Skyrim Mod: Action Combat

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Action Combat

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  • Travro

    is there a mod that changes my legs into realistic movement devices, and thereby replaces the high-powered zero turn mower my upper body and arms are floating upon?

  • nobody important

    Hm. No.You can't parry a mace with a damn knife.

  • Tone Tech and Gaming

    Action Combat and Deadly Combat are very heavily scripted and they will mess up your saved game pretty bad. My advice is to download the save game cleaner from Nexus. Then uninstall both Action and Deadly according to the modders instructions. Clean your save according to the instructions. Download Vigor Combat and Injuries. Enjoy a better, more stable game. I speak from experience. Don't touch this mod or Deadly Combat. Duel Combat Realism should be avoided as well.

  • Y4b0iz0id

    it doesn't work with requiem nope nope nope

  • MRVukable

    eh looking at gameplay it staggers too much, i mean its realistic but the AI is stupid, like that guy with the bow, he keeps trying to shoot or that guy with waraxe that keeps trying to do power attack. It would be good if another mod was present to improve AI intelligence. Any recommandations?

  • Jazz Walker

    This mod is very unbalanced. I found myself getting stunlocked by wolves while blocking with a tower shield. would be fine if locking on and dodge rolling was a thing, and if shields had way more poise/ absorbed more damage. basically if this was dark souls. I want dark souls combat in skyrim, but nothing has that, certainly not this.

  • Sam Sparkman

    I love that at around 3:30 the wolves seem to be parrying with their faces...

  • Grant Macdonald's Pig

    +brodual Hey, the mod has changed a bit, you should really put annotations.- Deadly combat is NOW COMPATIBLE.- Projectile spells NOW STAGGER.- Now is very painful to use (at least with ultimate combat)

  • Bien

    how to remove camera shake when staggered in 3rd person??

  • Torbjörn

    What killmove mod do you use? is it dance of death?

  • Josiah Banks

    Brodual is the best skyrim page hands down. So classy.

  • redcodec

    how is it brodual's gameplay with this mod has no lag. my game gets freezes when using this mod, although my game is also mod script heavy...

  • WarbanderLasty

    I am not sure if this mod causes it, but sometimes human enemies like bandit cheifs and forsworn briarhearts attack ridiculously fast ( i mean you can barely see the animation and there is no recovery time) i do use ss hitstop which SLOWs down a weapon as it is going through and enemy, and i do have cobb encumbrance which slows down or speeds up based on inventory and carry weight, but i am not sure if this should cause oddities with attack speed. also if i use tk combat and use one of the special attacks sometimes i get the super speed attack you know a cause/fix or if these mods are not compatible?

  • rigorous crane56

    how does he get weapons so far from his face?

  • xX_Dank Meme Lord_Xx

    For me successful attacks dont always stagger only sometimes dunno if its a glitch or not, no matter what when i succesfully block any attack I get staggered badly and whenever Serana uses chain lightning on an enemy near me i get staggered too.This is the latest version too


    finally a reason to use stamina potions

  • Mavolent


  • Hazztech


  • Johnny Boy

    This is a great mod because vanilla skyrim melee combat is just block then swing block then swing

  • The Sexual Tyrannosaurus

    if you want some nice, dark souls style combat, do this.DuelAction CombatCombat evolvedTK DodgeAttack CommitmentImmersive sounds compendium.Nice, balanced, meaty, and can be tweaked to fit your preference juuuuuust right.EDIT: Nice, Highlighted Comment! Thank you Brodual!Anyway there are some new combat mods that I use now that still offer a nice Souls-like combat experience, I use:Smilodon Combat Overhaul for the Special Edition (Can be swapped out with Wildcat if you want injuries.)Attack Commitment (quite simply put, It's nice.)Mortal Enemies (not on Special Edition yet, might work if installed in SE though, someone test it for me, it basically forces your enemies to commit to attacks like you do with Attack Commitment)Immersive Sound CompendiumDD-Enhanced BloodI don't have TK Dodge quite yet, since the Script Extender is not released yet, But I will be integrating that.Use this mods hand-in-hand with each other and it makes it feel far more like actual combat, sounds nicer, and looks more brutal, due to their being more blood everywhere.I HIGHLY recommend that you get rid of Action Combat and Combat Evolved, since they both wind up causing some massive save bloat due to poor optimization (can be fixed with save cleaner however) Smilodon and Wildcat do not have script bloating or general performance issues, since it manages to run with few scripts.

  • Dragon Blade

    I think i fucked up... i have every possible combat mod installed.... basically you get hit by an arrow or sword u die instantly xD

  • Ulrican414

    Such a shame the author gave up on the mod so fast. It had true potential.

  • AKque47

    I'm using the mod and I'm the only one that staggers when hit.

  • The Better John Smith

    The thing that I like about this mod is that it makes combat more realistic when fighting. I mean, do you really know someone who will not stagger when getting cut and bludgeoned by dangerous weapons? You may be a dragonborn, but you can get sent to space by a Giant. So this will DEFINITELY show up in my load order.

  • Guisou

    Get a dagger and spam spam spam spam spam

  • Will Poulton Drumming

    Is this mod compatible with Requiem or not? Brodual said it isn't but the Nexus page says it is.

  • Lloyd

    Should I use this alongside Duel and my other few dragon (combat mods) or should i replace this with duel?

  • nyesis

    0/10 no immersive in the title. Disliked.

  • Sekai Subete

    Can someone recommend me a mod like duel v5 without the save bloat possibility? I like it had staggers, enemies' AI blocking more, yet it doesn't spam stagger like deadly combat/ action combat which one you're hit by a wolf your character keeps being stunlocked till you die or ctd. It's especially messy with warzone and all the mods that add new npcs..

  • Cherry Cream

    basically adds dark souls stunlocking

  • Discerning Daniel

    Wow, big pimp smack at 3:49. Love this mod.

  • Metodi Mincheff

    What about ordinator? Does it work with it?

  • Danyell Hardy

    brouduals deadly mulation video was better

  • flaysoprano

    stop me if I'm wrong, but there seems to be a divide between people that like more immersive, challenging mods, and "sexy" or "fun" mods (or would fanservice be a better word...hmm..) What about people that prefer both? I see no reason for there to be such a conflict over something so silly. Some people like certain aesthetics, other people like certain experiences. And most people, more often than not prefer to use both on some level. What's it matter if one person prefers hyper-anime mods, and someone else prefers gritty, tough mods? It's just a game, isn't it?

  • MoonHero

    I never used an elven mace in my hole 400 hours of skyrim

  • john brown

    @Will Poulton Drumming Its been awhile since this video was uploaded so anything could of changed

  • asd ed

    Just go play darksouls hahaha

  • Steven Carithers

    finally someone that doesn't have huge tits and bikinis as mods in every video.. cough cough MxRmods cough

  • 20starcombomaker

    It makes fighting more realistic, getting hit between a war hammer to a fist would always stagger someone in real life. My only problem with that consistency is that it seems to not take into account damage to armor/character size. Essentially someone like the ebony armor is way to big and way to heavily armored for something like an iron dagger or a fist to stagger him. In that case, things like daggers against something with a very large armor rating shouldn't cause flinch or stagger until said dagger is around ebony or higher. Same should apply for character size, punching a bear or a giant or tsun shouldn't even stop them if they're fighting a child unless the player is about they're size

  • David Erinforth

    Iron ? What are you fighting , butterflies ?

  • Geordie Walker

    good god you are so much better than mxr

  • Cameron Brown

    Willy this work well with Skydie or will they conflict?

  • lolmanbob123

    honestly, this mod looks like it is pretty awesome, but I think that it needs to add a low-damage , but very quick attack that all weapons have access to. It seems like it would make larger, or even medium weapons very frustrating to use because it would be much harder to actually get an attack in. Adding something like pommel strikes would make this the perfect combat mod, I think

  • Robert House

    i feel as if it makes all dagger glass jinxblade 2.0's

  • From the dust 92

    My sister lets her 8 year old son play this game.parents be dumb as hail these days.

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