how to make beautiful females in skyrim special edition XBOX [HD]

hi guys this video i showing how to make beautiful females in skyrim so you going to need all the mod that makes your character looking beautiful without these mods it will not work, all the mods links is here in description ,Make sure to share the video, leave a comment and smash the like button for more!
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all necessary mods links :
Skyrim Vanity Kit
KS Hairdo's XB1
Beauties Of Skyrim
Skyrim Hair Colors
Texture Tweaks - Mer Eye Edits
Beautiful Mistress Complete
Skyrim Hair Colors Add-On
Beautiful Mistress V2.1
Adorable Females
Natural Eyes
optional mods :

Ethereal Elven Overhaul - SSE
BOS\SG Female Eyebrows
Lace Lingerie
[XB1] Witcher Eyes


dawnguard map markers
quality world map vivid with stone roads
Texture Overhaul ( Clutter )
landscape fixes for grass mods
better farmhouse wood
skyrim is windy
phendeerix magic evolved
summermyst- enchantments of skyrim
slow and freeze time spells
tomes of magic unlock and lock
cloaks and capes
valiant nord bow
eimars edge
divine aegis armor
UNP-truly light elven armor
wearable lanterns
big: more kill moves a
big: more kill moves b
big: more kill moves c
big: more kill moves d
cheat room
dwemer storage cube
sheogoraths cheat menu
potion of ultimate leveling
cheat mod
antennaria home mod
unlimited shouts
call armies 3
call armies 2 v.1
amazing follower tweaks
rain and snow FX
fire HD
HD lvy 2k
Fluffy Snow
No Snow Under The Roof
enhanced blood textures
improved combat music
better riften performance
sounds of skyrim
improved combat music
girly animations
KS hairdos xb1 (feamale pack)
Skyrim Hair Colors Add-On
Skyrim Hair Colors
Skyrim Vanity Kit
adorable females
Texture Tweaks - Mer Eye Edits
natural eyes
better male presets
beauties of skyrim
Beautiful Mistress Complete
immersive citizens
xp32 maximum skeleton- realistic
lush overhaul
bigger tree
grass field by tamu75 - All Cover Version
project hippie
realistic water two
TLS beautiful trees
grass field by tamu75 all coverd
vivid weathers
Pyres by Broken Elegance
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Audio Library

Fantasy by Del
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Music provided by Audio Library

Desert Voices by Tobu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Audio Library
  • Nordic Alien

    just got skyrim on xbox one...gonna make a red Sonja character to play as

  • Tashi

    It won't work :(

  • Sakurii The Dark Elf

    Lmao, I was watching this upside down and my heels were laying on the ground and I fell on top of them...not a very smart idea....

  • Jahir Martinez

    THBossGamer if i have female eyebrows and ethereal what it's the correct order for both please help me

  • Jim Campbell

    Any one know load order for these divine people divine skin eye of beauty i got only 1 mod that effects people thats marvelous mirabele id like a responce asap as i wanna get em asap

  • Martin McNicholas

    You may want to fix that neck seam but other than that nice

  • James XXJX

    This was really helpful!

  • Truth_810

    Step 1: mods.Step 2: Step 1.

  • YungAngel

    I did this in the same load order and i still have that stupid neck seam bug...

  • mjnon2008

    please fix your load order in the description some of your mods is not in it and some are repeated and drop box lo say u have to but natural eyes after the body replacement do u have crashes in your game?

  • SouL Kits

    After I down loaded these mods my game keeps crashing I've even Started a new game and when I take my tunic or go through a loading screen my game crashes and help (btw the mods in your video are the only body mods I have

  • Aaron Bradford

    Did you use a preset for that high elf with pink hair?

  • アダムス

    help me my face and neck is a different skin color from my body how do i fix it?

  • spartan 1337

    Game crashes when I use beautiful mistress

  • Logan Sanford

    Thx man this helped me make the perfect female character in Skyrim for me

  • Dissonant Values

    You’re overwriting Adorable Females with Beauties of Skyrim. They do the same thing.

  • Franciene Moura e arthur venanvio

    This is content in ps4

  • JustHumanThings

    I did everything correctly and it doesn’t look the same 😕

  • adam maclean-macinnes

    These are the best ive seen so far and will be using the load order

  • Witness

    This looks like it's on pc my female don't look like that at all on xbox

  • John Travella

    what are pc alternatives?


    got my character set up different got it to look like a doll half slashed anmie sloot with a wet body

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