After Defeating Miraak, What Happened To The Dragonborn?

This is a question that gets passed around a lot. Is the Dragonborn still alive? Where did he go? We know where the protagonists of Morrowind and Oblivion are nowadays, but what will happen to Skyrim's protagonist?

Be sure to leave me comments regarding what your believes are as far as whether or not you believe Side Quests are true Canon or not; and whether the protagonists of these games really did partake.

Can we say the dragonborn did in fact kill the emperor?

Oh and for those of you wondering about the Thumbnail, I believe it is some community member's interpretation of how Miraak's face looked like; probably after absorbing a countless amount of dragon souls.

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  • Agent Moist007

    I think the sidequests is the WHAT DID THE DRAGONBORN BECAME AFTER THE MAIN QUEST. Its up to us to choose his carry on story. That makes total sense

  • Kain Nosgoth

    On the anniversary of his defeat of Miraak, the Dovahkin unlocked his armory in Dragonborn Castle, and as he always did, walked up to the armor mannequin sporting Miraak's armor and weapons. And as he always did, he let his thoughts drift back to that day, and as he always would, wondered who Miraak was and where he came from. Also, the Dragonborn was in great doubt of himself, wondering about why he always seemed to escape the effect of blows and spells that would have felled far lesser men. Was he truly as good as he thought, or were his powers keeping him alive until the day someone better would fall him in battle? Did he defeat Miraak or did Hermaeus Mora stop the battle and take Miraak because he tired of him?Later in the say while walking along the shores of Dragonstead Manor, a voice startled the Dovahkin. "You seem troubled"...Dragonborn turned to see Miraak standing before him, bathed in light and looking just as he did the day they battled. Dovahkin withdrew his sword and raised his Ward spell. "Miraak?!?" "What are you doing here? Don't move any closer!" "Stay your weapons, Dovah, I am contacting you from another plane. I mean you no harm, nor wish to harm you. I wish to talk with you." Oddly enough, the Dovahkin sensed Miraak's intentions and did as he asked, but yet stood guard."Walk with me, Dragonborn", said Miraak. As they walked along the shores, Miraak spoke. "You are very doubtful of yourself, Dragonborn. You question your abilities, and whether or not your defeat of your enemies comes from you natural abilities, or your great power. You wonder why you stand where others have fallen, and you feel that all you have done is for nothing. This is to be expected of a warrior at one time or another, especially when peace replaces their sword arm with silence."" How could you know?!?" Dragonborn said?"I see all from where I now reside after my defeat, and it is also the question warriors have asked since the beginning of time.""I feel as if I've done nothing for this world". Dragonborn said with a heavy sigh. " I saved the world from Alduin, defeated the Vampire Lord Harkon, and brokered a peace deal which as we speak has now come undone as Imperials and Stormcloaks again spill their blood across Skyrim. What good have I done if the people have learned nothing from the second chance they were given"?It is not up to you to save the world from itself, only it's enemies", Miraak said. "As you once said to Parthunaax, the world will have to take care of itself. You have done your part, and now the world and it's people must do it's own part, and that is not up top us."The Dovahkin nodded slowly, knowing Miraak was right. "But why was it ME? Why was it ME who became the Dragonborn, and not another? Why was I chosen"? "You chose yourself", said Miraak. "You chose the day you approached the Word Of Power in Bleak Falls Barrow. had you chose not to, it would have fallen to another in good time. You were not chosen by destiny, but by your own decision.""But why is it that I stand where others have fallen"? "Dovahkin, look to the old saying that knowledge is power. Being Dovahkin did not save you on the battlefield, rather your own experience you gained from battle. Each time you became stronger and faster thru your previous experience. You learned how to dodge at the right time, or when to block and counter. Having knowledge is one thing, but to gain experience from that knowledge, is the true reason behind who we become. No special gift was given to you, you made your own person, as we all must.""But this is all so much to take in, Miraak. One day I'm facing execution, the next I escape from a dragon, and all I've done since that time is kill. That's all I've ever done, and to maintain peace, I had to kill again and again". "Yes, that is the way of mankind, is it not?" Miraak said. "I have had eternity to see mankind's triumphs and it's mistakes, and in that time I realize that MY mistake was serving Hermaeus Mora. Instead of finding things out for myself, I relied on him, and in return I bettered not myself, but Mora himself. You can still avoid that trap, by not listening to others, but to yourself.""Seek your own truths, and not those of others" replied the Dovahkin. "Exactly!" said Miraak, with an elation in his voice that surprised his one-time foe, the Dragonborn."Well, I must go, Dovahkin. But before I do, look no further than right around you to see the good you've done. The smile on the face of a child as he walks by you and marvels at you, the old man haggling prices at the local stand, or the guards complaining about their shifts. The people may complain, but at the end of the day, you made their continued existence possible, and whether you know it or not, they ARE grateful to you. Farewell, Dovahkin, we shall meet again, only this time, as friends, and not enemies.""I would like that", said a smiling Dovahkin. And with a bright aura of light, and a crack of thunder, Miraak was gone.Pondering what he just had witnessed and experienced, the Dovahkin walked on, with a renewed vigor and confidence in himself, knowing that while he saved the world, it was up to the people to change it. With a smile, he walked on with renewed vigor and purpose, and served the people of his beloved Skyrim until his passing at an extremely old age..

  • semjazairl

    In the Black Book quests, if you die in Apocryhpha, you just rematerialize in Mundus. Shouldn't Miraak just reappear? Or, since he was directly summoned by Mora does this mean that Mora can just kill him at will?

  • Killa Demonics

    What if dragonborn becomes alduin?

  • Aditsan

    Oh and my first point. Manimarco isn't dead. He can't be killed. It was part of the warp of the west from TES II. And no I don't think the protagonist does everything. It's more theoretical. Like he might have but no one knows for sure. That's the takes the books have on it.

  • RidgySnake89199

    I love your point of view

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