Skyrim is Getting Co-op

Today we take a look at a new WIP mod by members of the community, the once Tamriel Online is now Skyrim Together. A mod for Skyrim on PC adding in co-op play. Multiplayer in Skyrim!



Author - Hothtrooper44
  • superdude 2411

    I don’t know why elder scrolls online wasn’t just Skyrim with coop. That’s all it needed to be and it would have been awesome. But instead it’s elder scrolls online

  • minto smith

    Skyrim Rp fuck yes lmao

  • Kris

    This is pretty fucking cool. I am still strong about Skyrim being a single player experience but playing with a friend will make it worth going through all over again. Hopefully TES6 gets an official well working thing like this few years after release.

  • Shadow Kid SE

    They should do this for Fallout

  • Widow Caker

    Wow.. It's almost like there isn't a game called Elder Scrolls Online that is functional..

  • Ethan Krisanski

    A problem ive seen with this is that the second player can only see through your screen. Meaning they can't aim for shit, much less effectively fight. However I haven't looked at that mod in quite some time so its probably advanced a lot

  • Squirtle With Glasses

    Does anyone know if it's going to be on xbone

  • lax gods

    They should make one for fallout

  • jacob weiler

    Creation club be like. Yea guys you could play co-op so why not buy our Armageddon armour

  • TheJollyG4mer

    Will this be on Xbox too?

  • Mack daddy Hank

    Let me guess not available on console?

  • Damage ConTrolling

    Have every death take away more and more gold the higher level you are.If you have no gold, you "break" an item you have equipped and have to repair it at a forge.

  • GrizzlySpitterz

    Bethesda will take the idea make it for them selfs and resell the game with the feature

  • Dooran

    I don't understand why people are so excited about this. It's just fucking Skyrim, can we stop breathing life into this game so vetbesds can stop dick riding it and release something new please? Oh boy. You get to play all the SAME quests you have already done on 20 different playthroughs with your friends who have also already done them. Only reason this is at all cool is because of the mods, which is something commonly said about Bethesdas work.

  • Ethan Noel Lopez Javier

    Is this compatible with Skyrim SE?

  • Matthew Dennis

    I'm going to do everything I can to get service F1 that mod is fully done me and my friend love Skyrim and I really want to get my cousin into it too

  • Leo Carr

    Will this be compatible on PS4? Please tell me it will

  • Angus Uelsmann

    We just want to play together and not to have a new armour called shit....

  • HammieTV


  • Marco Vidal

    Will this be on Xbox one?

  • EnigmaLovesU

    Anyone think this mod will come to console

  • Tommy Lee

    Is it gonna be our for console

  • Dave Short

    1:26 Stop right there. No one... NO ONE IS TAKING MY STUFF!!!! IT IS MINE!!!! ALL MINE!!!!

  • AwesomeSauce

    Fallout 4 co-op anyone?

  • superdude 2411

    I’ll only care if it’s available on xbox

  • Alex Szczepaniak

    I'm not watching the video. All I'm saying is, it's a little fucking late.

  • GetsuGaming Tv


  • TristH10

    is it coming to xbox?

  • xGear Freakx

    Could this be coming to consoles?, I'm just asking a question

  • kamekazi1123

    Didnt say if there was a player distance limit

  • Kevin Susilo

    Why won't bethesda just focus on making TES VI. Fuck, man. I want that shit so bad

  • Boone Bluemel

    This is ungodly, this is impure, this is so wrong

  • Killerpez1093

    Will it come to Ps4 and Xbox one?

  • Morte-Legionem * Pew, pew *

    Kinda the game has been played and is boring as fuck now

  • Gamer'z Nation

    HEY ALL, i just started really working on my channel after having it for a while. I would love some feedback on how I can get better (:

  • YungPussyEater

    Shut up and take my money

  • Tarique Mahtab

    Does it have split screens too?

  • Eto Alan

    Is frostfall possible to play on this?

  • Jacob Xiong

    Do you know if this mod is confirmed for all consoles?

  • Arent you cool

    But can you use armour/ weapon mods

  • Demanding Being

    Explain to me in less tech-ish term ; what make it so hard to sync? They removed the pause on menu screen , okay. Then?!

  • Dark Knight18

    Skyrim pc co-op is coming...change your title

  • Fluffy Jumba

    Will this mod be available for Xbox

  • Caelos Vargas

    Is this going to be on console

  • Ogilvey

    Incredible they even managed to begin this Project.

  • VoidBG

    I've played this kept crashing

  • Doge Ception

    We have an elder scrolls online game and its name is elder scrolls online

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