After Defeating Miraak, What Happened To The Dragonborn?

This is a question that gets passed around a lot. Is the Dragonborn still alive? Where did he go? We know where the protagonists of Morrowind and Oblivion are nowadays, but what will happen to Skyrim's protagonist?

Be sure to leave me comments regarding what your believes are as far as whether or not you believe Side Quests are true Canon or not; and whether the protagonists of these games really did partake.

Can we say the dragonborn did in fact kill the emperor?

Oh and for those of you wondering about the Thumbnail, I believe it is some community member's interpretation of how Miraak's face looked like; probably after absorbing a countless amount of dragon souls.

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  • Blob Blobby

    Herma Mora tet us go, but we're still his servant. He's gonna call in that debt sooner or later

  • Kawaii Yet

    Maybe es 6 will mark the dragonborn a God and the daedric princes fight over its soul and a bunch of alternate universes start to merge and cause trouble because so ppl think or remember the dragonborn as the arch Mage and some remember or know them as the companions leader and in es 6 the holes in oblivion/the stars unravel even more and you have to fix stuff

  • C M

    On the mannimarco thing, due to the timey-wimey clusterfuck that was the end of Daggerfall, there are actually multiple Mannimarco's, God Mannimarco (The Shade of the Revenant) who is a Planet now, Mortal Mannimarco who we might have killed back in oblivion, and a dead mannimarco that might have been reanimated by the mortal one.Then again the mannimarco in oblivion goes down like a bitch, so it's possible that he's just an imposter.

  • Hunter J

    chill your gonna pull your brain cord out your overthinking this

  • Gaming Pirate

    After the dragonborn defeated Miraak, Miraak's soul was then claimed by the dragonborn, giving him Miraak's power and the favor of his former daedric ally, Hermanus Nora.

  • Zeke Grate

    My interpretation is at the side quests did in fact happen, but The person who did them is unknown, as the knowledge is lost throughout history.

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