Skyrim Mods: 'The Guard Overhaul'

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Various Guard Outfits

Guard Armour Replacement

Improved Closefaced Helmets

Open Faced Guard Helmets

Diverse Guards

Real Names

Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Suspicious City Guards

Guards Attack Thugs, Assassins and More

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The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • iron golem 101

    is their any mods/vanilla methods that I can use to give guards armor? (Thinking about installing OBIS, wanna give guards in my fav city a fighting chance)

  • ParkerDai

    If only they unlocked the guard dialogue "you're going to jail now bitch-ass motherfucker!"

  • Jersh

    I just imagine guards are immortal golems wearing those suits. It gives reason for their lifeless emotionless state and fully enclosed helms. Hmm... Maybe I can make a mod...

  • Aidan Keogh

    I remember when I touched a book in a shop in the Imperial City back in Oblivion. I wasn't strong enough to defeat the guard who confronted me for my heinous crime, so I fled.I had 70 Athletics, so I thought I'd easily be able to escape. He, along with about six other guards, chased me all the way to Leyawiin.

  • roguexxrenegade

    Is he saying "guard" or "god"?

  • Aldrex Binobo

    You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?

  • Subscriber

    ESO guards: Fucking op pieces of shits

  • Jacob Byus

    Skyrim Guard: Gives up after you murder someone and cross the border.Oblivion Guard: Follows you into the gates of hell, killing everything in his path while running at the speed of light, all because you accidentally touched a fork in the bar that didn't belong to you.

  • John Jordan

    has anyone else come to this vid because they killed all the guards in a city and want to bring them back?

  • Alex Lozano

    Who would want to replace the guards?

  • Edric Vaurnheart

    1:18>"Both genders"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Jeffums

    what mod are you using to get your grass like that, it's not extremely dense, and not to annoying.

  • Mirthless

    What's the mod called that moves your screen slightly while standing still? Looks cool.

  • GrimmBones

    I want a mod that makes it so that, if you wear guard's outfit, they will think you're another guard. That would be cool.

  • George Cummings

    RNG Guards is a cool one

  • Blizzic

    Why has no one made a mod where you become a guard

  • Necro Pro

    1:12 looks like Genji from Overwatch

  • Smooth Operator

    No matter how many great mods I find for console there are still outstanding ones only for pc.

  • Cesar Juarez

    Can someone please tell me what steel armor re-texture mod is used 39 seconds in the video, worn by the Markath guard? It looks so sexy.

  • TremendousPuppy

    How did you make the guard armor texture so HD?

  • jagzilla

    I have a mod that makes it so when a guard says the arrow line they DIE

  • Dylan Gerig

    Equipment Flexibility Project makes it so that there are more variants of the same guard armors and expands the types of headgear or gauntlets guards will wear. Like a leather helmet and gauntlets for some guards and a heavy-armor variation, which does indeed look like it is heavy armor.That being said, it is a Steam exclusive for some reason. Either no one bothered to make a port for it or the author does not want that.

  • sfninaf123

    Are there any mods for makeing the guards any race at all at random?

  • CYB3R- R4T

    let me guess' someone stole your sweetroll.

  • Cheeki Breeki

    I named a guard in whiterun Leeroy Jenkins.

  • Blaze Master

    i installed all of these mods at once (except the open eye holes in helmets) (yes not a wise idea) and now every guard has more character than the dragonborn himself XD

  • AstroManX100

    4:07 Hey, my name is Ari. That's kinda cool. :D

  • josh waring

    That second option, you said 'chain mail'. However, none of them were wearing chain mail.

  • Cameron Larsen

    idk about those mods that change the guard armor, the vanilla guard helmet is just so iconic. it'd be like a mod that replaces the default Iron Helmet, you just can't do that

  • Sacredgeometry

    >Diverse Guards>no Argonian guards nice try.

  • Lukas Raymond

    I really wish I wasn't a council peasant

  • DarkSentinel18

    can all of these be downloaded at once?

  • TheRedcardinal

    Brodual I luv your mod spot lights I have damn near downloaded all your mods you have showcased

  • Larry

    can someone give me a link of the normal townguard outfits with an HD Texture?

  • David Romine

    But, the guard helmets are so iconic.

  • mightierthenthesword

    Town Guards armor retexture by Gulch.

  • TuffStuff

    Hey Brodual, I have tried and tried but a software on my computer doesn't let me use NEXUS, so could you make a 'Workshop Mods' series please? Please?!~Travis Smith

  • Dr. Plague

    Dammnit Brodual I spend more time modding than actually playing.


    I hope improved closed faced guard helmets make it to for skyrim SE and xbox one

  • KJ Caramel

    I think there should be a mod that lets you be a guard (not just wear there armor) Like people can run up to you and be like "Guard! He took my sweet roll" and you can like stop crimes and interact with other guards and stuff

  • Lee Everett

    Is there a Steam Workshop link?

  • Shrek Broccoli

    What's the name of the mod that lets you dance like in the end credits? Someone PLEASE HELP ME

  • Harith Iskandar

    Is there a mod to make the guards stronger? Or give them better weapons? The guards in my skyrim are too weak and a disgrace.

  • Riptide_Elite gamer


  • Adrian

    Guards exist for one reason: adding to the "Murders" stat.

  • Stealth Ninja

    Guard Armour looks Oblivion-ish

  • whiterun guard

    i like this, thanks..

  • Grandad Suave

    really hope this comes to consoles

  • samiamtheman 73

    Maybe it would help if someone gave the Guards in places Windhelm and Winterhold some sleeves. I mean Nords are more resistant to cold, bit it is snowing,

  • keilan walsh

    thank you for this video it makes the game feel more relistic and better textured thanks

  • DevilHunterJames

    Where did you get the mod that keeps the vanilla look for the armor but polished up?

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