Skyrim - Top 5 Player Homes


In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video we talk about our top 5 player homes..

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Michael: oldberrychew


  • Marcel Roberge

    Ok im confused. For years I thought dwemer were dwarves, then I look online and it shows a slightly more elite looking elf as a dwemer. Makes no sense to me because the dwemer craftsmanship is the exact same as dwarves are pictured in any game and any book (very busy people, very symmetrical style and architecture but the beauty is in the symmetry and not so much them trying to mix beauty with symmetry, the dwarves come off as a get shit done we don't care about anything else people) I'm so confused are the dwemer dwarves or not? I hope they are I was fucking pissed off when I found a picture of an elf online. Makes no sense it was on a slightly more known site too. Please somebody set me straight I really wish I just didn't go online, now I gotta know. Dwarf or elf? That's like 4 Elf races if it's elf because of the snow elf race which is gone now (falmer) and the other elf races. On my previous 250 hour PS3 save I messed up and screwed up volendrung quest, but I'm on ps4 now so it's obviously a new file and I'll get the chance again. I guess there's probably atleast one dialogue line in the game somewhere that has someone say dwarf or elf, I'll have to keep going and find out. Stupid me I bet it says in a book in game. Does anyone agree that books should have two modes, the regular already there mode, but also an equiptable mode where it's not in pause screen and you look down slightly to read it since if you look up you can still see faces as you are walking or sitting. L2 and R2 could be the page turners where as a closed book is in one hand by your side so you can walk with it. Or walk with an opened book infront of you whatever. The only reason I wish I had this mode cuz it literally makes me sad when I cut my bard in my home, her voice and instrumentals are so uplifting I wish I could listen to it while reading but sadly reading is stuck in a pause menu and not a better experience. where's the epic music when you fucking need it time to go on a road trip. I built this huge library, now if I want to truly enjoy it I'll have to plug in some headphones or a podcast or something. Patch this in Bethesda please it's not too hard you just never heard a good book mode idea it's not too late.

  • Tuke

    Running out of ideas eh?

  • Gystes __

    I call foul! Raven rock is not 'in' skyrim!

  • Fra Goesh

    Hjerim for large open space and weapon displays. Breezehome for stockpile loot and easy vendor acces. Whiterun has 6 vendors, not counting foodstalls and innkeeper.

  • Sayid Jarrah

    Solitude house and lakeview manor are the best houses i think.

  • Valkyrie Pleasant

    Even after more than 3000 hours of skyrim played. I have never purchased honeyside in Riften. It may sound dumb but I've never found the option to. I just assumed Riften didn't have a Player Home

  • bill woodford

    I have a dumb question , who do u buy the houses from in the cities ???

  • Salmon Flaps

    Can't wait to visit these in VR

  • Logan Henning

    How do you get the redrock house

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