Skyrim - 5 Returning Characters


In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video, we tell you about 5 returning characters in the Elder Scrolls series.

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  • FudgeMuppet

    Hey everyone thanks for watching!!! We've received a tonne of likes on this video and we're very happy you guys support our dream job! IMPORTANTLY: we've just woken up in Aussie land (after uploading and going straight to bed) and we noticed that some people are going nuts about this video saying we copied it (from a slideshow that doesn't have info and was actually taken from an imgur post which was all taken from the wiki anyway haha). STILL CHECK OUT THAT VIDEO if you want to see heaps of recurring characters throughout the TES series (it's a great video if you want a beast overview and some awesome nostalgia). Our goal with this video was to deliver some top-quality info on who these characters (in Skyrim particularly) actually are. So many people haven't played the other TES games (especially Daggerfall etc.) and we can fill in the gaps for those people with more content. So if you do want more videos like this on other returning characters (cinematic with all the character info) let us know in the comments :) Just wanted to post this as a bit of a clear skies shout to clear the air if you kno what i'm saiyan.

  • Rainbowsirenx98

    Please do Hidden SEcrets!

  • Velociraptors of Skyrim

    M'aiq is the unknown Tenth Divine, punished by the others for teaching Vivec how to achieve CHIM, doomed to wander Tamriel forever as a Liar.

  • Tyler Satterfield

    I expect to see a theory about why there are a metric fuckton of ancient races in the elder scrolls series that look and sound like daedra and why things that look and sound nothing like daedra that are actualy tied to a realm of oblivion while ones that look and or sound like daedra are not

  • Grayfox gr

    From 4 to 5 . . . YOU !

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    Or......they could just be intentional homages and not literally the same character.

  • oskarschindlerHD

    Plot twist, M’aiq is Sheogorath.

  • Darthzilla 1987

    The Whiteblades! a family that dates back to daggerfall which has a very respected reputation in other lands but tamriel (forgetful bastards) although the male part of the family is... largely ignored they are useful.... not in fights though... the female part of the family are the knightly fighters and are the reason why there so famous (just not in tamriel) the whiteblade family tree and story is nearly complete so maybe look forward to it.

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