The Great Battle of Skyrim

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  • Brunei Brawler

    That is one hell of a battlemage.

  • Tyler Dieckmann

    If only they had battles like this to begin with in Skyrim.

  • cody gore

    Ah... When machinima was relevant...

  • PhantomAccel

    daedric vs steel plate? we alr know the winner

  • Ethan Schroeder

    Dude what spells were used?

  • Ritz handles

    Giant swords make serious moments look goofy smh

  • Yux Zay

    absolut geil respekt

  • Leafy Sauce

    Suddenly, the ebony warrior comes in with a dawnbreaker

  • ExoticGamer

    Instead of draught, it should have been ancient nord soldiers instead and with no skeletons

  • Aaron

    What kind of graphics card do you need to run this wtf?!

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