Skyrim Special Edition - Top 10 SLOOTY Mods of the Week 3 (Xbox/PC)

Skyrim Special Edition top 10 brand new Slooty Mods. The 10 must have awesome, cool and essential console mods for PS4 & XB1 in Skyrim Special Edition. This video showcases and reviews the top 10 mods for PlayStation 4 and all of the mods are also available for Xbox One & PC.
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This series brings you the top 5 awesome, amazing and cool console mods for skyrim special edition on Xbox One and PS4.
In this mod series all mods shown are the top 5 mods including, armours, player homes, Graphic improvements, followers, gameplay, quests & many more!

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Music Credits
8 Bit Win! By HeatleyBros -
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Featured Mods
Xbox One Mods
Tempers "Temptation" Female Body With Texture -
Tempers "Kissable" Colors Ultra Pack -
Follower Elysia -
Shukikaze Armor -
Hitomi (Fully Voiced) -
TLS Bigger Eyes -
Kasumi's Red And White Ninja Suit -
Ugly Bronze Shine Remover -
Flame Atronach Armor -
Marriage Voice Types Plus -
  • Chazze

    I want some Male armors to hello ?

  • Cow Smacks

    I found my 14 year old cousin jacking to this... I wish I was joking around. I thought he was raging over the games so I went to check on him

  • wekkanKQ

    Nice video. You keep it classy even when doing "slooty". Thanks Lunar.

  • Dark Shadows

    Is there a mod in my ps4 version of skyrim special edition which you can be both vampire and werewolf??

  • TotalW4RR

    Idc about slooty as much as i care about my characters being asthetically pleasing

  • lrongalom 117

    can you do fallout 4 slooty mods plz

  • Cody Larque

    Ps4 Users Are So Fucked XD Glad Im A Xbox User #Microsoft4Ever

  • SVM

    I touched my fidget spinner while I watched this video. Lol

  • DariusStyle

    So I am having trouble with the temptation mod, my character doesn’t have the underwear equipped but I see my followers have them. Does anyone know why?

  • Matthew The doge

    Xbox one finally better

  • Mark Sturmmantel

    Plz do more these are ausome and you say the usefull info

  • witchr 8271

    Why is there no ps4 mods...😭😭😭

  • Valeriya Nikiforova

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  • Luv Sinatra

    The fact that grown ass men who play skyrim feel the need to make a female character and try to make it look like a slut is just sad and creepy... some of you fucks need to see what a real vagina looks like and stop getting your dick hard over skyrim... weirdos.

  • Cajun Gangster

    Not something I would download but then again I'm not a young man anymore... But they are Very imaginative mods and fun to check out 😉

  • MaJiC MiLo

    Raise your hand if you came here to complain about hot women in video games. Now, those of you with your hands up, go sit in the corner and think about what you did.

  • Rice Dumb

    I need to train more in One Handed skill.

  • jhgnlex

    Great video, thanks Lunar, long live slooty mods!!

  • Tempered Vixen

    How is underwear that covers more than a bikini slutty lol and... hair colors?

  • Gtfoh

    Do silly ridiculous mods

  • Martin Prince777

    Good vid, I would like to see a top ten slooty mods maybe once a month, or every other week.

  • Stealthy Wolf

    great video as always man!!!

  • Digitally Awesome

    Honestly I enjoy your slutty mod videos. Some of them are actually rather tame if used with the right armour.

  • intravol

    For xbox one, there's a mod called "hdt physics"?


    love Serana....I am a liberal so I don't have anything against feminists.However I don't they feel the need to come here and CRITICIZE this guy's channel , the mods he chooses to show and people who like those mods.If they don't like the mods then don't use them .if they don't like what is on the channel then they don't have to come here.Men are men and men aren't going to change because some someone I presume is female decided to come here and criticize the channel content.Calling it creepy. It doesn't accomplish anything useful to do so.

  • Joe Nesvick

    PS4 can't do any of these 😞. You'd think with all the color changing mods I've seen, you'd think PS4 could at least change the colour of the vanilla underwear.PS4 boss steps down, maybe the successor will allow external assets 🤞

  • f2fbassist

    Nicely done, I think it's important that mods like these not be excluded while doing showcasing a bunch of top 10's seeing as how (regardless of what some people's personal beliefs are) the mod authors did probably put alot of time into creating these. I can't begin to say I know anything about modding so even if they are "slooty", I give them props for all the hard work they have done. Be it pandering to a particular audience or just expressing themselves in an artistic fashion. With all that said though, maybe only do slooty mods on like a monthly bases lol.

  • Twitch 57

    Pretty solid video. Still keepin it classy.

  • Sumfood4u

    PS4 verison will have this l hope? Dragon Lady looks great

  • Kawa Kami

    So my Xbox SKYRIM game used to be very slooty I went back to extremely lore friendly and it's way better

  • Darren Cates

    Love all your videos.

  • Bailey Christian

    What is the intro song?

  • Katy Marry


  • SkyrimQueen421

    I've noticed you have an neck seam and I noticed that from the neck up it's a totally different shade of color the reason for this is because you use the unofficial patch along with the body and the Body Mod is not compatible with the unofficial patch

  • Sam Greenaway

    Every player wants to know these but not all will say

  • Sam Terwey

    Hello do top ten starwars mods

  • Bigphil Phil

    Thanks to show my mod (Follower Elysia), as little note: Dadyoman is only the xbox one porter, im the orginal mod autor^^

  • Owen Richardson

    I've downloaded the dragon follower but can't find her in dragonsreach

  • Charlton Middleton

    Is there any way to get rid of the head and body being different colors?

  • Kyle Ruch

    Not really slooty, should have been titled "top 10 mods" cause this is all that is. Had to thumbs down unfortunately

  • The Marine708

    Someone needs to release a nude mode. Like organize it since it will get taken down. Like, "Hey guys, on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. im uploading a nude mod, grab it while you can." honestly.

  • john versackas

    You should have one that are for males/slooty men 😂

  • Buddy Castle

    White knights are the best. How many fat chicks have we encountered roaming the vanilla game? We're the target audience, we get to influence the standard by which the game could be better, or aesthetically pleasing. No one in their right mind is jerking off to this, plus the character is fabricated. Meanwhile you probably have just jerked off to a pornstar getting gangbanged who shot her big paycheck in to her arm before she even held the thing in her hands.

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