After Defeating Miraak, What Happened To The Dragonborn?

This is a question that gets passed around a lot. Is the Dragonborn still alive? Where did he go? We know where the protagonists of Morrowind and Oblivion are nowadays, but what will happen to Skyrim's protagonist?

Be sure to leave me comments regarding what your believes are as far as whether or not you believe Side Quests are true Canon or not; and whether the protagonists of these games really did partake.

Can we say the dragonborn did in fact kill the emperor?

Oh and for those of you wondering about the Thumbnail, I believe it is some community member's interpretation of how Miraak's face looked like; probably after absorbing a countless amount of dragon souls.

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  • TheSpecialistGamerX2

    Your accent is perfect for pronouncing these names and, combined with your skilful communication skills valid opinions/conclusions and skyrim lore expertise, makes this channel great.

  • Robert W Lester

    The last or latest dragonborn, as prophecy is still a funny thing in elder scrolls

  • The Jack of All Trades

    I think fudging the timelines could explain it as canon. Like yeah, in the game you can complete every quest available in an in-game week, but if you head-canon it as "well, year 1 i worked for the thieves guild, year 3 i became the arch mage, year 7 i worked for the dark brotherhood, and year 13 alduin returned" then you can make it more feasible/believable

  • William_BroBrine

    I Cleary believe the dragon born is one of the most powerful entities in the world of the elder scrolls if he has stopped all the end of the era he can over come a draric relm. But that's my belief

  • Chris J-H

    Maybe the hero of each story is lost to history, there smaller feats claimed by other men or woman. This means that any sidequest could've been fulfilled or not

  • MarcusZerum

    For me the dragon born did chim... Thats all... He did everything and then he became the strongest god posible... A mortal with the soul of a dragon that did chimEdit: also miraak knew that with the last dragon born soul he could scape Mora's influence inside it's own realm and so it's possible that the same could be said for the dragonborn he absorbed miraak's soul and said to the "face" of H-Mora "fuck you i do what i want, see ya nerd" and leaved H-Mora's realm

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