Skyrim SE Load Order for Mods

A quick overview of my experience with Load Order and Mod Updates.

Mods that alter Mast files should generally stay at the top of the load order.

Plug-N-Play mods that do little can do wherever

Large graphical and performance mods should go down at the bottom.

I hope this helps!
  • Freshbat

    any chance you could list your mods in the order they are so I can use as a reference cheers great video by the way.yours Neil

  • sidney faden

    Ok, so these tips have been more helpful to me than anything else on Reddit. I'm no longer afraid of crashes in the open world. Just amazing. Thanks again.

  • Billy Cameron

    thanks for this man helped a good bit I had my order ranges in terms of size of memory

  • Seth Abbott

    Where would you place mods that change faces, bodies, and eyes of npc and your own character?

  • Jasen Nickerson

    I have like 6 mods and my skyrim crashes non stop on xbox. idk what to do anymore tbh. Im about to return it because it's extemely frustrating .

  • sidney faden

    Bit of a bummer but I tried your load order and corrupted a good portion of my saves. Not sure why but it may have something to do with putting massive graphical mods on the bottom.

  • Scorpion Sub-Zero

    What do you mean by Overwrite.Does that mean it stops the others from working?

  • Rowan Dekker

    Hi your video was really helpful! My load order is not completely similar to yours but still maybe you could help me with it as well. I got some crashes and I believe it has something to do with The People of Skyrim Mod (TPOS) since it is a huge mod that covers a lot of categories... I followed the description about where to put it in my load order but after trying several places it still won't work properly... Do you have any idea how to fix this and could you please help me with this? Thanks!

  • Vadaro Quasi Superantes

    Lol that's crazy I have about 96 mods running right now and I only get the occasional fps drop when I go through rorickstead for some reason. Bare in mind all of my mods take up only about 3.9 GB so I guess, depending on each and every individual mod, the slightest conflict creates a domino effect throughout ones game.

  • DidiDigit

    is it not better to have SGO below Skyland...? SGO from what I can gather should be at the bottom of load order or at least below all other landscape textures etc. any reason why you have SGO above Skyland...?

  • Moser Mane

    I rearranged my load order and then try loading a save and it said it was corrupt, all of my saves are and idk what to do.

  • Mateusz Gajewski

    Thank you dude! Because of you my most mods work as they should :) It looks so beautiful now, but with that trees lod, the framerate drop in forest is real ;-; Thankksss!!!

  • louisornelas

    great help full video

  • dorothythegoat

    i have a few mods but its noob. could i send you my list and could u fix it or something?

  • Svenopolis

    I seem to have trouble every single time I try to use a new mod. I get it to work, and then suddenly something else doesn't. It's pretty frustrating.

  • FlynnTheGamer

    hey dude i cant go on my load order can you help me

  • Becca. B

    I just need one person to help me!What goes first? KS Hairdos lit/KS hairdos OR beauties of skyrim???PLEASE! I've been searching for help forever!

  • Mr Itachi

    please help my save game is not even loading it just freezes on the loading screen every time I load the game any suggestion would be great

  • Game Tutorial

    I'm having huge problems with my dungeon floor texture it looks all digital look pixels but some of it is my texture mod for dungeon floors I would really appricate help as I don't know what to do

  • DedSec Virus

    Awesome video man really helpful as me an you have nearly the same mods an the EXACT same amount of used an free space, I didn't see any of the ( riften, whirerun an solitude ) overhauls, where would u place those overhauls in the load order you just showed so I can get an idea of a good spot to place mine

  • Billy Cameron

    also what about mods that say change grass I have one that's only 4kb does it matter where I put that or should that be below graphical mods

  • michael montejano

    I can't access my load order it justs sends me to the main menu plz help

  • Colin Hawkins

    you're my last hope so my game doesn't crash!! hope this works, I have a lot of the same mods as you

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