Skyrim - Top 5 Bosses (AFTER DLC)

A video of the top 5 most dangerous and difficult bosses in the game. Leave your thoughts and opinions on what you think the strongest bosses should be.

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  • The Nightmare

    oi i was lvl 13 and i beat the fuckmout of miraak

  • Jaime Gonzalez

    Alduin should be the hardest enemy of game, Its a god!!Even random legendary dragon is stronger...

  • Marla Singer

    I encountered the stupid miraak glitch 😰 he's stuck in ethereal form and I can't complete the quest. So finally had to use console commands. anyone else having the same problem? I played the DLC 2 years ago and there was no bug.

  • Titans of War

    Arch curate is a super easy boss with legendary weapons he doesn't deserve to be there

  • steven wolfe

    ONE did Alduin make it on to your list? he's practically the easiest boss you could come across, dragon priests make him seem like child's play.

  • daniel hodkinson

    i am new to the game, does anyone know what weapons he/she was using?

  • XxGhost ZonexX

    Why the hell is the ebony warrior so hard to kill when the armor itself is not that good?

  • Sans le skele

    I have a tip on how to defeat Alduin faster on the throat of the world.equip a bow and the most dangerous arrows you have and keep using dragonrind on Alduin if you already made him land and keep shooting him until he runs out of healthbut make sure to go to the part where you use clear skies to destroy the weird wind substance before you go to the full part of paarthurrnax to meet him hopefully this made some since

  • Robert Rangel

    Why does it seem like karstag is harder to kill but u struggle with ebony warrior I literally killed him in a minute n only used a legendary dragonbone sword

  • Poetry_in_motion_ pkfr

    When I fought the third boss, I killed him by Fus Ro Dah ing him off the cliff😂

  • Smitty Weber

    dude actually you can just shout unrelenting force to vrythur then he will fall down to the cliff tho... just sayin

  • Tommys Baked

    Clearly says after dlc miraak is a dlc boss.

  • Saylor Casterboarding

    I defeated karstaag a level 56.

  • HentaiSenpai9000

    Wow I never heard of or found this Karstaag guy and the Ebony Warrior.And I've got 300+ hours on Skyrim. There's always something to come back for in Skyrim

  • rayhan tb

    im waiting for my pc so I can play skyrim in my pc on steam

  • LikedWheat LIVE

    nice build i like the sword and healing

  • Cookie Potato

    I feel like the ebony warrior is very easy the only challenging thing about him is his ability to reflect your own damage

  • say the matt i eat chips

    im god damn lvl 145 and i finished every quest line every side quest in solthstine and almost every side quest in skyrim discovered almost every place put legendary on my heavy armor and alteration 3 times my other character is 39


    You need to use the wooden mask and valdrs lucky dagger.

  • Ian Ross

    On the powerful snow elf i just used unrelenting force and shouted him over the edge

  • Lancy05

    What level are you supposed to kill miraak?

  • BradlyGamez

    Anyone else capture him in a black soul gem

  • Jason Voorhees

    Is it regular Skyrim for ebony warrior or mod may want to face hi with my lvl 100 lizard can't spell argoain

  • Total Domination

    Karstaag and the Ebony Warrior were the hardest bosses for me. Alduin was one of the easiest bosses for me and Miraak was in the middle of easy and hard. I expected Miraak to be a lot harder than he was.

  • Arfi Juliansyah

    i think those twin flat dragon is better fight than alduin

  • Digital_Static

    Ironic how the first fight with alduin I'd cooler than his boss fight.

  • Alex Domoradov

    After Bloodborne bosses fight it looks so pathetic

  • ETthoerysGaming reacts

    Ebony warrior harder than karstagg

  • Abie Vigo

    What name of the spell he use to kill the alduin please answer me i want to get that spell

  • LOL savege DAMIEN

    I killed aliudun in a half hour a level 32

  • Jack Glennon

    Alduin wasn't too tough. Like, he was the most easy boss in the game. I've had more trouble with Draugr Death Overlords.

  • Squerol Boss

    difficult of my ballz man, just simple button mash here

  • Mjr Dngr

    I took out the ebony warrior in five hits i just put time into my weapon that i used and it payed off big time.

  • Lonely Wolf

    Vyrthur is not so great knowing you can always fus ro dah him over the balcony

  • Enzo tankero

    i lkilled Arch-Curate in 2 seconde, i made a mystake i used the wrong bottom and my breath made it fall from the tower ahaha

  • We Play Gamez

    I didn't like the first Alduin fight because I only focused on the story so I didn't have much good gear which meant that the fight was harder than usual

  • Felipe C

    well, the hardest for me was the Frost Troll when I was first heading to the Greybeards

  • Preston Garvy

    what the spel that Ray is using during the miraak fight

  • Andreas Ermogenous

    I killed karstag in 6 dual ignite spells

  • BERSERKER 20006

    ive faced all but the ebony warrior and karstaag and they first three arent hard they're just annoying to fight

  • LOL savege DAMIEN

    I was lvl 18 fighting him and he died

  • LightningBlaze100

    Really? Alduin is on this list? But his boss battle is just like every other fight with a dragon, with the only difference being you have to kill him twice! And it's even worse cause you have the OP "GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND!" shout at this point!

  • Chronicles Blade

    Why is that every playthrough I see on youtube they don't enchant their daedric sword.

  • Deerick Hernandez

    For curate I just fus ro dahed him of the tower

  • Robert Rangel

    Dang the ebony warrior wrecked u guys bad . I literally wrecked him easliy

  • Rainbow Six Siege Highlights

    I didint need to use healing potions or spells on legendary mode however I lost esbern in one main mission so I was like level 90 when I found him

  • Saesee Tiin

    Every single time I try to replace meridia's beacon I get killed by the necromancer dude at the end because of his blizzard spell.

  • Skull thunder

    killed alduin at lvl 30 this guy waited till lvl 79

  • 21 xXxYoungSavagexXx

    The First Alduin fight was awesome but the second one was to easy

  • Tango Tiger 2.0

    Put Alduin on the highest difficulty your fucked then

  • Is this a name?

    After killing mirrak I had to talk to the jarl of whiterun about some dragon attack on whiterun...

  • f de fabio

    este juego se puede en tercera persona?

  • kingja2000

    I took a lot of time to become what I consider to be the strongest build. I thought I was as tough if not tougher than some of the most powerful people in lore, I killed the ebony warrior in about 10 hits, while taking basically no damage. And this was all legit, no cheats or glitches. Just a lot of know-how.

  • starcraft man ya

    I beat the snow elf as a dark elf mate at level 15

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