Skyrim Dawnguard - Ending & Final boss HD - Dawnguard path ending walkthrough part 44 (final part)

Skyrim Dawnguard Ending & Final boss HD Dawnguard path ending walkthrough part 44 (Final part) dlc add on expansion The Elder Scrolls V full playlist
  • Werewolf Moonkiller

    witch armor and weponds are better Dragon or Glass

  • TheThunder2020

    +HassanAlHajry why would you give Harkon Auriel's Bow. it makes the fight a lot harder

  • DragonRage61

    Your character became a vampire!? So scary! Why didn't you cure Serana instead?

  • BlueNight

    I remember hearing Isron saying to one of the dawnguard soldiers, "Don't worry we'll win, we have a werewolf on our side" immediately after saying that I turned and charged the castle, taking out everything in my path, fighting harkon only to change back half way through the fight, and just charging him with a silver great sword... Ironic... Since silver is used on werewolves but seems equally effective on undead

  • The Watcher

    Why did you give him the bow?!?

  • Aiden Frock

    I still need to go to black reach and get the other scroll

  • MOBI

    Don’t have a shield in your left hand if you’re not gonna use it

  • Dreiko

    1:28 - The inner preacher in Isran was unleashed!The time has come to finally put and end to Harkon and his UNHOLEH PROFECEH!!!

  • garrett baker

    You kinda screwed yourself you need aerials bow to get him out of the healing globe



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