Skyrim: AOF Hair and RUNP NPCs

This will not end well....
  • Matt Webber

    lol sorry for all the comments. Wrote it as one, but it just deleted all the spacing when I posted it. Hope it helps Odin

  • Matt Webber

    ~Fangs and eyes~- if you're a vampire, or just want the vamps to look more... vampy, this one is great. Adds fangs and 3 different type of vampire eyes to npcs. There's 3 versions of this, all 3 effect npcs, but depending on which version you choose your player character vamp will use those eyes. Also there's a Fang and Eyes Serena that edit her and her parents. Definitely recommend using this along with whichever of the 3 versions you choose for your personal character.

  • Verdict of Odin

    During a loading screen you can gear choking in the background. That is my cat dislodging a hair ball. My wife is just fine.

  • snoop dogg

    RUNP only affects females

  • Jeremiah Ostman

    Matt I got it figured out but I'm going for immersion this time around

  • Jeremiah Ostman

    Gone turbo and you are my favorite streamers

  • Bryan Gomes

    Odin what do we do if graphics pack isn't on the store anymore

  • Jeremiah Ostman

    I have 22 but I'm downloading one at a time till it works with my load order. Im new to nodding and already get annoyed of crashes and stutter CTD

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