Skyrim Dawnguard Gate Glitch

This glitch happened to me when I was first going through the Dawnguard Quest. I came to the gate, but the gate wouldn't open. When I finished the game, I wanted to come back to this part and make a video of what I did to get through the gate. Actual Quest Video found here: Also, watch this video: I wanted to show what I use when fighting spell users and dragons.
  • Tristan McIntyre

    Going through the gate works but the door wont open 😧

  • Peter Ritter

    Thank you very much my friend😄

  • Bradley Storm

    thank you so much man I literally spent an hour trying to figure out everything or anything to get through your a life saver man shout out to you man thank my one of my mods on Xbox screwed up my game but u saved me from a lot of confusion thank you greatly my gamer tag is Yoda says u suck BTW I thank you greatly

  • Sascha Gore

    many thx it helps me so much thx and a doublelike 😁😁😁

  • Kadee Leigh

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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