Hottest Marriages in Skyrim!!!

Here are some of the best marriages you can have in Skyrim
  • Ryan Theodore

    Saadia is fucking hot IMO


    1:40Wtf the way she says Yeah

  • Commander Sheperd

    Njioll the lioness. Also she an essential companion therefore invincible.

  • Ken Carlson

    If you cheat does she leave you with half of your shit and you pay her alimony?

  • Eric Monaco

    So Lydia Doesnt Count F You

  • Cody Bailey

    "I'm gonna start a small store and sell your shit, if you don't mind"

  • HiZe Video's

    Lydia is Love, Lydia is Life

  • glcwhistler

    Aela likes it doggy style. Speaking of being bent over.. What the shit. I had some guys asking me about my amulet of mara and starting this banter with my guy character. Gay marriage seems to be a real thing in Skyrim.

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