[NEW] Skyrim Modding on Xbox One: My Current Load Order

If you want to skip to the load order click here: https://youtu.be/Ld56Z4hT9Y0?t=4m58s

First time in a while for Skyrim Modding huh guys?! Well if you want more then stay tuned as this is the beginning of a new series I'm starting on this channel. It's low maintenance so it should be easy for me to keep up even though I work full time. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • bullanguero82

    Damn... I follow anothers YT suggested LO placement of mods and yours is so different. I still get some crashes (98 mods) now and then when roaming the wilds, so I'll give yours a shot. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nelson Onofre

    hey bro, nice video, i have a question, how you make for occupy almost all of the 5 gb available for mods? because in my load order only can occupy 4.2 gb no more

  • The Dragonborn

    I'm kinda confused because I can see that on your game you have 150MB left but on my game I can't go below 800MB even if I wanna download a 20MB mod, and I also haven't gone over the mod limit either

  • Robert Strong

    I like how I typed in latest update 😆 and came across this. not new to Skyrim, but I'm fresh into learning the use of mods. like how you said go check out other vids, cause I have, this was put together very well, almost identical from mod list i recently found in Bethesda community. Thanks.

  • Zodified

    Like this load order 👍🏼

  • Attak Zak

    Bethesda won’t address the shitty Xbox One X update that screwed up the game and partially Fallout 4...it worked fantastic before the update and now it’s as bad as before if not worse...the mods aren’t an issue if your load order is great, it’s the damn game itself.

  • JKidd520

    i have a feeling that the 5 minute mod series is gonna blow up, are you planning on including other games that supports mods?

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