SKYRIM - How to resurrect an NPC - lost body (Como ressucitar um NPC - sem o corpo) WORKS 2017

Easy and effective
  • Pablo Bustamante

    Hey bro, i know is not usual but... Can i revive an Npc from a mod??? , haha it was my favorite follower and the fuckin' legendary dragon killed her :'(

  • iBerty HD

    doesn't work my character stays in the room but turns around

  • CrimsoN

    it just teleoorts me to winterhold

  • nofacesherlock holmes

    when i use that command, i go into a loading screen and then just appear again where i was

  • 42ang

    i couldnt find her body

  • Mo Barker

    This doesn't work with spouses for some reason. You resurrect them and they think you're no longer married, and there's no option to marry them again. Ugh.

  • Valentin Angelov

    Thank you so much :DAdrianne was killed by one of those Vampires, and I had no idea how to get het back :dThanks again man !

  • bomerman97's channel

    thnx man ive lost her or about a month in game time e,e.

  • Hoa Chaa

    fuck i got there and used unrelenting force those corpes were all through out ^^ and i can't revive them anymore

  • DoodleBob

    I need to revive shadr of riften so I can do his mission

  • Jarl_Chicken 34

    thanks! I have been looking all over the internet on how to resurrect Eorlund Gray-Mane back to life and now I have thanks to you :D

  • Leicam Scallop

    Muito obrigado me ajudou bastante :)

  • Agnus Knight

    how can i resurrect vald without body i kill him long time ago,now i was clearing my quest list and i finished quest about vald's dept help pls

  • Lavender L

    That is one freaky room full of corpses, haha! I'll try this out, thank you!

  • Aldo Baldini

    tnx a lot, it works!!

  • RedForDeath Balgruuf

    dont work if i type in the console player.moveto 0001a67c i teleport to the smelter in whiterun

  • netman21113

    mine crashes when i type it in

  • Nori

    It just directed me to Adrienne Avinicci. It didnt go to that secret place. btw I want to revive Arivanya. Could anyone help me with this? thank you!

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