Skyrim - Top 5 Player Homes


In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video we talk about our top 5 player homes..

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • William Coppersmith

    (Spoiler Alert) My home is in Dawnguard the DarkBrotherHood quest line will get you there it's great I even told the (Another Spoiler) Man I was the Listner at the endnif the main quest line

  • Thane Rogar

    My house in Whiterun beats anything the Dragonbourn has. Don't get me wrong, they have everything a Dovahkiin needs, but they lack class.

  • STUV101

    Na, favorite home is Lakeview Manor:1.) You can build the house however you choose2.) Has a water view of the lake (increases the value of the home)3.) Not to far from Falkreath or Riverwood (an hour or two trip to both locations)but not to far away like other real estate locations4.) Plenty of acreage and space for livestock and raising children

  • treytr890 0

    did you say 2 chickens that I can kill without me getting all of tamriel on my ass IM SOLD

  • Sam Young

    I feel like im being sold these

  • That one american

    Make a build for a real estate agent u faggit

  • Curtis Rigney

    best home: Proudspire manner, can be bought for FREE via glitch.

  • Vengeance YT

    We're to buy the last house

  • Puckers 116

    I like severing manor because morrowind is one of my favourite games u also don't need to pay for it and u get 10k aswell

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