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This might be a thing.

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  • PrInCe KdAwG

    8:37 love how u read the dragon language perfectly but barely on the English subs haha no hate tho, u r vids are funny!

  • Hooq Tv

    so the sky heaven/haven is an ancient japanese or what????

  • carl davies

    Paarthurnax is such a beautiful dragon

  • Anonymous User

    Hmm, where have I seen this intro before?Yeah, this just basically General Sams Skyrim intro. Same editing, same songs, same letterboxing, etc.

  • Baconman - Minecraft

    yeah i would never kill paarthurnax

  • I need money because my supply drops won't sell

    oh i got the power of the tongues alright

  • ghost rider

    I can't get it to work on Xbox 1 it doesn't give me the option for it can anyone help me figure it out

  • Kit Carson

    Nothing hard about this decision. Paarthurnax is my buddy. Long live Paarthurnax. Screw that bitch Delphine. After the main story is done she is no longer essential and you can kill her. Playing the game again this week, do not think I will even go talk to that Bitch. Or even complete the main quest, lots and lots of other things to explore and much to do. Besides I want lots of Dragons about, I need souls for my shouts. Perhaps a Dragon will eat Delphine or set her Inn on fire. Let us hope.

  • silverblade357

    "Give me one good reason not to kill you."laughter "Oh, you're serious. Let me laugh harder!" dragon laughter

  • draksus1988

    This should have been an option in Vanilla, they serve the Dragonborn not the other way around and without him as of the events of Skyrim they would have ceased to be... I'm truly happy this was made into a mod but it should have been part of the game. Same can be said about becoming the High King of Skyrim, It should have been part of Vanilla.

  • Robert McAvoy

    I butchered him my first play through, not because they told me to, I just felt like it

  • ThatAnthroGamer

    So does the mod have voice acting yet?

  • Ladinate

    37 k views but 4K subs ................. wtf

  • AC1476

    How stupid the game doesn't give you a choice to kill Delphine And Esbern in console.

  • Dimentio The Mad Jester

    the blades have no authority over the dragonborn they can't tell him/her what to do they serve the Dragonborn

  • Keino but you can call me Kei.

    Having the dragonborn speak the language of the Dovah was genius. Far too many times has the player been ridiculed for not speaking as the dragons do.

  • MrShadowskinke

    What mod is it to that Nightingale armor

  • Miguel Batista

    you need to improve your english :D nice vid

  • Alan Caldwell

    In the vanilla game, Delphine seems to have forgotten her place. The Blades serve the Dragonborn, not the other way around. You shouldn't have to use the thu'um to remind her who's in charge.

  • snip snap doggo

    all ive ever wanted to do in skyrim is kill cicerio.

  • TopWater King

    do you have to have a mod to scare Delphine into sparing paarthrunax

  • Chrissy The Black

    I feel like I'm watching a General Sam knockoff

  • Sylvan Zarwell

    Sad that modders are so much better writers than Bethesda, but then that's the power of not having to work under a deadline, having the time to edit and review. Seeing as you are the dragonborn, I would have liked to have a rumble option every now and again. Dude should never fail an intimidation check.

  • Prank Patrol

    Who here knew that the guy who voiced paarthurnax voiced Mario?

  • David Řeřucha

    you are Dragonborn they are suposed to serve you not tell you what to do

  • Vae Vec

    How did this video get 10,000 views? Fuck pewdiepie, people need to start putting Paarthurnax in video titles.

  • 8bitfrenzy

    uses frostfall >fast travels

  • bro ly

    bro great video wow just awsome can you please temm me the name of the mode

  • ZZZLanZ

    At the start partonax looks like one of them dogs in them abuse commercials

  • David North

    This is great. One thing Skyrim quest lines were atrociously written at was choice, you couldn't deny or purposefully fail things. I don't want the Ebony Mail, Boethiah, go screw yourself, also don't want it permanently in my quest log. Don't want to join the thieves guild, gtfo Brynjolf. I know there are mods to fix these things, I have a few. I feel like this mod, though, aside from a lack of voice acting is even better done than what Bethesda would have added even if they did that sort of thing. I'm sure they would have forced you to destroy the Blades, for reasons. This lets you take all their doctrine and dump its weight on their shoulders at the same time rubbing their noses in it. It's just so rad.

  • Alpha Reviews

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  • Bruce Wayne feelings

    "What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"

  • Nakamura

    I don't understand why this wasn't a option in the actual game I'm glad it became a mod because I've never wanted to kill pathurnax

  • Jade Face

    Bullshit mode without voice...

  • gamesArader

    got it to work something how

  • Kyn Chan

    Don't kill Paarthanax. But do all the quests up to recruiting for the blades. Recruit those people who require money to be followers then when you require them again to be followers just go to Skyhaven temple and recruit them for free.

  • Troy

    wish this mod was on ps4

  • Miraj

    Delphine is one of my most hated characters ever.She kinda reminds me of dat bitch Sakura.Anyways thanks 4 posting the mod man! I really wanted 2 see if I should install it or not.

  • 0ptimus1984

    the one who made the mod could have also added voice, take her voice & talked himself, its possible with today's technology, u talk & cover ur voice with some1 else voice or how to say it, but well done mod

  • Thedraes Shadowglaive

    R.i.p.z Partarnex, presz F to pay respectz

  • ghost rider

    nevermind figured it out for anyone who is having problems with this mod delete and download it again

  • xDark Star117x

    The Graybeards still like you if you do this right?

  • Awolfx

    I love this mod because it actually gives you an option to choose whether to kill Paarthurnax or not. What's there to gain by killing the one dragon that chose to stand against Alduin and help you along your path as Dragonborn? Nothing.

  • Silvy

    I'm new to skyrim and I have this mod, when do I receive the quest?

  • jake jassim

    this video is pretty under ratedit deserves more views and likes.

  • Belzuboss

    "when did I learn to speak the dragon language"... That's litteraly what you do for half the story.

  • Ardhany Siroj

    nice video man. u deserve more views

  • DieLikeTheRest

    you remind me of general Sam.... alot

  • Goga Ahalmosulishvili

    Why Only Arngeir can talk from all those "Wise men"?

  • Zes

    ts not a dilemma at all, do not kill, idts

  • TheStigma

    What sort of antialiasing do you use here?maybe it is just youtube compression smoothing things out, but it LOOKs like you are using both an ENB and some sort of MSAA or similar "true" AA at the same time. I thought that was impossible.If you know how to run MSAA or something similar (ie. not pure post-processing AA) together with ENB then please tell me how! :O

  • Eric Lin

    I respect Paarthurnax more than at least more than 90% of the characters in Skyrim. Oh btw Delphine is at the bottom 1%

  • White Flags Fly

    Holy shit that was satisfying.

  • Janik NOOB sfx

    "their assholes.... but i do anything for exp" xD best of the video xD

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