Skyrim Dawnguard Gate Glitch

This glitch happened to me when I was first going through the Dawnguard Quest. I came to the gate, but the gate wouldn't open. When I finished the game, I wanted to come back to this part and make a video of what I did to get through the gate. Actual Quest Video found here: Also, watch this video: I wanted to show what I use when fighting spell users and dragons.
  • Barrie Sharpe

    Hey dude thank you for telling me this you really made my day I will stop doing this for two days straight could not even know how to get into that door thank you for telling me a single plate can solve everybody's problems thank you but doing not for doing for telling me this thank you thank you for fixing my problem thank you and God bless you

  • Kadee Leigh

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garrett C.

    you are a hero for making this

  • doc j

    Thanks buddy!!! Shame on Bethesda! Lol

  • Damien Hayes

    By the nine! Ive finally found it!

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