Smokin' Sick Style Kustom Alpha3 Exceed System

Smokin' Sick Style Kustom Alpha4 Version
  • Jundah Balafif

    what mod do i have to use in order to get this mod working?, i havent test it yet but i just want to make sure i have everything ready, and what mod will conflict ( what type of mod ) with this mod?

  • Brayan Mateus

    Hello, my then Installing the mod, it is slow ... because its is fast?

  • TheNirahiel

    Can you add explanations on how to use the different actions, in english ? Thanks :)Mostly, for the Exceed (with C), should I go for example :- Hold left + power attack and quickly COR- Hold left + regular attack and quickly COR- Hold left + C and quickly power attackOR- Hold left + C and quickly regular attackThanks !

  • tigaspato20

    elysees2 every time i hold my c button there is sparks but when i auto attack there is no blue slash animation pls help :(

  • Oliver404

    For anyone looking for controls, here's what I've figured out:C - Exceed Action (Sparks)V - Style Actions (These are the attacks used in the video)1 - Switch between Sword master & Dark Slayer for V actionsG - Gun attackX - Air Hike (Places a runic platform beneath your feet)You can edit the keys in "S3.ini"For the Combos look in the ZIP for "Skill List.txt"

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