Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 71 : CTD and Memory patch ENBoost

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 71 : CTD and Memory patch ENBoost

Mods covered in this video:
1. CTD and Memory patch ENBoost :

Watch my Falskaar Let's Play :

Thumbnail image for this video is 'FLAME-BROILED' courtesy of xsbullx.

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :
2. SkyUI (with MCM) :

Visual Mods used in this video:
1. Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting :
2. DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field :
3. Realistic Lighting Overhaul :
4. Pure Waters :
5. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :
6. Skyrim HD - 2K Textures :

7. Various ENB settings in some of the atmospheric shots.

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Nexus page for posting images:

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

Keep up to date with what is happening on my twitter account:
  • Jackson Green

    If I have a 2 gbs of VRAM and 8 of RAM, will performance go down?

  • hard2get81

    CTD. still in 2016 ;)

  • Liam Emanuel-Davies

    These videos are still invaluable years later, thanks gopher!

  • AM7

    When i used enboost i got a huge ass watermark so i just deleted it

  • Yūrei Kiiro

    Thanks a bunch for the video man. You always have what im looking for.

  • Parzival

    I already have an d3d9.dll in my skyrim folder from installing sharpshooter ENB. Should I use the injector version then? If so, how do I do it, I dont understand?

  • Soul Bringer

    Gopher , In your Opinion is this the BEST, Booster? I am on my Son's PC. Mine bit the dust. He has a great processor but not the greatest video card. I need help. I need to run about 130 Mods to make or a good game experience. It is a Quad 4 processor btw. WHat do you recommend to increase FPS? I don't particularly care what the Environment looks like, (Shadows and Water, Etc..) As long as my Character and NPC's look and act right. Please help me out. I keep having to redue everything.

  • Stardust Samurai

    great video but sadly the new ENBoost is so different this video is way out dated, of course year later it should be. Still the best HOW TO videos for Skyrim on hte interweb thingy. Thank you. I might have to pass on it though with the NEW 6.0 this video how to are no go, and the list of issues on the mod makers pages from rebooting every 2 hours to CTD on game launch I'm not sure I should temp fate and use it... but maybe

  • Christian Hennebold

    thaaaaaaaaaaank you for this tutorial. I had massive problems with ctd´s after i did the installation you have shown i am down to 0 :-) its a bit stuttering when it comes to a lot people, like walking in Whiterun, but i can live with that as long as it means no more ctd

  • SilentfartStudio

    ENB boost changed from what I am seeing. Theres only a download for driver update. No clue how to install this video is too outdated please help and make a new tutorial Gopher! Dx

  • Richie Krauss

    I know I am just basically mimicking what others are saying, but your videos are incredible. I am on a 10 year hiatus from pc gaming and your videos on game modding have made my immersion back into modding so much easier. Thank you!

  • JohnnyM2x

    I cannot seem to find the ENBseries link in the mod page... it just sends me to the main page of the author.

  • Borno

    had a ctd after leaving my crib in witherun, now with this i cannot even load the save, best crash fix CTD/10 would crash again

  • Jason Henrie

    So im guessing its not compatible with bleak enb since it completely replaced it?

  • Nesta Mon

    Hey gopher its 2016 and the original page at nexus states a new 6.0 version of enboost but not sure what to use, the older page, or the newer page? could you make a new vid on this again? probably not in your interest but if you could :P i have realvision and purity with AOS and i think the memory usage is causing my crashes

  • SoulM

    So. Much. Uneeded. Fluff.

  • swearley 88

    Can you do a tutorial on the new enboost?

  • Toby Hatrick

    what if i cant choose 303? only 308? does it matter?

  • Weixing Yang

    Hi, The S.T.E.P. Project wiki indicate to only copy d3d9.dll, enbhost.exe, and enblocal.ini into the base Skyrim directory. Since this video is quite old and thing might change, so do I need to copy the rest or only the above 3 files? Thanks.

  • ThePieMan

    I followed all the directions exactly here and did it again with CHABALS video, but I CTD everytime at the main menu :(.

  • EliteTester

    Unfortunately this only dropped my frames by 5-15 and started stuttering a bit, thank god I don't need to use it.

  • Velo Flex

    10:10 for installation

  • trimilk cornbrush

    gopher sir, please answer. i have a graphics card with only 2 gigs of vram, will my game crash with enboost, it doesn't crash very much except in one place that is a mod but i like it so i dont wanna get rid of it, im playing on ultra and im using noble skyrim smim elfx water2 and then abunch of non graphics mods, but it crashes in 3 doors in the lakeview expanded mod and thats the only place, and the guy said to get enboost but if the vram goes up im worried

  • Steven Hansen

    Thanks a million for this. This improved my FPS markedly.

  • xPancakes4lyf

    ENBoost 6.0 here

  • zlostnypopolnik

    Hi Gopher...My simple problem is - Skyrim ENBoost is not working.0. Advanced computer user (I think) + deep research on internet1. Downloaded ENB binaries v0.3082. Downloaded files from Nexus - Crash fix ENBoost3. I need to use the Injector version because of my integrated Optimus Nvidia graphic card4. My enbinjector.ini - ProcessName0=skse_loader.exe ProcessName1=tesv.exe ProcessName2=SkyrimLauncher.exe5. Win7 64 bit + 8 giga RAM + 1 giga VRAM - VideoMemorySizeMb=1526, ReservedMemorySizeMb=128 in enblocal.ini6. Disable antivirus, I start the ENBinjector.exe file, start the skse_loader.exe aaaaaand...7. Skyrim is running, but the ENBoost is not - nothing appears in the upper left corner.8. Thanx for any help

  • Concerned Geek

    Oh god, what have I done. I've been modding skyrim for days trying to get it to stop freezing in cities and I'm at the end of my rope. Installing the enb tetrachomatic was the worst idea T__T Tried Wyrebash, gonna try this, and then "Stability Performance Optimization ENB Configuration - a Comprehensive Guide." There's so much I didn't know before the enb, I just wanted to try it so bad, but this was a horrible idea. Guess I'll just keep trying!

  • caaaaaaaaaz

    Hey gopher, i don't know why but i understand almost 99% of the words you say, i'm not english mothertongue and a lot of times i find difficult to understand english, but you're different lol

  • Engelin

    "Ignore Vilkas, he's having a bad hair day" lmao

  • calvinatorzcraft

    Is it compatible with ssme

  • Ron2652

    Hey Gopher, I uninstalled a lot of mods cause I kept CTD. I have everything right as I know. enboost set up correctly. Crash fixes, skse, even the prefs and ini. But I still CTD through load screens w/ just Crash fixes, Unofficial legendary patch, skyUI, Alt Start, IHUD, and Safety Load. idk man lol

  • Shawnlings

    Just a question:Doesn't Vsync eat up framerate? I think that's a major cause of my low fps.People say that Vsync is a must-be but I'm in a bind and don't know what to do...

  • Noel B

    I am running Realvision ENB and alot of other mods but when i enter the area near Traitors outpost PLEASE HELP

  • Wolfsangeleyes

    Hi Gopher.This is a still a great video tutorial. However, a lot has changed since then. ENB binary is a lot easier to install (less files) and with windows 10 a lot of people experience CTD when launching their game.The [memory] section has changed quite a bit as well, which is now (as I understand it) the most important part of the enblocal.iniI know you are a busy man, but would it be possible to make an update video for ENBoost? (not ENB preset, people are still confused about that, thinking they only need ENBoost if they use an ENB mod)

  • Jett A Angeles

    If they are going to make a new Elder Scrolls, they should probably use a newer engine.

  • ThePieMan

    I followed all the directions exactly here and did it again with CHABALS video, but I CTD everytime at the main menu :(.

  • Futile Task, The Frontier Brony

    does this work with mod organizer?

  • That Guy

    So um... how do you find vram?

  • callumnicolson31

    Thank you kind sir for your excellent tutorials, please continue the good stuff :)

  • JesseBoB On Weed

    Gopher , I watch your vids a ll the time and was wondering if you would do some retouch vids on some of your most favorite mods

  • Maggot The Heathen

    Went from 60 FPS to 30 with crashes.


    You talk way too much for even small changes....would appreciate shorter videos to the point

  • Zid

    They need to release an 8GB launcher for skyrim

  • Jonas Wijte

    Maybe it is a little late with fallout 4 taking off and all, but when I run Skyrim I get the problem that this video is trying to fix.However, I only have a 2 gb GPU, is that going to be an issue?I am trying to heavily mod my game:2k textures, falskaar, body mods, midian born, city overhauls, racemenu and so on.

  • JackTheRipper

    hello ! guys if you want to get rid of ctd use this enb with the latest binaries SPECTRUM v4 - ENB preset - enhanced optics with LSD for me this enb curred my ctd forever never i took a single ctd with this and along with this enb use safty load and crashfixes : i hope this will help you guys peace :)

  • Epic Gamer

    Well heres my so called amazing problem...i can go far over the limit,it just doesnt respond when i enter or exit places...forcing me to close my game and open it again

  • Nina R.

    Hey :) I have some promlems with my Skyrim, I hope you would and could help me maybe :)In fact I'm playing Skyrim on an Acer laptop with maany mods installed lol most of them are graphical mods or ones that make the npcs and chars beautiful. I also have the Skyrim Memory patch installed.Everytime I am outside I have massive lags (sometime it's a little better for a few seconds but most of the time its just horrible, worst when I try to look around) Since very recently (I don't really know when and how it started) I always get the note "Skyrim is not responding" whenever I am in a loading screen and even sometimes when I`m in the game. Whenever I'm in a loading screen and the message pops up, the message strangely goes away again when I swich tabs and wait a little and the game works again. But sometimes (since recently more and more often) it just won't, the game stays frozen and I have to quit the game. After that I always try to re open the game and keep playing but the game just starts being frozen again after some minutes. I know it's very hard to make a diagnosis like this, but maybe you have some tips or any idea. I would be very thankful :)

  • Sharyn Veivers

    Think I'll err on the side of caution here. I have a GTX580 card with 16 gig of RAM. It still runs all games really well. Enderal crash's once every 2 hours or so (settings on low, as suggested). I just reboot and continue on. The only other game I've ever had trouble with has been Shadow of Mordor. The only mod I have is Enderal. Thanks again for your great tut's Gopher.

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