Skyrim - Miraak FIGHT (LEGENDARY)

A video of me beating Miraak on Legendary difficulty.

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  • the shadow

    Bruh ur level 81 beating miraak and i was level 45

  • Fyre Falcon

    I don’t think mora agrees miraaks death

  • Rango pistacho

    WHO ARE YOU TO DARE SET FOOT HEREumm ive got money im here to by the dragonborn dlcoh WHO ARE YOU TO PURCHASE MY GAMEme*a parody of bestedia

  • Micah Bachert

    This is gonna be great in Skyrim VR.😀

  • Error_404nil

    It’s Pathetic using daedric armor on this I used ebony

  • General Goldy

    I fight mirrack it was a epic duel

  • thalmor gamer

    why did he killed miraak

  • Michael Leone

    This clearly isn't legendary

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