Skyrim My Blades Team

In this video I get to make my own Blades team. The Blades are coming back baby! I turn into a dragon killing monster with the Blades as I get to go around and have a team that helps me kill Dragons. Paarthurnax would hate me...if he was still alive!





  • Rhyinn

    Swordbreaker or something like that. It's part of a Daedric quest

  • LuAnne Green

    esburns potion doesn't work it's a glitch

  • caokui nyan

    o: aha i see now thank u

  • Rhyinn

    it gives protection against dragon attacks

  • Cruzin Eddi

    good vid dude. i subd

  • Rhyinn

    thanks man i really appreciate that

  • kroniic vibe

    I have three followers on PS3 2 npcs 1 dark brotherhood initiate

  • Lizardman22

    it doesn't work for me do i have to do something elts?

  • EliteHD

    WTF?!?! dude you should deserve more than thousands of views!!! Your videos are EPIC! :D

  • Canada Kingz

    do you still do vids?

  • Rhyinn

    The only way I know how to get past this part is to reload a previous save file and do that part of the quest over again until he talks. The issue with this is that he doesn't reach a certain point and it doesn't enable his dialogue.

  • Rhyinn

    yes that's what i meant :D

  • giovanni gepte

    Dude, I just wanna ask a favor. can you help me with this "Cornered Rat - Fixing Esbern doesn't talk or open his door". I download the file "BSAUnpack.exe", extract and do anything everybody ask, but still I am having the same issue. That Esbern don't open his door. Please dude, I need your help. -Sorry for the bad English

  • TempusCydra

    I never se dragons do somthing like that 5:00 LOL :DDDDDD

  • caokui nyan

    ^^ haha the way u play is really great , btw i got my team :| but i cant take them with me everywhere

  • Gaming 101

    Imagine having a Reikling as a bladeWAKAJAKAMALAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fulo kidz

    take faendal in riverwoodjust do the quest

  • brian lawlor

    I hired mjol jenassa and stewnvar there my blades team

  • isaacclark 2890

    I got a archer and two one handed guys

  • Creed Of Tank

    69 comments? Better ruin that before anyone notices.

  • TheMinerpvp

    you didnt kill the dragon so no soul

  • BeastFeast

    Kharjo the WarriorGhorbash the rangerIllia the mageDrago the battlemage (me)

  • JoshandDylan GamingNukeZ

    My blades team is lidia marcruila and benor

  • iamowe1992

    Imagine, you're laying in bed at night about to sleep. You see a horrible evil shadow standing next to your bed, it looks down at you while you tremble in fear. Then the shadow speaks these words: "Hey buddy, gimme your soul" HAHAHH :D

  • Carter Sutton

    i have not got that potion yet but have u tried drinking it and then looking at the perks

  • Rhyinn

    no, the game doesn't let you take them with you everywhere. really you can only talk to them and they will meet you where the dragon is located. Skyrim tends to glitch a little bit when you have more than one follower anyway.

  • tjneville922

    elderscrolls (dot) wikia (dot) com/wiki/Esbern%27s_Potion Esbern's Potion makes it so you permanently take 25% less damage from dragon melee attacks

  • caokui nyan

    :D you're great i like it

  • Godzilla82000

    What sheild do you have.

  • William Owen

    the potion esbern made is a potion that gives u a +25% chance to get  a critical on dragons

  • Mohammad Ali

    Dude i did not need to kill paarthunax and i am done and i did never do the follower quest

  • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

    been watching your vids Rhyinn and they are great... and don't let the haters bother you cuz you killed ol Big Parthy...someone had to do it and I am sure plenty of folks did its a game and you do things to find out what least we can see the results from both ends :) subbed

  • Jaden Bilbrey

    I took Lydia Marcioucia and Benor

  • BadBoy15

    i took lydia like you and maccurio and mjoll the lioness

  • Mohammad Ali

    After i got the paa...nax quest i askd that graybeard guy and i said i wil not kill him. And now i am done

  • JoshandDylan GamingNukeZ

    I can't spell second guys name but he's I'm your team and is a Mage watch our how 2 join blades part 2 and u will c my team

  • the frodo

    do u mean spellbreaker, Good shield and nice team

  • Sweil

    Unsubscribed, you killed my favourite dragon ;-;

  • Peter Parker

    My followers on the Blades r Faendal the Archer Farkas the Berserker and J'zargo the Mage they are diverse in combat and race

  • Rhyinn

    I'm awesome....not jk

  • Joseph Ferraro

    It was a perk that it gave u

  • Rhyinn

    you have to kill paarthurnax yes

  • christopher mcculloch

    it said ''dragon infusion PERK''

  • sik3xploit

    In an Elder Scrolls Wiki it states that you can begin Rebuilding the Blades without killing Paarthurnax. Since it doesn't explain. I'm assuming that is how you do it.

  • Diamonds In The Dirt

    if you want an archer either get Foendal from the Riverwood mill for a low level archer or if you are a companion you can get Aela The Huntress.

  • jujuinator

    You dont absorb the soul unless u contribute to killing the dragon

  • Xylnn

    It have you a perk, like the stellar perks, that esburn will explain to you

  • ayegenee

    My blade team is Lydia.. Benor from morthal... And gindir from the the h tomb quest

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