Skyrim SE Disappearing NPC Xbox One

How to fix disappearing NPC. Notice I did not go all the way to the NPC I just went out of Whiterun and above the ground that would be outside of the city
  • Evan Jones

    the name of this mod is called sheogorath's cheat menu.

  • Señor Cubo

    whats the name of the mod you're using?


    But you cant get any gamescore

  • Arry

    Please guys I need help1. Every possible follower says I already have one when I don't?2. Everyone is disappearingOK everyone is missing like mjolland Aaron are missing and Delphene is missing falia greymane is on the ocean somewhere and lots of white run people are missing like the black mercenary and ysolda. The old falia grey mane is out in the ocean. Is it sovengarde? I need her for a quest to turn in. I need ysolda to give her the tusk and lots of white run people are gone do :(. Mjoll is gone and I want to see her to see if I can marry her and earon. Delphine is gone which I fucking need for the main story. Also for the ohdavhiing thing because I saw that your follower will show up there. Because I need a follower for higher levels. PLEASE HELP

  • Brandon

    what's the name of the mod

  • FrostFall Animations

    The person I'm missing is maven black-briar. I found her but she's deep underwater. I can't kill her cause I'm underwater and cannot attack, and I can't talk to her

  • Troy Unger

    This kinda helped me like I did it but when I got to the marker it was just the glitched person I mean I was able to finish my quest but it didn't put her back in solitude mine was Greta from solitude btw

  • Sean Collins

    Happen to me w Delphine

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