Skyrim Help: Serana Disappeared

All of the basic information is in the video, and, really, if anyone has a solution, I'd be grateful, as I cannot hire another Follower as the game thinks she's still here.
  • James Calhoun

    if u build a house with hearthfire dlc and make the th and that shows up there ur steward ur follower will leave that's how I fixed sarana goin missing

  • Justin Moore

    and why I roll solo now in Skyrim

  • Moreno-Prado Luis

    hey just go on with the companions side quest and after a few missions, Serena WILL be replaced by some dude

  • Swag_GamerGirl

    I was doing a quest for Harkon to find 2 elder scrolls and when I went to go talk to Serana about it she was not there I still can't find her she has been gone for almost 4 days

  • Jack Spohn

    You've probably found a solution by now, but she will either go to ancestor glade , darkfall cave, or fort dawnguard

  • Algirdas Griška

    Hey. So the thing is with these followers.... they are potatos ! Always disappears and blocks your way. But if you want to find that little shit Serana again just go to fort Downguard, and she will sit there like an innocent girl... Have a great day :3 !

  • Jacob Duncan

    I was building my house (Hearthfire Dlc) and I told her to stay here and she just vanished

  • ZaynTheSloth

    at the end of story line of dawn guard, she leaves ,how do I get her back

  • ProfessorDestiny

    XD i was searching all over skyrim and she was sitting in the dawngaurd like nothing happened im likeWHAT THE HECK MAN I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU ALL OVER DONT YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT

  • Graison M Johnson

    Wait for two days .Then go back to dawngaurd and she will be there

  • DerpGamingCommunity

    Serana went to cure her vampirism and never came back ;-;

  • killtokill 98

    the dlc took me like 4 or 5 hours

  • Sakura Haruno

    I sent her off to get a different follower and I'm with the Dawnguard but I can't find her anymore and she isn't at the dawnguard castle so I'm fucked because she is bae and has many of my important sTUFF

  • Noxious

    who knows how to make serena part ways with you!? im trying to do another quest but I need a different follower and everytime I ask her to leave she insists on staying with me. any help?

  • Yung Snow

    i dont even have mods and she still left me 👿

  • Justin Henderson

    my Serena had disappeared

  • Real Fredbear

    Same problem except I completed the questline, maybe tp to her(I can't try that because I play on Xbox)

  • Deathx420

    I don't have mods or Skyrim for PC only Skyrim for PS3 with no mods I do have 5 followers following me even serana so I know a lot about followers but I will try to help did you look all over the cave or in the vampire castle or do a full 3 day wait to see if she comes back you can try too read the elder scrolls blood again in cave to see if it works?

  • Killer Ninja

    i have a similar problem i was getting the crossbow parts and i left the uh broken oar grotto its near solitude i left and she didnt follow i go back to get her but when i leave she still doesnt follow ive waited up to 4 days and shes still fucking in there i have no idea how 2 get her out i saved after we went in so im kinda fucked if u guys have the solution id b happy 2 hear it

  • Justin Moore

    might be underneath you or turned hostile both have happened to me with companions like ria and Lydia

  • Aidin Santiago

    I play on console and im at the part where she needs to put her blood into the chalice and we go into the cairn, but she justwalks out of the room

  • gamergirl753

    I have the same problem. she's been my follower ever since I met her. so when I went into a dungeon, I lost her after that. I don't know how to get her back.

  • Spectre6610

    she lost when i go through portals in the wayshrine in the quest touching the sky. the last time i see serana is in darkfall cave

  • Balthier -leading man

    This retarded bug is still in the special edition! Bethesda really need to get their shit together because the special edition is just as fucked as skyrim vanilla. She was with me when i went in a cave then when i exit she completely disappeared and now i cant complete the dlc

  • GamingThisEra

    thankful i save before i leave her

  • marc evony

    same here she just disaper so a cant bring her back home and im on ps4

  • Unlike Aliens

    I know its a bit too late, like a year late, but I found her at fort dawnguard, i went there but couldn't find her at first, so after that I went to dark fall cave near the the docks and made it all the way where the white elf is, went through one of the doors, I talked to him about the bows and it's arrows, afterwards i whe t back to the fort dawnguard and found her there

  • William Morse

    I had a similar thing happen, but with Aela the Huntress. I was retrieving the LAST totem, the one I actually want, and she vanished. Last place she was at was in the barrow I found the last totem in. She was there when I picked it up, I activate the quest and the marker doesn't pop up anywhere, she's not dead, just erased from the game. (I think.)

  • Juan Flores

    I found serana but she's stuck in a glitch in a cave if u find out how to fix it plzzz tell me

  • Daily gaming/life challenges

    I have the same problem I was doing a quest in solstiem and I told serana to wait because I didn't want her to kill all the thalmor any way I kill all of them go back to the person who gave me the quest and then go back to get serana and she wasn't there she has been gone ages now and I went to whitrun and tried to get a follower there and they said you all ready have someone with you. Usually when your follower has been waiting somewhere for ages they usually go back to where you heird them in seranas case she is supposed to go back to Dawnguard castle if she has been waiting somewhere to long I have been trying and trying I went half of not all around solstiem and could not find her !!! She has heaps of my stuff and I just got dragon armour and I don't want to go back to a old save because I can't any way I tried and there was no save for where I was with her last

  • Salesi Charles Taukolo

    i walked on to windhelm to find me some buyers due to my large amount of stock and she disappeared but then i jump online to search for her and no answer just load game was given(Stink)but i just went back to the castle where she is from and saw her there waiting 😇try that

  • jiten ghedia

    I know how you feel try looking up the video by jitterbug it may help you also AFM that ones mainly for the pc glitch ok hope it helps you ive got a kind of simaliar problem on ps3...

  • Kains Legacy

    I just lost her too I got no mods I was in arcadia's cauldron doing the glitch where I save and kill arcadia over and over again till she has what I want and i looked behind me till I noticed serana wasn't there I went out side to see if she would show up waited and unfortunately doing that got rid of my auto save when I last had her this happen to my Lydia one time and she never showed back up again and I really don't want that happen to serana help please

  • Death Stroke

    I had that too, I just continued the Dawnguard quest line and she appeared in Dark fall passage

  • keith lancashire

    im on the remaster I cant find her

  • destory of worlds family guy

    i lost her too i just can find her i look all over skyrim

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