The Great Battles of Skyrim - Part 2

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The second video in The Great Battles of Skyrim series. Markarth is known as the safest city in the Reach, but not for long.

Voices by princeroy, check out his channel here:

Music Credits:
"Call To Arms" God Of War 3
"The Boreas Scorpion" God Of War 3
"March Of Cronos" God Of War 3
"Death Of Hermes" God Of War 3
"Challenges Of Olympus" God Of War 3
"Doom On Olympus" God Of War 3
"Theseus, The Horse Keeper" God Of War 2
"The Summit of Sacrifice" God Of War 2
"City Of Ashes" God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta
  • Fat Cunt

    Pc:Kill meTyrannicon:Later

  • Atif Islam

    lorewise the nightingale was probobly mercer frey

  • Alex Qwertyuiop

    They need to make a new Skyrim thats based all around battles like this. You could upgrade your own fort and buy units and upgrade them, will joining a side and participating in huge wars like this, not only commanding, and creating armies, but controling units personally.

  • swagmaster 3000

    what side is mister parcour on or is he just having fun

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