THIS MOD IS TOO MUCH - Skyrim Mods - Week 216

Christmas Pino here!

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Elvenia by gutris1
Palaces and Castles Enhanced by Sette
Equipable Misc Item by Diode kyrim/mods/80123/?
Sea of Spirits by SpikeDragonLord and jboyd4 and AerynnRavanna
Wet Function Redux 37
  • SemiSolid Snake

    The Special Edition is really only made for next-gen console players. It's completely pointless for PC players, because you can just mod the original to look better than the Special Edition, and if your PC isn't powerful enough for those mods, then it can't run the Special Edition either.

  • DaRk MaStEr

    What is that outfit? 0:30

  • iLucid

    so youre saying that i should delete skyrim se and download legendary edition and mod that to the max?

  • KawaiiBoy

    Skyrim SE has 2 million players active BS and you know it!

  • Bryn Shadow

    Narwhals are lore friendly. Sheogorath says "Word of advice; if you ride a narhal, mind the pointy end!" or something like that.

  • TYPIC gaming

    His character looks like katheryn winnick

  • Axanetek TM

    Where do you find sharks

  • Yannis Renoux

    Pour quoi le titre est en français

  • Bubble Monkeys

    I want them to take their time with elder scrolls 6. Make it very immersive and good and all even if it takes 50 years to create.

  • Bob Bob

    Good music in the intro, bro

  • Zero0Vampire

    how many mods can you download at a time? anyone?

  • Doom

    great vid, i tried to do a review on the sea of spirits, but they didnt do anything

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