After Defeating Miraak, What Happened To The Dragonborn?

This is a question that gets passed around a lot. Is the Dragonborn still alive? Where did he go? We know where the protagonists of Morrowind and Oblivion are nowadays, but what will happen to Skyrim's protagonist?

Be sure to leave me comments regarding what your believes are as far as whether or not you believe Side Quests are true Canon or not; and whether the protagonists of these games really did partake.

Can we say the dragonborn did in fact kill the emperor?

Oh and for those of you wondering about the Thumbnail, I believe it is some community member's interpretation of how Miraak's face looked like; probably after absorbing a countless amount of dragon souls.

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  • Slayadex

    i think they keep it vague becuase everyone has their own dragonborn and everyone should have their own stories

  • dylan braziel

    You forgot to mention a conversation with Neloth after the Dragonborn defeats Miraak; Neloth mentions there are no physical signs of Hermaeus Mora having control over the Dragonborn.

  • MarkovWarlord

    I don't think Hermeaus Mora let the Dragonborn go. For all we know, he could be in a mental limbo and only thinks he is free while still actually being in Apocrypha. This is a being that controls all knowledge after all. I think that everything after that is recanting the Dragonborn's memories while Mora uses the Dragonborn for his knowledge, like what he did to Storn. That's why it appears that we leave and is just simply free.. Mora did learn about the Dragonborn when he was on the quest to obtain the Elder Scroll. Hence when you get to Apocrypha, Mora mentions that you are already him emissary. By obtaining the Oghma Infinium he sealed his fate. And for a Deadric quest it was one of the longest. I feel that is canon to the story. But this is just an idea..

  • Dan Evans

    Tiny side note: Elder scrolls 6 shouldn't be in Argonia or the black marsh because in lore, it is uninhabitable to non-argonian/non-hist races due to a plague that doesnt effect reptiles or the hist. In fact its speculated an entire race of fox like people, similar to how khajiit are cat people, where wiped pit by the plague, leaving only argonians and hist inhabiting the black marsh.Non of this applies to anything other than what he said at the beginning but I find it interesting

  • Slayadex

    how do you still enjoy the game if you dont think the side quests are cannon?

  • Nordic Boi

    The dragonborn is finding a way to kill nazeem :Ð

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