Skyrim: How to Make Your Wife Hot Guide (Xbox 360)

This can easily be done on PC with console commands, but I've found a way for it to work on both the Xbox 360 and PS3! Leave a like if it helped you!



This video will show you how to get any Companionable Wife to wear whatever clothes you want her to on the console! Up until now this has only been possible on the PC but now it can be done on the Xbox 360 and PS3! Enjoy!
  • 2LiterJay MajorJackaFan

    If u dismiss what happens

  • Dakota

    The Tavern Clothes are worn by a girl behind a dead ladie behind the counter. If you didn’t know that already!

  • nuke018

    how can I make my wife hot in real life

  • GraceTalks

    I've encountered a problem. I live in Proudspire Manor in Solitude and when I leave the house and come back Jordis's tavern clothes aren't on her... I then ask her to follow me so I can trade things with her and make her put them back on. But then whenever I leave and come back... They dissappear again. Someone help?

  • The Lemon Lab

    When I try this she puts a second set of armor on and I have to buy extra stuff to keep her from putting more armor on. Also Lydia keeps taking the clothes off and she just walks around in her underwear if I don’t put her clothes back on

  • M15949

    the boobie dress.  that one is nice but hard to come by.  i'll have to check your spot

  • NickyPlays: Breath of the Wild

    This was such a helpful guide especially for the switch version

  • Goat Noise

    Stop it. Get some help.

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