Skyrim - Miraak FIGHT (LEGENDARY)

A video of me beating Miraak on Legendary difficulty.

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  • Melissa Universe

    Hermaeus Mora be soundin like the grinch planning to steal christmas

  • iTsBlue

    Idk why people like wearing daedric armor. When dragonbone is soo much better.

  • Use the Force Harry - Gandolf

    Miraak is like Voldemort

  • ryanrossthe boss

    Is it just me or whenever I hear miraak I think of the pokemon marowack(probably butchered his name)

  • Use the Force Harry - Gandolf

    I'm only on lvl 17... should I be fighting this guy??

  • The Pro Master

    You can make some money by letting miraak kill some dragons when he's healing himself.

  • muttnutt 12

    Pretty sure cheats were used

  • GrimLock TV

    I'm having a weird glitch where I damage him and he just disappears and the dragon lands and he just dies and I exorb the soul

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