Skyrim - How to get the Best Assassin Armor


1) Subscribe. This is crucial and you must do it.

2) Finish the Dark Brotherhood Questline with all Bonuses to get Olavas Token

3) Travel to Whiterun and Speak to Olava the Feeble

4) She will give you the Location of Hag's End, Go there

5) Clear Hags End out and Kill Haagraven (Boss) so the Lever will appear

6) Go to the Secret Room after the Bossfight

7) Rob the Ancient Shrouded armor from the Corpse

OPTIONAL: Rob the stuff in the Chest too



Just to cover some stupid or senseless Statements

S = The Nightingale Armor is better
A = Nightingale Armor is a Thief armor

S = It looks like a Pyjama
A = I wrote the best not the best looking

S = It isn't the best, mine is better and blah blah
A = Good for you

S = You can simpy join the Dark Brotherhood to get it
A = Then you get the normal Shrouded Armor

S = Cicero's Armor is better
A = It doesn't have a single Armor point

  • JakPot

    Guys just look at ESO he will show u hiw to do it without dark brother hood

  • Volound

    i folowed insurctens n muh dick in ceiling.

  • Geert Luiken

    I got the ancient assasin cowl and if you play as khajit you can equip the normal one and the ancient one at the same time and your bows will do 55% more damage!!!!!!!

  • gavin&makayla 77

    oh my god I can't find the place

  • Jake Brady

    ciceros armor is betteru don't need armor points if you trying not to be seen

  • The Gamer of Darkness

    Didn't see the switch

  • Vp

    I dont have handle pls help me:(

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