Pepakura GAME OF THRONES - House Stark's Sigil Direwolf papercraft (TIMELAPSE)

Stark's direwolf head trophy
15 hrs of work
Model designed by Gedelgo :
paper : colored paper - 130gr/m2

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Instagram : getgetpapercraft
  • poupinouse

    Hi , thx for your papercraft job. Just a question what is the name of the game of thrones music in your video ? I very love it 😀

  • Nacho Zamora Baez


  • Eric Blancho

    How long did it take in real time?

  • gabriel azevedo

    as I can print the colored template? since it comes in white, already has some colorful mold or is there any way?

  • _MidaS Gaming

    How to do this ... its too fast on video >_>

  • Diego Ferradans

    Gran Trabajo! Felicitaciones!!!

  • Luis Hernando Tabares

    wowww que bacano,. is perfect,

  • Daniel Roa

    this isnt stop motion its time lapse


    no tienes otro video igual pero explicando paso a paso como se hace como se van doblando y como se van uniendo las partes

  • Valiau Virgile

    Wich exact colours did you take? Nice work ;)

  • Michael William

    what gsm paper do u use

  • Aldana Marquez

    una vez finalizado como lo colgas en la pared? gracias

  • SeferGER

    hi there, short question. Did you reverse the mountain/valley lines? I printed with numbers/lines (as a first test) and it would look horrible if I follow the rules (every number visible on the outside) ....

  • VieraMations

    Can you do a step by step of this please

  • Canine King

    that wasn't stop motion, that was fast forwarding. it was still impressive though

  • Isadora Morozzo

    that's awesome!!!!! wish i was 1% as talented as you are hahahah

  • Jun Dranreb Caagbay

    what gsm of paper did you used?

  • MufinsCat

    Can you make video ,,How to make" or something like that.

  • Jordy Caice

    hol, que tipo de cartulina usaste?

  • Nacho Zamora Baez

    que parte imprimiste a color gris y a negro ???

  • Chifi Bravo

    hola no tienes el modelo pero con los colores grises?

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