After Defeating Miraak, What Happened To The Dragonborn?

This is a question that gets passed around a lot. Is the Dragonborn still alive? Where did he go? We know where the protagonists of Morrowind and Oblivion are nowadays, but what will happen to Skyrim's protagonist?

Be sure to leave me comments regarding what your believes are as far as whether or not you believe Side Quests are true Canon or not; and whether the protagonists of these games really did partake.

Can we say the dragonborn did in fact kill the emperor?

Oh and for those of you wondering about the Thumbnail, I believe it is some community member's interpretation of how Miraak's face looked like; probably after absorbing a countless amount of dragon souls.

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  • Dominionist

    ITS TRI-BU-NAL not the trebunol

  • Markus Karanthus

    Have none of you ever read any of the books on the matter? It's pretty much stated outright that the events of all of the games coincide with "Dragon Breaks", distortions in the flow of time and space, in which every possible event that can occur, does occur. At the same time, it doesn't really matter whether it's the Dragonborn that does all of these things. All of the events do happen. The Dark Brotherhood is almost destroyed, but assassinates the Emperor. Someone joins the Thieves Guild, reveals Mercer Frey, and becomes a Nightingale. Someone joins the Companions, releases Kodlak from his curse, and becomes the Harbinger. They're all canon, and they are all done by someone, doesn't even need to be the same person that does them, they just get done.

  • beetlebottle

    couldn’t link to where you found the thumbnail?

  • Cian Smyth

    There is also an ending where you team up with mirak and defeat(escape) hermais mora together What happens then

  • Meme vs the wild

    I think his should will be claimed by Akatosh honestlyI mean he is as paarthunax quotes ''a Dovah'' (dragon) and all dragon souls go to Akatosh

  • emmanzki

    Mora allows the Dragonborn to leave Apocrypha since he learns from Miraak how to deal with a champion. Mora may need to have adjusted himself. Also Mora is everywhere, he can spawn anywhere and give orders to his champion whether the dragonborn like it or not. It depends on the Quest. Mora gives his new champion a little more freedom so it will not do as Miraak.

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