Skyrim - Top 10 Race Mods!

My top 10 Skyrim race mods! As suggested by giveawayexpress.

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Drow Race

Temptress Race






Epic Elves


Half Werewolf

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  • 乳白色の猫

    Do you know ZeRo? You sound like him. Stop.

  • Giordano Daniel Cordero Mejia

    please tell me if the dwarfs can be convert in to a werewolf or a vampyre!!!

  • Phelisha Nicole

    no the half wolf looks like Micheal off of underworld

  • Zaku Rosou

    the way he said Succubus XD

  • Bree Myers

    i'm looking for a certain race that i seen a while back but didn't download. it had its own little challenge in it where you couldn't wear any armor what so ever and anyone that seen you attacked you on sight. i think the skin was blue but idk can't remember. Anyone have an idea of what I'm talking about?

  • Gentleman Peach

    I just want to find a playable reiklings, falmer or good goblin race on xbone :( why did I have to get a console?! Whyyyyyyy

  • AlexTheFun

    How u put it in xbox 1 ?

  • Kalla Lightheart

    I've been playing a Ningheim for about the past 4 years & they are actually a really awesome race mod. Check out the Nexus page for them here: before you make a decision. They're not OP imo & with the background given by Seren, can make for some interesting stories if you like to roleplay . Cheers! ^_____^

  • zack walker

    It's suhk-u-bus not soo-koo-bis

  • bekindrewind

    The thumbnail.... how do I get my game to look like that or is that photoshopped?

  • Malkavian American

    So nothing particularly interesting, like say a mod that adds races from lore, or the different sub-species of races, like ever lunar phase of kahjiit, or every tribe of argonian, or even things like sea elves, fox people, monkey people and dark skinned swamp people who like to run around nude; or even a mod that corrects every race's height differences?

  • Blash The Spartan

    the dwemer were deep elves there were no dwarfs thats just what they giants called the deep elves

  • Vierynbryn

    on 4, do they also have a bonus to damage reduction while rolling? sorry, had to give dark souls a nod as the PC's are reffered to as "ashen ones". i'll go hide in the corner now...

  • River Jeffcoat

    You do almost no research do you? Dwemer are about as tall as high elves and not 4 feet tall. Do. Some. Research.

  • BloxGamer

    also how to make mods

  • Dragons Fan

    Hair of temptress mod is not well done.

  • Cgrice23

    tohkeins dwarves are the best on nexus and steam

  • DexterousCobra

    I think the mod Racemenu can change your size, so if you want to download the dwarf mod, there is also another mod called the half dragon mod, which I have NO clue why you didn't put it on the list.

  • Meridian Prime

    Acient Elves mod is also good

  • M Smith

    Can't do TBBP with Temptress Race. What a shame.

  • Harcos 1598

    how can i get a skin color like the first custom race? i´m trying to make a real dark elf :,v

  • Tuber Watcher And Video gamer

    dumbest thumbnail ever

  • Doppelminds

    So few original ideas for race mods, sad

  • Shadow Raven

    You said succubus completely wrong

  • annuna

    Has anybody made a brown elf race? Like Latina women but with elf ears?


    3:11 whats the armor mods name

  • marcos

    Next time could you show both genders or say if there isn't a male version

  • Tuber Watcher And Video gamer

    by the way skinny girls are gross. .

  • Bri L

    I play skyrim on my ps4, is nexus mod only for pc?

  • Tuber Watcher And Video gamer

    an are all this races for guys that don't have girlfriends.....

  • Arty

    More like "Most attractive female models in skyrim based on my opinion."

  • Eats the Poos poos

    A sexually frustrated man showing these mods eh I mean the ashen and temptresses would look cool if they put on some clothes oh my I think that elf from solitude is right they should rethink that outfit

  • PiousMinion

    Why did you show only the females?

  • Randal Turnip580

    Ugh...female only mods...ugh...male only mods...JUST MAKE UNISEX MODS FOR F**K SAKE!

  • Brandon Howarth

    with game formats JPEG is for picture mp3 for music mp4 movies live video is wmv and game data format file is exe-zip ISO-cso- maybe a tech pert mite know it should say call this number for full information or visit website no question or answer ask all their on screen and narrator reads all to you. all free WiFi these day no internet booths these days as much all internet cafe. progress and change with timelines. mods can't be record on your ps3 or ps4 like the old days better security these days that are inbuilt before you buy it- they say buyers beware- don't fall for their tricks or advertisement. i know i got alot to say for someone but nobody else will I'm the only one that does i never heard off other do? and probably be like that in heaven and if i get berried that i want to be in my kin just in case internet got proof off that in my executor who takes care off will kits and possession to be put in grave if out then that will be my second option.. well if freedom of speech if i can have a say in the world I'll never speak again I'll write it down. even famous people and all famous celebrities like "tom cruise" "Justin bieber" "Arnold Schwarzenegger" "Adam sandler" have a right to speak and many others because fame fortune and power is the answer these days not discontinued they don't mention things we like not their in the future the past will or won't last history is important so it education we would have PlayStation 3 if we didn't have education or learn. well instead of while stock last is like while or why? stocks fast buy discontinued things back- that are irreplaceable. is stock market and share market got to do with eBay and things getting discontinued?

  • High Class Gamer

    when smike said succubus like with k's instead of c's i immediately thought of seppuku

  • LadyNitsirk

    It's pronounced SUCK-U-BIS

  • chikkin nuggit

    "At number four, we have the 'Ashen' race. In their spare time, this unique breed tends to love showcasing disgusting foods and whatnots on their brown sofas. They speak with a British dialect and are the sworn enemies of the country called 'Poundland'. "

  • Auroran Star

    Can you do a steam mod list please?

  • Juggalo Kota

    You should do a weapons mod or something

  • LadyxInsanity

    Seriously. How can you NOT have Lunari?

  • Amber Adams

    reminder to start posting top tens for that as well so we have the race so this model still in beta

  • Millennium Eagle

    All female with slutty clothes on. Way to be professional, have no idea how these mods male versions look, or even if they have them. like I can see a succubus being only female. But what about the rest? Nice job. 👎

  • Miranda Jernigan

    the lunari race maybe agood comption for th temptres race as for astethic pleasing

  • Suha Suspendisse Darius

    the way he said succubusit hurts

  • Murky

    Dwarves in the Elder Scrolls are actually not short stout bearded men but elves that were similar in height to other Mer.

  • Stewartsaurus

    Oh yay. Another 10 things to put me off the modding for a month.

  • BloxGamer

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how do you get the mod? idk how because I'm new.

  • Andrew Conde

    Does anybody know of a face mod that looks anime like?

  • Badkiller 18

    What about the dremora

  • Mark Oh

    Why are you guys always playing female characters???

  • Mitsu the Destroyer

    What's up you ask Smike? The sky....... d'uh

  • Daniel Seames

    You left out the wings and horns for the succubi :(

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