Skyrim Mods: 'The Guard Overhaul'

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Various Guard Outfits

Guard Armour Replacement

Improved Closefaced Helmets

Open Faced Guard Helmets

Diverse Guards

Real Names

Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Suspicious City Guards

Guards Attack Thugs, Assassins and More

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The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Dylan Chevalier

    Personally I think Improved Closefaced Helmets looks like dog shit

  • May Sobernik

    capes of skyrim maybe? add them for guards too

  • Cajun Gangster

    If some of these mods are on the consoles could you put the Bethesda. Com address... Great show Thanks

  • Evgeni Iseev

    4:15if you know any other great guard mods and be sure to share the down below and as always BITHSHERDRSF you enjoyed

  • Freya Duckling

    Close to the end of the game? What do you mean? THERE IS NO END!!!

  • Talitrum

    I sooooo want a pc that will run skyrim and it's mods. All I have is the ps3 version and it gets boring when you have played it through like 20 times.PS4 is ok but pc has the most mods. Does anybody know a cheap gaming pc that would run these? I would say around $200 is all I could afford

  • Balin Franklin

    Now to the right, to the right, now to the left, to the left

  • miazmatic

    Almost all Hold Guards are Nords, even in the lore, regardless of faction affiliation. The Hold Guards operate separately from the military that the hold is aligned to, so female Solitude guards aren't an odd thing at all.

  • Smooth Operator

    No matter how many great mods I find for console there are still outstanding ones only for pc.

  • abadloser

    I've scene people make fun of the fact that in Skyrim guards won't chase you out of your border, and move to the next hold, but yet Oblivion guards will chase you no matter how far, the thing is in Cyrodiil, its not feudal, while Skyrim is feudal, each hold will track it's crime's separately, as the loading screen says somewhat.

  • asian cunt

    let’s not forget the mod that strikes guards with lightning if they say the arrow in the knee line

  • woah man

    4:24WelMesh ad: [NOT PAID ACTORS]"I've been waiting for this mod since Skyrim came out!!!""Let's play this together!" <<<"Let's do it!"WOW MHM NOT PAID OR STAGED AT ALL MHM

  • Wagner Nogueira

    There is a mod to turn the mage robes more colorful and with better textures. Where is it ???

  • Riptide_Elite gamer


  • Ardin Catish

    I could never figure out the black pits for eyes... It's so unnatural. Oblivion had individual guards. Sure they didn't have names (which they should) but I actually recognize some of them)

  • Merciful One

    The suspicious guards sounds awesome!... But I am a mere console peasant 😖

  • Zeanister the Soviet

    What's the lighting mod in the thumbnail?

  • David Romine

    But, the iconic helmet...

  • juanjoseph

    >Immersion>Gender diversityChoose one

  • TheBlueKnight

    not a fan of any of these...

  • Lord Beerus

    Why would them Riften guardsmen wear shady hoods? Are they working with them Thieves Guild?

  • Christopher Teale

    Suspicius guards looks just annoying

  • AyMen82

    Become a guard? Cool!

  • Grim Reaper

    4:16 jsuxhbdgjhksnwbhedui

  • Timothy Watkins

    un of this armor is realistic.

  • CYB3R- R4T

    let me guess' someone stole your sweetroll.

  • Samyak Roy

    did you take an arrow in the knee and became a guard?

  • Liam Saunders

    what is that retexture in the thumbnail though?

  • David Romine

    But, the guard helmets are so iconic.

  • sgt saltstick

    am i the only one who has an armor fetish?

  • foxit begamin

    my 2 fav are guard dialogue overhual and improved closed face helmets but i dont think ill download improved closed face helmets well atleast not on my main acc

  • KrustyKrabPizza Deliverer


  • Calum Lawson

    Am I not good enough for you already?

  • Jenocidal Tendencies

    What happened to WeMesh?

  • 1oAce

    Dammnit Brodual I spend more time modding than actually playing.

  • Blank3ts

    Was hoping to see the mod that would strike a guard with lightning when they made the "arrow to the knee" reference. Oh well.

  • Noah Neice

    Why do I have to be a console peasant

  • Anirudh Sivakumar

    the thumbnail looks like a bunch of guards ready to do an indian dance number

  • Logan Johnson

    Why are female guards for the Empire a divergence from the lore? They even had females within their military ranks.

  • Aaron Thomas

    anyone know a mod that prevents bounties when wearing a hood? I feel like this mod should exist already

  • Zeanister the Soviet

    What’s the enb/ mod in the thumbnail?

  • Krato

    Hi i ported this mod to SSE. Various guard outfits for Every cityTS Edition

  • Edric Vaurnheart

    1:18>"Both genders"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Maxx Rizun

    man i would love to have access to mods like these on the PS4

  • Karosiv

    Okay, simple question: which of these/are any of these on the xbox?

  • Sans le skele

    My favorite guard quote is "Now,I know who you are. And... and I know your buisness... just,please... these are good folk we got here. Mostly..."

  • Sabastian U

    Are these available in xbox


    They need to make a mod for when there is a fight in the city and a guard walks in front of you when your swinging and then you get arrested

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