Skyrim Serana Follower Glitch

This is a legit glitch I was recording the glitch on my Xbox 360 so it might not work for PlayStation 3.. So just be aware of that..
  • TeamRAGE_BlackBear

    I told salena to wait in my house and when I got back she was gone. does she just go back to dawnguard?

  • INS1977

    just be redy idiot follower can dissapiered ...with tons of units and thats all.... sad but true,one of the worst glitches....

  • Estêvão Oliveira

    Sorry. I am brasilian, and do not speak inglish. My question is, this glitch works in version Legendary edition an xbox 360? I have terminate questline dawnguard?, independent whit alies volkhar or dawnguard?

  • Dragonlord247

    Huh, so it's the typical Dark Brotherhood Multiple Follower exploit.

  • Crow ly

    Thanks man I have dawnguard

  • screaminsilence81

    is it possible serana automatically started following me after i freed her, whilst i had lydia allready?

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