome job with video. that trick will make having a wife much more better since they wears wifely stuff instead of armor. thanks.

  • ShadowWarrior Xx

    you should do a guide to get the pick pocket skill.

  • Requiem100500

    naked Let's not waste any time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    The heavy breathing makes me extremely uncomfortable.

  • Divided Reality

    Or you can unlock the pickpocketing perk: Perfect Touch, and max out sneaking to stay hidden. After that, you can take off or give ANY item.Made every guard in Whiterun wear fine hats and gave them woodcutter axes.

  • Lacey Bivens

    Why the charter breathing so hard they got a boner or something?

  • Classy Dude

    Just download ATF or UFO mod, you can automatically change their gear by trading items but the armor has to have more damage than the previous

  • Dakoda Vaerus

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this all only works if they're following you? I recently built a very nice home in hearthfire and am trying to find a way to change my steward and housecarl's armor permanently so they can aimlessly walk around my property all day in seriously strong armor. AKA, no more losing one in the occasional dragon attack, and so they look like the badass guards someone of my stature has on their land

  • Akreal

    Or you can just kill them

  • Spingle Bungus

    What if there default armor is blade armour and you cant pick pocket it

  • The Majestic Mr. L

    Okay so, I need some help. Basically, I married Mjoll and I took all of her gear, but it didn't respawn like you said. I gave her Dragonplate armor and she wears that fine, but when I tell her to go back home she is in her underwear. Do I need to find what her armor was and give it back? Or do I simply need the Perfect Touch perk?

  • WakeUp

    Cool video, but just a question - Did Darth Vader make this video? Because I can swear I hear him breathing on the background :)

  • Liam Erickson

    wtf is the noise in the backround

  • lelacheur giergler

    If you are having problems stealing your follower's steal armor:1. Make sure your Light Fingers perk is at 2/5, only 2/5, it can't be 1/5 or 3/5 or 4/5 or 5/5, it is a BUG.2. Make sure you are not wearing ANY +pickpocket armor/jewelry, this is also a bug.If you don't fulfill the 2 requirements above, the chance of stealing the steel armor is 0%, at 2/5 you have 9%, if you wait for the follower to sleep, it'll be 34%, so keep trying til you succeed.

  • JohnnyMarbles 27

    Thank you! Will try this today! :D

  • Messy Doge

    I putted Thalmor Mage Robes on Jenassa

  • megamovieman101

    This is frustrating. I just wanted to get Jordis to appear comfortable, and it seems the only way to do that is to basically strip her naked. Perfect Touch is basically useless. Thanks, Bethesda.

  • SonnyAMan

    This doesn't work.  The follower will just remove whatever robes/clothes you give them and prance around in the buff.  I've seen this misinformation just plastered around the net.  That this vid managed 722 likes tells me that people STILL fall for this "trick" every time they hear about it.

  • Leroy Hing

    here i got an easy way for PC user's...1: Give your companion an armor, robes or anything you want them to wear. (They wont wear it obviously) 2: press the ` ~ ` key and type "*showinventory*" (if everything thing went according to what i say, you would see he/she full inventory even the equip items)3: a list should be shown of the full inventory and its codes next to it in brackets "( )"4: type in "*equipitem (Enter the Code Here) 1*" ( don't forget the number 1 at the end ) [ it should look something like this " equipitem 0004a26b 1 "5: press Enter and go back to game and see your character with the item you gave it, no matter the Armor ratingHoped this helped some of yous :)

  • Stop Asking Me To Use My Real Name Please God

    Would you do a video on how to change the gear of Dead Thrall followers? I'm hoping that if I reverse pickpocket them while alive I'll be able to get them to equip whatever I want, but I'm not sure whether I'll need to leave part of their original armor set on them or not.

  • Metal Phoenix Gaming

    darth vader is making this video

  • CoolAsianKid

    That werewolf breathing tho

  • ridgeline006

    this work great on my ps3 thanks

  • Shane Palmateer

    pms00, in this video who are the ghosts in the backround and were are they located?

  • Samurai Psycho

    Fun fact if you take seranas clothes and leave her with no armor she will still have the vampire royal armor on,you will never get to see her in underwear via normal gameplay

  • Synister Mayhem

    If I have a spouse that can't follow and I pick pocket her clothes/armor and put some other piece of clothing/armor in her inventory will she equip it? 

  • My Big Wall

    How can you buy stuff from your companion?

  • Munro Steel

    Take them to the blades they keep that armor then marry them

  • Dakini Dream

    I use EFF with my followers, and remove so all what i want. They undress also alone going in my Jacuzzi. And... look at the date of this video, things have changed while, there are lot of mods out now doing many things in a easy way now ;)

  • Sigri Steen

    i gave my follower ebony armor she did not wear it..

  • Caden Grossman

    73 armor > 2 billion health

  • Brandana vidz

    I need some help, I want to give a mage follower Miraak's robes but the follower has a store, so do I just give him a full set of heavy armour so his original armour is in his store, buy everything a part from his boots, then take back the heavy stout then give him Miraak's robes, is that how it works?

  • Darrel Bryant

    Thoroughly enjoy the tuturing.  Very, very informative, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Guldar Heel

    The next Elder scrolls should have glass armor look near translucent with a slight green color or maybe different colors of glass armor with different properties for each. Form fitting glass armor for the females of course.

  • PutzMonkey 182

    I was trying to get aela to wear the ancient falmer armor and I somehow managed to get it as her starting set. I can't get it off her and it randomly appeared back on my mannequin that I had it one before I gave it to her. Don't know what dafuq happened but I got it to work, she is wearing the full set now.

  • Andrich Miller

    how did you barter with aela the huntress

  • Kabegami The Great

    Aela has the same voice as Uthgerd.

  • Nova Sky

    open skyrim creation kit... edit their starting set :D

  • Noni Yanez

    How do you get your armor to increase 223457 points

  • Evelynn

    Thanks. I needed this demo. Looks like the hard way to do it is actually less painful.

  • We 〈3 MakBak

    Thanks man! Great video

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