*NEW* Survival Mode Mod for Skyrim Special Edition | Gameplay & Thoughts!

Hey Guys! Today I'm trying out the Survival Mode Beta for Skyrim Special Edition on PC!

Link to the Article: https://bethesda.net/en/article/5lz4Q7F4li6kwKmakkgWww/skyrim-survival-mode-coming-soon

Mod Recommendations:
Campfire-Complete Camping System
Wet & Cold
Drink Eat Sleep Bathe
Touring Carriages

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  • DatShadyGuy

    Do not waste your money on the Creation Club. Mods do everything it does better and they're free.And you got yourself a new subscriber. :)

  • Ron Mihaeli

    you are beautiful :) I like your eyes, deep blue, am I the only one who mainly focused on that at the beginning of the video? ^^

  • White sheet dude

    skyrim should do a crossover with fifa and realease it as a paid mod

  • Sam Cro

    First time ever watching you, and I must say, I indeed like you and I will sub!

  • Nick Canelo

    Currently playing on Xbox one. For some reason I can't find the campfire mod in English on it.


    Just subscribed, great video what's your favourite race to play?

  • Severus Chambers

    This is a stolen mod from the nexus. The mod has been out for years.

  • Winging It With Bleep

    Mod is free forever for a week on pc.. if you dont get it now, you will have to purchase from creation club

  • Cuban Cucumber

    I have this and there are several annoying things, 1) you get hungry too quickly. 2) food does jackshit to help health. 3) potions do fuck all to help you in combat. I get this is a survival mod but seriously??

  • Kevin Kodawa

    I like the channel. Subscribed!

  • Jarl Mos

    If you don't like creation club why review one of their rip off mods giving them free advertising? No to paid mods.

  • pyry-Lii Soinio

    Oh shit A starting channel with less than a thousand subscribers. Well take mine!

  • Pheonix Playz

    Lol you have a khajiit on your bed

  • Pheonix Playz

    Just stay at an inn forever

  • V K

    So is the Survival mod viable? And is it compatible then with the Camping? It also sucks that it doesn't cover thirst.

  • KommonGamer

    If you have a little extra time please let me take some of it, I never thought id be doing this but here i am. I am really excited i just started my own youtube channel. I am doing walkthroughs of all sorts of games but im starting with skyrim for now. Please go and watch my video and leave me some constructive critisicm. Thank you <3 this is a dream of mine

  • Varskar

    Such mods are terrible if they use game's time scale. I remember playing one and it said I need to drink like every 5 min in real life time. Some freaking dungeons take 30 min to clear.

  • Eon Wolf

    its called a compass

  • Jade Hikage

    Im good without survival mode. I like my godmode carrying ability. It makes thieving amazing. ;D

  • Lil ScHooly

    This woman is perfect.

  • Allen Albertson

    Most of the people bitching about it doesn’t even play or even thought of playing the survival mode.

  • Jacob Kek

    I think your sub count is missing a few digits. Seriously, I was upset when I saw you aren't in the hundred thousands.

  • TheRickeru

    A cheap copy of frostfall, is much better in nexus mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/671/?

  • Virginia Snakehead Slayer

    ESO is the man when it comes to Skyrim. Unfortunately Youtube is now raping him by demonetizing all his videos. Only reason I can see is the blood and violence in the gameplay. Hopefully the same won't happen to you. Good luck!

  • Heslop ian

    People babyraging that they wouldn't want to waste money on the mod. But it's not like destiny where you need an add on or get fucked, you can just not buy it or better yet get the free versions and stop complaining!

  • Michel Cote

    first thing i saw was bright blue eyes :P

  • ProtoGuy

    New subscriber! Great content :D

  • Alisson Lares

    The long dark in Skyrim would be good.

  • MilanlRC

    The best explication searched in youtube. Thanks for the video

  • Alan Jones

    now you have checked this paid mod have you been able to remove it from your system as there is word going around saying you can not remove any of the paid mods, i refuse to use this so im asking players who have also are you using free mods with the paid mods.

  • mrs0019

    $15 for a game difficulty that Bethesda provided for Fallout 4 for free. ($15 because it is the smallest pack necessary to buy the survival difficulty)Or you could just pick it up for free via free mods. Instead of endorsing PAYING for a game difficulty. Holy hell, this is encouraging Bethesda to sell the base game with easy only making additional difficulties PAID "mods." Just ugh.

  • K Tucker

    Great video. I do like the emersion of survival. I’m on PS4. This is the kind of thing I was looking for. It does work with the camping mod, but the camp fire doesn’t keep you warm.

  • Brandon Slaughter

    on my game, when I jog, my stamina bar goes down, Not running,just moving the thumbstick up all the way.is this a part of survival mode?I have no negative effects.I also can't find anything about it online..

  • ValiusTrigger

    So thank you for stating you're on PC. I was baffled by the graphics.

  • Zen Tennen

    Doesn't feel like this adds much over what already exists. The use of the regular magicka/health/stamina bars for fatigue/cold/hunger is clever, but that's about it. Not worth $10 IMO.When they announced that creation club developers would have access to development tools I was hoping for quest mods with good voice acting (which has always been a problem), instead we are asked to pay for what we already get for free. Oh, and your little edits crack me up, well done.

  • Rightwinged Huey Freeman

    New subscriber here. Glad I subbed.

  • KnEpH131

    Auburn hair, blue eyes, attractive, intelligent, expressive, coherent and distinct. Subbed.

  • Sam Cro

    I could have swore MODs have to be free, like maybe it's illegal to profit from them!?

  • Barberic

    The only reason I would touch this creation club trash is if I could still get achievements.

  • Jeremy DeMoro

    I actually went and saw my doctor today because I was showering earlier and noticed a dark region on my magica bar. Turns out I was just fatigued.

  • Stéphanie Marchino

    Soooo basicaly it's RND+Frostfall+Campfire?Edit.. just saw Perseid9 released his RND mod as open source.... did he tought someone would use it for a pay mod?

  • dan c

    Im sorry but you wasted your money

  • Z Con

    Just pay you than creation club lol

  • muy thai

    i LOVE your PUSSY.......CAT

  • Natasha

    here's the big kicker here I fell for the creation club crap and now I cant uninstall the damn mod has anybody figure out how long this last because I absolutely don't like the constant game freezes.

  • Blue Butterfly

    Soooo.... Same shit that was already available for free...

  • Irish Strawberry

    Is drink eat sleep bathe on PS4?

  • Warsun

    Creation club is fine. An follow the blood you saw on the cliff.

  • Robert Hicks

    You sided with the Empire... Boooooooooooooooooooooo! Still, good luck with your channel; I plan on checking out your other vids. Still, the Empire?

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