Skyrim: Dawnguard - How to get the Extremely Rare Aetherial Equipment

This video will show you how to get the extremely rare aetherial equipment in Skyrim: Dawnguard. This unlocks the Lost to the Ages achievement (30G).

Like for the effort put into the video? :)

  • GorgeousJason08

    Just duplicate the aeutherium

  • Johnny Wilpharma

    Can you make a set of wizard things like mage or spell perks .thanks

  • Michael Vinson

    I appreciate what this guy does, but I can't stand his voice

  • pybro SX

    Just use the code: coc qasmoke

  • Tonya Patterson

    By the way smike, you don't have to read the whole book, you can just glace at it and take it.

  • azrael endofdays

    1 minute of blackness at the end

  • Zakry DeGregorio

    is there a way 2 make all of them

  • Son Of Conquerors


  • Low Elo God

    i cant stand your voice

  • smokingdragon81

    hey where did u get that lock pick

  • James Allsopp

    Can you duplicate any

  • Top Videogames

    What's with your lockpick at 2:34? Sorry, I'm a noob. xD

  • DiaboliKind

    essayist way, ` coc qasmoke you are welcome

  • Cameron H

    Smoke you should do a top ten locations in skyrim.

  • Andre

    you should show how to get auriels shield

  • Wyatt Orton

    just if you didn't know the atheril staff is in morthal

  • Chan Lee

    i found the book in the collage of Winterhold

  • martin the lvl 10 wizard

    how long does it take to become a vampire because in the morning it said I was weak as the sun rose

  • Diego T

    Try to duplicate the atherium crest and try and make all three things

  • Warren White

    I miss these types of videos

  • Michael Mcdonagh

    thanks for the video. I wanted to find all of the shardes I only have 2

  • Fun Games

    do one on the zephyr please

  • TOXIC 1

    I always wondered what the hell the globe thing was for now I'm glad I found this

  • Kaiser Krysalis

    They also flee when you bash them with a shield.

  • Kunshi Sushi

    Hey whats up guys its scarce hereHey whats up guys its smike here

  • Andrey Aruslanov

    Do the most power full shot

  • nicholas low

    I found the Aetherium Wars book in The Hall of the Vigilant (south of Dawnstar past Red Road Pass; a giant camp). Im lvl 45 and it was on the floor next to a bookshelf that had fallen because of the fight that had gone on w/ some vamps b4 I found the hall.

  • Kelpo Gaming

    I just duplicated it

  • CloudedWolfAJ

    Umm, I don't have any DLC's but I have the miraak quest, I have been to redwater den and I can do this.Have any answers? I can also build a house

  • Karanvir Singh

    Why are you always in so hurry? Sometimes you just confuse us with your presentation!

  • Ameer Ayar

    I really need a video about the easiest way of killing dragons or a strategy especially elder dragons

  • feudion

    any news about fallout 4

  • Matthew Stewart

    I got the special edition the other day and I've been doing this quest but I haven't downloaded dawnguard dlc? Can anyone tell me why I'm able to do quests

  • Xentrox

    Hello, I need your help please ! :( when I read that book, any quest not start. Btw sorry for my Eanglish :D Im level 43

  • Jordan D

    Duplicate the aetherium

  • jjaapp18

    This equipment isn't extremely rare, AND the crown is the only thing worth crafting.

  • stajeko

    4:29 The silence....

  • Isaac Vazquez

    i can't. find the book

  • Ron Yuma

    I still can't beilive that Bethesda just made a crown with another crown on top of it and called it aetherial crown lazy asf

  • Brielle cusick

    I think aethrium wars is in the bards collage as well so you don't need dawnguard to start the quest

  • Justin Wall

    ok I'm starting to get really annoyed. Aetherium War Book can find basicly anywhere without dawnguard

  • 7 SeasMyth

    How do you get the Dragon heart? thats the thing i'm most confused about

  • 39Emmanuel1

    Can anyone help me with this quest? I have the DLC. I read the book, went to Arkngthamz, got all 4 shards and still nothing. The quest won't start for me. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Tyranzor Katastrophe

    I'm legitimately sad about Katria, she's one of the best characters

  • Brendo Lee

    You don't need to read the book, the quest will start as soon as u enter Arkngthanmz

  • psn oaksdale94

    can you duplicate glitch atherium?

  • ser joe

    You don't need the dlc there's a copy of the aetherium wars at the Bard's College in solitude

  • captainunload

    Is this guy from Spain? That has to be the worst accent for a man to have.

  • The One

    my game glitches, I can't activate any dwarven mechanism, not to happy

  • Nukumai Wiki

    You don't need to have the Dawnguard DLC for this side quest.

  • Terry Meynolds

    I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

  • Logan Ford

    okay for once I found a helpful video besides how to find the shell bug video

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