Skyrim is Getting Co-op

Today we take a look at a new WIP mod by members of the community, the once Tamriel Online is now Skyrim Together. A mod for Skyrim on PC adding in co-op play. Multiplayer in Skyrim!



Author - Hothtrooper44
  • SkyrimPrincess

    This is what we needed not TESO

  • BigFackah

    does everyone get their own screen? or is it all players sharing player 1's screen? meaning the camera only follows player 1's character..?

  • XDrake 1223

    Baaaack tooo tamrieeeel

  • FuranDuron

    and it only took 6 years

  • Dawgadoo

    Finally I can fuck up frosbite spiders without the retarded followers fam



  • Saiyan 2356

    I know this is for PC only, because they don't have access to console source code. But couldn't Bethesda make one a multiplayer mod, and put it on the creation studio since they have access to source code and have it work for console?

  • Flatulence The Unending

    clickbait. go fuck yourself

  • miqqa NightHunter

    I got a question i got like a lot of mods are they able to play my mods with me then? Because it would kinda be cool if they could join me in The Second Great War or with build your own city and stuff

  • MrChunkyMaster

    It's happening guys

  • Matthew Dennis

    I'm going to do everything I can to get service F1 that mod is fully done me and my friend love Skyrim and I really want to get my cousin into it too

  • ldmt1995

    Fuck this someone make fallout online!

  • Creepy Girl

    This is what Skyrim has always needed! Can't wait to hear more ^-^

  • bob johnson

    I have mad respect for you, just delivering information, giving credit, and not dragging your video out. Subbed!

  • Blue Wolf3627

    Well just got news Bethesda threatened to sue the company that’s working on this multiplayer mod the company or team is called Skyrim Together so just letting u guys know Bethesda is fucking gay they said it would be to much like ESO or the elder scrolls online with is not the same gameplay,graphics,leveling system and perks but if u guys agree plz like and if u have a Xbox one we can chill on ESO my gamertag is (blue baron3627)

  • LlamaNotAlpaca

    So is there like an admin for each server? I.e one person can use console commands and the others can’t?

  • Killerpez1093

    Will it come to Ps4 and Xbox one?

  • Dat Boi

    This either going to be really good or really bad

  • Mr. Carrot

    Is this mod coming out on Xbox one?

  • Matey

    Skyrim Together has nothing to do with Tamriel Online, do your research fam.Edit: 1:14 one of the devs had the dungeon finished before, that's why the gate wasn't synced.

  • Miss Jackson

    I really like the sound of having your own mods in the game!! Vanilla skyrim might become / be a bit boring for most

  • Tommy Lee

    Is it gonna be our for console

  • Savage Patch outlaw

    I hope this mod will be available for PlayStation 4 as well as PS3

  • nooyess

    for the deaths, should have to do a naked corpse run much like in diablo 2 or everquest.

  • Alex Wan

    Is this only going to be on PC?

  • PupAZ _

    Will they add this mod to the Xbox version as well or no?

  • zero1 12

    Is it coming to ps4?

  • Jacob Xiong

    Do you know if this mod is confirmed for all consoles?

  • thefluffghost

    Is this for Xbox one

  • Bg 55

    is this coming to Xbox?

  • I'm Requix

    On... on xbox? sniff sniff

  • Lyndon Zarzuela

    Am i the only one want to see the shieldwall coop.

  • cosplayer.derp

    Will this be on console

  • Noble Haze

    This will make the restoration tree more viable. Can't wait!!

  • TheWrongBrothers

    When's this on console?

  • Zer0 /

    as a console player this and bruma are both mods I'd happily pay for. all the other mods in creation club are useless

  • Imadeyoureadthis

    is there a way to start it? if so, how?

  • Tony YT Watcher

    Will it be for console

  • Grant Macdonald's Pig

    Tamriel online is NOT skyrim together.completely different mods and modders

  • FoodForMe123


  • Kinn Lao

    This modder has been gave up

  • Emmanuel Verdejo

    Will special edition have this

  • The Mighty Gamer T_dawg

    God I can't believe I'm even asking this as I already know the answer. But here goes. Will this be for ps4

  • IKEA Wardrobe

    Is this for PS4 as well?

  • jproductionz 9000

    Rather have this than an armored mudcrab

  • jesus laya

    I had no idea that The Elder Scrolls Skyrim could be played in coop I believe that only game that could be played in cooperative only was Fallout new vegas, this is new for me that Skyrim will be played in cooperative

  • Widow Caker

    Wow.. It's almost like there isn't a game called Elder Scrolls Online that is functional..

  • McLovin

    Does it have a chat inside the server???

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